Lead Generation in B2B

Email Marketing B2B Lead Generation – Steps Of Lead Generation in B2B

Email marketing has been found to be a very useful method to connect with the existing customers of any business. But now it has been found that personalized emails can be a very useful strategy for lead generation and lead conversion as well. Prospective buyers and the ideal customer prototypes for a business can be approached by B2B marketers through email marketing to advertise their products/services so that recipients will choose their company when they decide to make a purchase in that category. 

Steps Of B2B Lead Generation:

Here, we are going  to discuss about some of the steps of B2B lead generation.

Lead Generation in B2B

  • Organize your database- all businesses need to have an organized contact database in order to effectively utilize any personalized marketing strategies. The database has to have a lead scoring system and filtering options as well so that the business can target the top priority leads based on their buyer intent journey.
  • Segmentation of the marketing- a deep analysis of the prospective leads of any business will show that not all leads are similar and that not all leads are interested in the same products for the same reasons. Segmentation is a good method to divide the leads for any business into different categories so that email marketing to each category can have its own tone, its own agenda as well as its own call to action. 
  • Decide on a timetable- B2B email marketers have to keep in mind that there are many competitors who are flooding the inboxes of the ideal customers for a particular product. So it is very unlikely that the recipients of these emails will open and check a B2B marketers email at the end of the workday, or on the weekend, or even during their lunch break or on national holidays. The most effective marketing campaigns send their emails early on in the workday when recipients have the energy to really appreciate and take action following a good marketing email pitch. 
  • Focus on the subject line- many B2B email marketers spend days agonizing over every word in the email content but forget to give equal importance to the subject line. But in reality, it is the subject line of the email that the recipient first sees and it is this line that is made or broken in deciding whether the recipient will give the mail the time of day and go through it. An interesting email subject line on the other hand will automatically make the reader curious enough to open it. 
  • Keep the content interesting – it has been found that email marketing is more effective when it includes video embeds, clickable links, and other engaging features. No recipient has time to read through pages of detailed information, so email marketing content has to be short and crisp, yet effectively address the specific problems and their solutions for every recipient. 
  • Add a call to action – every marketing email should end with a call to action. Personalized email marketing does not always have to have a buying behavior as the call to action. Filling in surveys, upgrading existing services, invitations to attend product launches all can be calls to action that engage with the client and create brand awareness so that the leads are more likely to make purchases in the future. 
  • Optimization and automation- B2B marketing email survey has found that most recipients check their emails from phone. So whatever content the marketer adds in their email should be optimized for mobile viewing. As the prospective leads database of any business grows it becomes impossible to manually send customized emails to each lead. This process can be made much easier by introducing a system of marketing software automation.


Email marketing is effective because it does not require a high amount of investment and can be personalized to a major extent. With today’s high levels of automation and third-party buyer intent data collection services getting popular, B2B email marketing lead generation is easier than ever before. 

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