How To Change The Twitter Handle? Everything You Need To Know!

How To Change The Twitter Handle? Everything You Need To Know!

Many users want to change their twitter handle, especially when they are using the account for a long time. They may want to update a new identity on twitter by changing the twitter handle. This is very easy, and it will not affect your account in any manner if you do it the right way.

Let us see how to change the twitter handle in this article.

What Is Twitter Handle And The Best Ideas?


How To Change The Twitter Handle? Everything You Need To Know!

The twitter handle is the username that appears at the end of the twitter URL, which is unique to each user. In simple terms, this is your identity on Twitter, and it has to be unique. No two users can have the same twitter handle at the same time.

You should also remember that this is not your name on twitter, and the display name can be different from your username. Your username is the one that is used by other twitter users to follow you or tag you for certain messages and posts.

Why should I change my twitter handle?

There are many reasons why people may want to change their twitter handle. In some cases, users get bored with the same identity, and they want to change their identity to appeal to their new status. Apart from that, some people change their professions over a period, and they may want to keep their identity in line with their new work.

How to change the twitter handle

In this situation, it makes sense to change the twitter handle and get a new identity that reflects your current profession or other changes in your life. Apart from that, many companies also change their twitter handle when they make changes to their brand name.

Similarly, they may also retain a part of the name and update the other half to give publicity to their new line of products and services. In such cases, companies prefer to update their twitter handle.

Is it ok to change twitter handle?

It is ok to change your twitter handle if you feel so, and there are very few disadvantages of doing so. You may lose your verification mark if you have one, which is the biggest disadvantage of changing the twitter handle. Apart from that, changing your name does not affect your followers or your old tweets in any manner.

You can still continue to use the account normally without losing access to your previous tweets. But it makes sense to change the twitter handle only when needed as this can confuse your followers in some cases.

Simple steps to change twitter handle

It is very easy to change the twitter handle on your apps and browsers. All you need to do is to visit the settings and privacy area from the navigation bar. You can click on the three dots and go to this area. Once you are here, you can click on the existing username and update the new name in its place.

How to change the twitter handle

If the new username you select is already taken by another user, you will be prompted to enter a new username. In this way, you can select a suitable username and change your twitter handle. After changing the username in this manner, you should save the changes to become effective in the future.

How many times can you change twitter handle?

You can change your twitter handle as many times as you want without any restrictions. The only restriction is that the username you select should be available, and it should not be taken by other users. However, it is not a good idea to change your twitter handle frequently as this can cause confusion among your followers.

When you discard your old twitter handle, someone else can take it, and your followers may get confused about which is your original profile. For this reason, you should try to stick to a twitter handle for as long as you can. Changing it once every few years is not a big deal, but you should avoid changing them every month.

Will you lose followers after changing twitter handle?

The good thing about changing twitter handle is that it does not affect your followers in any manner. You will retain all your followers without any hassles, and your new name will automatically get updated on their list.

How to change the twitter handle

In this way, there is no issue with regards to losing followers due to change in name.

What happens to the verification mark after changing the Twitter handle?

There is some sad news for verified Twitter users when they want to change their Twitter handle. You will lose the verification mark when you change the Twitter handle, and you have to repeat the entire process of getting verified once again from twitter.

How to change the twitter handle

If you have a large number of followers, you can inform them about the changes you made and again apply for verification. It is possible that Twitter may again verify your account at a later stage. However, it takes some time, and you have to wait until then to get the verification mark for your new Twitter handle.

How long can Twitter handle be?

For the sake of convenience, the Twitter handle can only be as long as 15 characters. However, your name may be lengthier, and you can go up to 50 characters. It is a good idea to choose short and easy to remember usernames as this will get good recognition in the market.

Your followers will be able to remember your handle name, and they can easily tag you at the right places. Also, avoid unusual names unless you want to confuse your followers. It is better to choose a name that is close to your identity so that you can continue to use it for a long duration.

In this way, your followers can easily connect with the short and simple handle in the long run.

This is a simple and easy way to change your twitter handle without affecting your old tweets and followers. However, you may lose the verification status if you have a verified account. You can change your twitter handle as many times as you want in this manner without affecting your account.


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