How To Disable Taboola News

How To Disable Taboola News? (Removal Guide)

Taboola is a global leader in activating recommendations for the web and helps to discover things. Taboola news combines content from taboola’s large publisher network with mobile manufacturers across the world. And it also gives editorial recommendations via wallpaper experiences on mobile lock screens.

Taboola news provides trustworthy news sources to access. It allows consumers to access a list of news from top publishers in the world. It includes sports, local news, politics, entertainment, health, etc…

Remove Taboola News – How To Get Rid Of Them Manually?


The latest introduction of Taboola news is mobile wallpaper giving manufacturers the chance to give recommendations directly to their phones by lock screen wallpapers. It allows mobile users to access engaging content refreshed through their lock screen. 

Developers of Taboola said that a majority of people access news through mobile and he has concerns about the future generation will highly depend on social media to discover science, politics, and health care. And he strongly believes in the formula of Taboola which is able to ensure high-quality editorial content provides to our future generation. 

Remove Taboola News

Disabling or stopping the service of unwanted apps is very common at this time. There are a number of applications working on our phones and computer. Some of them are visible in the app list and some are operating without our knowledge. 

How To Get Rid Of Taboola News From Your Phone?

Getting rid of the taboola news is an important matter when the influence of Taboola is at’s high level. How to disable Taboola news, ads are the most people searched for.  

Taboola news is an app that provides the latest news stories from trustworthy authentic sources. All are not satisfied with the service of the Taboola news app.  People are not really wanted the service of these kinds of news apps. All of them not depending on applications to read the news.

Mobile phones are typically used by most people for a variety of purposes. Some of them use it to keep in contact with their family and friends, some are using it to play games and entertainment, and some are reliably depending on mobile phones as a source of information.  It is not simply available on all smartphones. But some of its users are searching for easy ways to disable the Taboola news on their phones. 

Android phones are accessed with Taboola apps.  It is a great opportunity to get updated with the latest online news. It provides personalized services like news according to your interests. You can choose specific topics or authentic sources to get the latest news. It can be shared through social media and you can also consume it offline. 

How To Get Rid Of Taboola News From Your Phone

Influenced by these Taboola Feeds all are confused with what is really Taboola? Basically, Taboola is a news aggregator that helps its publisher to monetize the content that they published through this platform. Taboola news not only provides good service people are trying to avoid the presence of Taboola feed in many ways. 

Follow these steps to disable the Taboola news from your android phone. As a first step open the Taboola app on your android phone. Tap on the three dots at the top of the corner of the screen. Tap on settings. Scroll down in the settings and tap on the remove Taboola News option. And as a final step tap the remove option to confirm. 

There are many ways to disable the service of the Taboola app. But actually, there is no organized way to remove Taboola from your android phone. It will be different according to the type and model of your device. If you really want to get rid of the Taboola app from your phone you can search online to find the ways, you can also enter the specifications regarding your phone. And use them to disable Taboola from your phone. 

Simply saying Taboola is automatically distributed to your computer as part of other software. The service of Taboola is activated without your knowledge. Your computer may be infected with adware that collects your personal information and interests without your knowledge. Pop-ups from Taboola will appear on your android phones as a part of an ongoing program.

Taboola advertisements are disabled by preventing them from appearing often on our screens. AdLock is the best way to remove Taboola advertisements on your android phone. The best way to remove Taboola app is to uninstall it.

Taboola hijacks your browsing choices and displays unnecessary advertisements on your phone. By uninstalling the app you can fight the unwanted interference of the Taboola app. Follow these steps to uninstall the Taboola app from your phone. 

  • Go to the settings 
  • Applications
  • Manage Applications
  • Taboola
  • Uninstall

In the case of Taboola news, you can get rid of it easily by closing it while it appears.  Press the X option provided on the top corner of the app or notification. To disable it permanently you can choose the disabling option like you doing in the case of other individual apps. 

Considering all these facts Taboola App is developed for the purpose of providing the latest news to online readers from reliable sources. 

Disable Taboola Advertisements On Android Phones

AdLock is work for the whole system or device to access the ad-free service to all your browsers. You can secure your apps from advertisements with one and only application.

Disable Taboola Advertisements On Android Phones
Source: AdLock

As mentioned before AdLock is the best option for blocking Taboola ads. Follow these steps to remove Taboola ads with the help of AdLock.

  • First, you need to download the AdLock app 
  • Sign in to AdLock
  • Tap on the overflow menu
  • Choose the update all option
  • Go to the AdLocker tab and enable the HTTPS filtering
  • Choose the OK option
  • Set up a graphic key you will always remember

How To Disable Taboola Ads And News Permanently?

Here are the top effective methods to remove and disable Taboola news and advertisements manually. 

Disabling Taboola from PC

You can disable Taboola from your personal computer on windows 10 and 11. First, go to the windows settings then click on the Apps option. Select the Taboola app and click on it. And select the delete option to delete Taboola permanently. 

Remove Taboola from chrome

  • Follow these steps to get rid of Taboola from google chrome. 
  • Click on the menu option
  • Then click on the settings option
  • Click on the startup option
  • Select a specific page or set of pages
  • Click on the search engine option
  • Click manage search engine and remove unwanted sources

Removing Taboola from Mozilla firefox

  • Click on the menu option 
  • Select the help option
  • Click on the troubleshooting information
  • Select the refreshing firefox option

Removing Taboola from Opera 

  • Select the easy setup option 
  • Select the go-to browser settings
  • Click on the search engine and on the startup boxes
  • Remove all unwanted elements
  • Again select the speed dial page
  • Select the opera icon
  • Click on the extension bar
  • Remove the unwanted elements

Removing Taboola from Microsoft Edge

  • Select the overflow menu
  • Select the settings
  • Select on the Choose what to clear
  • Click on the clear button after checking all the boxes
  • To apply these changes restart your computer

Removing Taboola from windows services

  • Click Win + R to open the run box
  • Enter MSCONFIG and click OK
  • Press on the service tab
  • Check the hide all Microsoft services option 
  • Check the list and check the services containing Taboola
  • Check all unwanted services
  • Select the OK button 


Here we learned about what is Taboola, how it works, what Taboola news is, and how to limit or stop the service of Taboola news.

We all are not conscious of the service of unwanted applications. Sometimes we are amazed at how these apps work on our mobile phones and computers without our knowledge.

Why we are not alert about its services? 

The answer is there is no permission for us needed to work on a new application in our background. Some of them automatically work and they are downloaded with other applications. They are not visible in our app list probably.

There are many options to stop or disable the function of these apps. All are searching for the easiest way to avoid the functioning of these applications.

Taboola news is a kind of news service providing the latest news from authentic sources.

But all are not satisfied with the service of Taboola for many reasons. They are searching for the easiest ways to remove the Taboola news from their phone. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What is the easiest way to remove Taboola from my phone?

Uninstalling the Taboola app is the easiest way to disable or remove Taboola from your phone.

Q. What is the difference between google advertisements and Taboola ads?

Google and Taboola are entirely different. Google advertisements support multiple types of advertisements. Taboola is for native advertisements. 

Q. What is really CDN Taboola?

CDN Taboola is known for Content Discovery and Native Advertising. Which is designed with the aim of helping people to explore what is new and interesting

Q. What is native advertising or native advertisements?

Native advertisements provide a better user experience. Native ads are entirely different from standard advertisements. Those are designed to fit the user’s path through the app or site.  

Q. How do I remove Taboola from my PC?

You can disable Taboola from your personal computer on windows 10 and 11. As a first step, go to the windows settings then click on the Apps option. Select the Taboola app and click on it. And select the delete option to delete Taboola permanently. Through these simple steps, you can disable the functioning of Taboola from your PC. You can finalize if the Taboola is removed from your PC by cross-checking it. 

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