IM Checklist Review

IM Checklist Review- Effective Guidelines To Become Successful Marketers?

Here is my in-depth IM Checklist review. If your aim is to become an internet marketer, you might as well face some initial difficulties and you may have to go through a challenging time before you can rightfully consider yourself to be able to figure out the correct, effective, and most optimized procedure for launching your marketing project on the internet. And this is exactly where the IM Checklist program created by Kevin Fahey would come to your rescue.

Besides helping you with your internet marketing career, IM Checklist by Kevin Fahey comes with an IM Checklist guide per feature.

IM Checklist review – Does This Program Helps In Internet Marketing?


In this IM Checklist review, I will explain the way the IM Checklist guide would help you with various internet marketing strategies so that you can decide for yourself if you would want to buy this product.

The IM Checklist course provides you with the course of the perfect guideline that would efficiently help you with any internet marketing strategy that you may opt for; be it email marketing, offline marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, blog, and WordPress marketing. This is a comprehensive product consisting of 18 checklists that help the users improve their marketing strategies on the Internet.

IM Checklist Review

Book Title IM Checklist
Language English
Creator Kevin Fahey
Category Internet Marketing
Price $17/ Month
Official Website

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Inside the IM Checklist Program

Therefore, to start with this IM Checklist review article, let us discuss the features of the IM Checklist program.

The topics that are included in the IM Checklist by Kevin Fahey are as follows:

  • Product creation idea guide: This checklist aims at providing the users with valuable ideas for online product creation.
  • Email Marketing guide.
  • Social Media Marketing guide.
  • Affiliate Marketing guide.
  • Video Marketing guide.
  • Graphic Design guide: This checklist will help the users to stand out among the crowd, and to exhibit the uniqueness of their products by following a strategic graphic designing guide for their marketing needs.
  • Messenger Marketing guide.
  • Checklist for Outsourcing.
  • Self-publishing guide and checklist.
  • Guide for building a business on WordPress
  • Offline business startup guide and checklist.

The features of the IM Checklist PLR are described as follows:

  • This product feature allows you to edit or add any graphics and rebrand your internet content in whatever way you feel like.
  • This feature can be used for creating video training courses.
  • The IM Checklist guide can be added to paid membership sites.
  • This feature allows you to build your email list. However, email lists can be created, using this feature, for individual sheets only.
  • This feature can also help you build your blog posts or infographics, although, for individual sheets only.

However, there are certain things that the PLR feature of this product can not do. For example:

  • This feature can not sell private label rights.
  • This feature can not sell master reseller rights.

The Brain Behind IM Checklist course

Kevin Fahey

IM Checklist program has been created by Kevin Fahey. Kevin Fahey is a very successful internet entrepreneur. He is also a well-known business coach.

He had originally created the checklists to guide his students in the course of internet marketing and to educate them with various marketing ideas and strategies.

However, recently Kevin Fahey has made up his mind to introduce these checklists for internet marketing strategies to the general public for the sake of educating them to become as successful in this field as he is.

Positive and Negative Aspects of IM Checklist

In a nutshell, first, let us discuss the benefits of using this product. They are described as follows:

  • These checklists can be used for successfully launching a project.
  • Users can use these checklists in order to get an insight into their own market or other markets, as and when required.
  • This product allows users to sell their projects with full authorship credit.
  • Users can create effective and strategic blog content with this IM Checklist course.
  • Users can use these checklists to create a video series.
  • Users can add them to paid membership websites.
  • Users can use these checklists to create effective email lists according to their internet marketing strategies.

Now, let us discuss the cons or the disadvantages of using this product in this unbiased IM Checklist review. The cons of these checklists are listed as follows:

  • Users are not granted Master Resell Rights.
  • Users are strictly not allowed to add these checklists on free membership websites.
  • This product requires a monthly membership.

The 14 Steps of IM Checklist 

Let us discuss each and every component of the IM Checklist program and let us examine how each of them works.

IM Checklist Volume 1: Product Creation.

IM Checklist Review - Volume 1

  • Product Idea Guide.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Membership Area.
  • JV Recruitment.
  • Sales Page Design.
  • Sales Page Split Test.
  • Services and Software.
  • Warrior Plus Setup.
  • Early-bird Mailing.
  • JV Document.
  • Sales Video.
  • Landing and Download Page.
  • Sales Funnel.
  • JVZoo Setup.
  • JV Page.
  • JV Video.
  • Facebook Ads Product Launch.
  • Final Testing.

IM Checklist Volume 2: Email Marketing.

IM Checklist Volume 2

  • Email marketing checklists.
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • IM Squeeze Page.
  • IM Thank You, Page.
  • Offline Squeeze Page.
  • Offline Thank You, Page.
  • Webinar Signup Page.
  • Webinar Thank You, Page.
  • Follow up Email Sequence.
  • Weber Setup.
  • Active Campaign Setup.
  • Market Hero Setup.
  • Optimize Press Landing Page.
  • Thrive Themes Landing Page.
  • Free Landing Page.
  • Email Deliverability.
  • Email Marketing Improvement.
  • List Building Methods.

 IM Checklist Volume 3: Social Media Marketing. 

IM Checklist Volume 3

  • Social Media Hacks.
  • Social Media Branding.
  • Gmail and Google Account synchronization for business.
  • Adding a business to a Google account.
  • Engaging Content.
  • Posting Schedule.
  • Google+ Setup.
  • YouTube Setup.
  • Facebook Setup.
  • Instagram Setup.
  • Twitter Setup.
  • Pinterest Setup.
  • Reddit Setup.
  • Google+ Content Creation.
  • YouTube Content Creation.
  • Facebook Content Creation.
  • Instagram Content Creation.
  • Twitter Content Creation.
  • Pinterest Content Creation.
  • Reddit Content Creation.
  • Connect on Google.
  • Connect on YouTube.
  • Connect on Facebook.
  • Connect on Instagram.
  • Connect on Twitter.
  • Connect on Reddit.
  • Marketing on Social Media.
  • List Building on Social Media.
  • Online Advertising.
  • Offline Advertising.

IM Checklist Volume 4: Affiliate Marketing

This product, IM Checklist Volume 4 will provide users with the following strategies for affiliate marketing:

IM Checklist Volume 4

  • Choosing the right network.
  • Abbreviations and Statistics.
  • Finding a profitable niche.
  • Product approval checklist.
  • JVZoo Account setup.
  • JVZoo Product research.
  • Warrior Plus Setup.
  • Warrior Plus Product research.
  • Clickbank Account setup.
  • Clickbank Product research.
  • Launch the Calendar checklist.
  • Affiliate Approval checklist.
  • Plan promotions in advance.
  • Offering and delivering bonus.
  • Product review checklist.
  • Affiliate Marketing — Free Traffic.
  • Affiliate Marketing — Paid Traffic.
  • List building and Affiliate Marketing.

IM Checklist Volume 5: Video Marketing 

IM Checklist Volume 5

  • Video Aims.
  • Video Types.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Recording Equipment.
  • Smartphone Video.
  • Prepare to Record.
  • Video Template.
  • Video Monetization.
  • Video Editing.
  • YouTube Channel.
  • YouTube Playlist.
  • YouTube connect and engage with viewers and subscribers.
  • Video Traffic: Email.
  • Video Traffic: Blogging.
  • Video Traffic: Facebook.
  • Video Traffic: Twitter.
  • Video Traffic: Pinterest.
  • Video Traffic: Instagram.

IM Checklist Volume 6: Canva Design

IM Checklist Volume 6

  • Create a Canva Account
  • Navigate the Canva Dashboard
  • Create User’s Canva Profile.
  • Use Canva Design tools
  • Use Layouts and Grids.
  • Use Canva frames.
  • Canva shapes and lines.
  • Canva illustration icons.
  • Canva Image Editor.
  • Canva color palette
  • Canva Pinterest post
  • Canva Twitter post.
  • Canva Facebook post.
  • Canva Instagram post.
  • Create a Kindle ebook cover
  • Create an ebook using Canva.
  • YouTube content using Canva.

IM Checklist Volume 7: Newbie Market 

IM Checklist Volume 7

  • Website and domain setup
  • Business branding setup
  • WordPress setup
  • Email Marketing setup
  • Landing Page setup
  • Thank You Page Setup
  • Tracking setup
  • Social Media setup
  • Indoctrination email series setup.
  • Retargeting setup checklist.
  • Messenger chat checklist
  • Affiliate network setup checklist
  • Video hosting setup checklist
  • Content creation setup checklist
  • Advertising accounts checklist.
  • Marketing plan checklist.
  • 31-day worksheet checklist
  • 90-day guaranteed success plan.

IM Checklist Volume 8: Messenger Marketing 

IM Checklist Volume 8

  • Creating user-oriented ManyChat Account
  • ManyChat Bot settings
  • Main menu and default settings
  • Welcome message
  • Automation with keywords
  • Automation sequences
  • Automation rules
  • Growth Tools – widgets
  • Growth Tools – landing page
  • Growth Tools – Messenger
  • Growth Tools – Facebook ads
  • Growth Tools – Customer chats

IM Checklist Volume 9: Outsourcing 

IM Checklist Volume 9

  • Assessment checklist
  • Hiring outsources
  • Finding out the right person for the concerned team
  • Outsourcing on Freelancer
  • Outsourcing on Upwork
  • Paying the staff
  • Managing passwords
  • Assigning team manager tasks

 IM Checklist Volume 10: Self-publishing 

IM Checklist Volume 10



  • Planning checklist
  • Writing checklist
  • Cover checklist
  • Publishing checklist
  • Marketing checklist
  • Advertising ebook online checklist

IM Checklist Volume 11: Building Business on WordPress 

IM Checklist Volume 11

  • Installing WordPress
  • Configuration and customization of WordPress account.
  • WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • WordPress Content writing and blogging
  • Directing traffic to the WordPress website.
  • WordPress Security.
  • Guest posting on WordPress blog.
  • Sending emails via WordPress
  • Integrating social media
  • WordPress final check
  • Earning money from a WordPress blog.

 IM Checklist Volume 12: Offline Business Startup IM Checklist Volume 12

  • Learn to advertise the offline startup effectively
  • To create a business plan
  • Learn to manage a startup
  • Learn to fund the business
  • Learn to carry out market research
  • Learning the basics of using Kickstarter
  • Learn to calculate and estimate the concerned company’s financial needs
  • Learn to register the business startup
  • Hiring the right people for the team.
  • Will learn to create and sign up on a Kickstarter account.
  • Learn to reduce costs in the business
  • Will learns to carry out crowdfunding
  • How to use social media for business
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Calculate the profits

IM Checklist Volume 13: Crisis Management Skills for Making Money Online 

IM Checklist Volume 13

Make money online

  • By selling ebooks
  • With blogging
  • Creating and selling videos
  • By selling photos
  • Tutoring
  • Freelancing
  • With surveys.
  • By selling gigs on Fiverr.
  • With Swagbucks

IM Checklist Volume 14: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

IM Checklist Volume 14

  • About google algorithms
  • Will show you to manage google based SEO
  • Helps you to improve the site speed
  • Learns to create SEO based content

Why should you buy the product?

IM Checklist review provides really effective guidelines to users, helping them become successful marketers. IM checklist course is a user-friendly product. This product is used by the creator, Kevin Fahey himself in his marketing projects.

You can, therefore, rely on this product as your essential marketing tool. If your goal is to become an ambitious internet entrepreneur, the IM checklist course is just the right product for you to buy and use.

Package and Pricing of IM Checklist program? Where to buy it? 

The IM Checklist program comes at a very meager price of $17/ month. This means that you will be charged an amount of $17 every month for using this product. Thus, $17 is the IM Checklist monthly membership fees Now, if you come to think about it this price of $17/ month is a really cheap price provided that the IM Checklists program are actually providing the users with so many valuable guidelines and suggestions to help them become really successful internet marketers and/ or to improve their marketing strategies so that they can earn the maximum profits. So, in my opinion, any individual willing to see himself as a professional internet entrepreneur in the coming few years must decide to purchase this product that comes at a price of $17/ month.

Besides, the user is also entitled to 20 hours of free training or a trial pack before actually starting to use this program. This will ensure that the concerned and potential user is fully qualified to generate the maximum income by internet marketing strategies once he/ she starts using these checklists.

And if Kevin Fahey is using these checklists himself for his business, there can hardly be any doubt left for the potential buyers regarding the efficiency of this program of checklists.

This program of IM Checklist guide can be purchased from the official website of the product that is hosted by Kevin Fahey, the creator himself. There are also certain IM Checklist bonuses offered on the purchase of the product.


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The Final Say…

There are a variety of IM Checklist reviews on the internet which you can read at your leisure to gather more information about this product.

However, in this in-depth, unbiased IM Checklist review, all the features of the products have been discussed with the absolute subtlety of information.

Besides, you have also got an idea of the pros and cons of this product. Having read this IM Checklist review, you have already realized the importance of this product in the context of your internet marketing needs.

It is easy to decide, therefore, that using the IM Checklist course is a necessity if you have the ambition and the willingness to become a successful internet entrepreneur and improve your marketing strategies.


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