Women in E-commerce Business (1)

How Do Women Respond To The Pandemic By Doing More E-commerce?

Since the first coronavirus case was found in Wuhan, China, it disrupted nearly all people’s day-to-day activities globally. The fatal virus not only led to the death of millions but has also made numerous people unemployed.

Despite the global pandemic’s catastrophic consequences on most industries, it played the role of a catalyst in the growth, development, and expansion of the eCommerce industry.

Women Are Into E-commerce Business During Pandemic

Since the people were unable to go outside in the markets or even to their nearest shop to buy essential products, the demand for necessary inventories, fashion accessories, and various other products sky-rocketed drastically. This demand diverted all the traffic of on-site buyers on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, eBay, and many more. Since the dawn of civilization, men dominated women, and women were made to feel inferior. But, the wind direction has changed in the last two years. Women in E-commerce Business (1)Women have generated spectacular profits by doing e-commerce both as businessmen and as team members for an e-commerce company.

According to the report equitable Entrepreneurship: empowering women through e-commerce research, eCommerce opportunities on various eCommerce platforms, especially eBay, have helped a copious of women be self-sufficient and financially Independent.

Women dominated the e-commerce activity charts. The Hard work and dedication of women in the pandemic have led 82% of the women to boost their sales graphs or have initiated their sales growth. 

 The reason behind women eCommerce growth

 A study has found that more than 70% of the women have portrayed a need for earning independently during Lockdown. In addition, the attributes of immense Hardwork and professionalism made the women preferable as a team members in the corporate sector.

Moreover, The primary reason women join and excel in the e-commerce industry is the increasing unemployment and loss of jobs due to the dire consequences of the global pandemic. The loss of jobs led to a shortage of money, and they had to repay the burdensome of money in the form of rents and other bills.

Women becoming global leaders of e-commerce

 Women’s dedication and hard work have acted as lethal weapons to defeat the barriers of gender discrimination, leading to enormous progress of women in the e-commerce sector globally.

It is found that approximately 97% of the small-scale businesses owned by women involve international exports of products, providing a various variety of products to a considerable average of 16 different countries across the globe.

Moreover, The global pandemic has enforced the world to adopt the concept of work from home. It enabled women who were handling household works and were employed as of now a golden opportunity to earn money with their talent and skill.


The work-life management of women working in the e-commerce sector and having just started their journey is exemplary even for the virtuous male professionals of the corporate sectors. Eventually, it is undeniable that women have capitalized holistically on the e-commerce opportunities created due to the global pandemic and have become an indispensable part of the e-commerce industry.




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