Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay

Is Apple Pay Accepted At Walgreens? Payment Options That Are Available!

E-paying platforms are very common in this digital era. Nearly half of the population does transactions online with the help of these digital payment platforms. 

There are kinds of digital payment platforms that differ according to some criteria. All of these are not supported on all devices. People use digital money instead of liquid money in the form of digital payment apps, debit cards, and credit cards. 

Using Apple Pay At Walgreens: Everything You Need To Know


Apple Pay is also a digital payment platform and has some criteria that are only supported in an Apple device. Using debit cards or credit cards on our apple devices allows us to pay.

Now all are hesitating to use liquid money. They keep digital money transfer platforms according to their convenience instead of this. It did not cause time delays and issues with checking bank balances.  

Is Apple Pay Accepted At Walgreens

Walgreens And Apple Pay

Before going to this article we must know all the facts about Walgreens and Apple Pay. Walgreen co is known as the second largest operator of the drugstore chain in the United States.

It has the retail sale of prescribed and nonprescribed drugs and household products like personal care products, fresh foods, candy, beauty care products, and photofinishing.  Walgreens also provides pharmacy services to nationwide customers with medical services.

It also offers a variety of wellness solutions like specialty pharmacies, mail services, respiratory services, worksite clinics, and convenient care clinics. Walgreens provides infusion therapy services for heart failure, chronic pain, and other infections.

Walgreens And Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment platform that is designed to do contactless payments for apple devices. It accesses a digital world to its customers that is entirely different from the real physical world. It allows its customers to use their debit and credit cards on their iPhones or apple watches to pay instead of a card.

Walgreens is one of the few pharmacy stores that accept Apple Pay payments. But you are restricted from photo purchases made online on Walgreens by using Apple Pay. Instead of it, you can use your credit card or debit card as usual. 

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Does Walgreens take Apple Pay? It is a big question that most people asked. The answer is yes. Walgreens is capable to take Apple Pay. 

Then the other question will be how to use Apple Pay at Walgreens. Just like any digital payment method Apple Pay also has some given instructions and methods while operating. 

Here we go with the facts that carry you to how to use Apple Pay on an iPhone at Walgreens. A number of stores and websites allow Apple Pay to do transactions. Walgreens also accept payment from Apple Pay.

A 3% cash back is also offered by Apple Pay on every transaction with Walgreens. There are many stores and websites that hesitate to receive money through Apple Pay.

Now let’s see how Apple Pay is used for Walgreens. 

1. Using Apple Pay online at Walgreens

Using Apple Pay online at Walgreens and using Apple Pay in-store at Walgreens are entirely different.  Each is consuming different methods and steps.

Using Apple Pay online at Walgreens means using Apple Pay on Make a purchase as usual with your device that has access to Apple Pay. Then tap the Buy with Apple Pay button and double-click the side button to confirm your order. 

2. Using Apple Pay in retail Walgreens stores

Using Apple Pay in-store at Walgreens is easy and more convenient. It takes normal steps as usual and the same way as other businesses. Follow these steps to access Apple Pay in retail Walgreens stores.

Open the Apple wallet app and select the App library. Double-click on the home button and tap your default card and select a different one if you are not ready to pay with your default card. Hold your device over the contactless reader to make the payment. The payment is well done with these single steps. 

3. No fees for using Apple Pay at Walgreens

Charging fees while doing payments is normal. Majority of the digital payment applications charge a particular amount for their service. Users are forced to give the fees while transaction. It is significant that know if there is any fee charged for the transaction before doing it. Some digital payment apps charge hidden fees. 

Unlike other digital payment applications, Apple Pay does not charge a   fee for its service. You can easily send or receive money without any charge. You don’t worry about how much you will lose from your balance. You can expect this free service from Apple Pay and at the same time Walgreens. Those are not intended to charge any extra fees from you for your transaction. 

And Apple Pay also gives a 2% cashback for each payment. You can save 2% on your transaction. 3% cashback is applicable in the case of Walgreens, Nike, Uber, and T- Mobile. The giving cashback is directly added to your apple cash card account.  

What Is An Apple Cash Card?

Apple cash card is known as a significant component of Apple Pay. It is a digital card that allows you to send and receive money in your Apple wallet. The cashback is directly added to your apple cash card account. So the setting up of an Apple cash card is very important.

What Is An Apple Cash Card

Follow these steps to access an Apple cash card on your Apple Pay.

  • Open settings
  • Go to the wallet or Apple Pay section
  • Select the Apple cash option
  • Select apple cash in the payment cards tab
  • Click on the continue tab
  • Follow the coming instructions

Walgreens Multiple Payments

As the largest operator of the drugstore chain in the United States Walgreens has some specific qualities. Its technology is highly sophisticated and it is capable to accept other payment methods in order. 

Here we can see the other payment methods accepted by Walgreens. And all details regarding it. There are many payment options available in the world like food stamps, PayPal, CareCredit, Masterpass, gift cards, and visa checkout.

Now we can see which of these are applicable in the case of Walgreens and how it works. 

1. Masterpass

Masterpass is known as a digital wallet. You can save your debit card or credit card to this wallet. It is designed for in-store payments. And Masterpass is also applicable in the case of Walgreens.

2. CareCredit

It covers medical insurance co-payments on benefits covered by the insurance. It is only applicable to in-store transactions. You can buy anything from the store using a CareCredit. CareCredit is also accepted by Walgreens. But the online at Walgreens doesn’t accept the CareCredit. 

3. Gift cards

Gift cards are only applicable in the case of in-store payments. Walgreens also accept gift cards for in-store payments. Gift cards are available for purchase in select denominations.

4. My Walgreens Credit card

Walgreens provides credit cards to its members. You can apply for it online or in-store if you are a  My Walgreens member. There are some criteria to apply for it. It is compulsory that you just need to be over 18 years old. If it is approved once you can get your Walgreen credit cards in 7 to 10 days. You can use it for any in-store or online payments. And it is also accepted anywhere the Mastercard payment is applicable. 

5. Paypal

As an international digital payment platform, PayPal is applicable in most payment methods. It helps you to send or receive money online with or without a credit card. Paypal service is also available for some online purchases like online products and Photo orders. 

6. Visa checkout

Visa checkout is also a digital wallet. Unlike other digital wallets, visa checkout is only applicable to online transactions. It is also accepted by Walgreens. It is worked by linking a credit card or debit card to the wallet.  

7. Food stamps

As the name indicates food stamp is a government program that gives low-cost coupons to low-income groups and those are applicable in the case of buying food products. But all Walgreens stores do not accept food stamps. Confirm that before going to purchase with a food stamp by contacting your nearby Walgreens store. 


Considering all the facts discussed above, Apple Pay is a popular payment platform but it is not applicable in the case of all pharmacy stores and general stores.

Apple Payment is entirely different from any digital payment platform. Because it is not charging a particular amount as a charge for payment. And it also gives a cashback offer. 

Unlike other digital payment platforms, Apple Payment is accepted for both online and in-store transactions. There are other payment platforms applicable at Walgreens. 

Your Top Questions Answered: Everything You Need to Know!

Q. Which payment options are applicable to Walgreens?

Walgreens accepts a number of payment methods for its online and in-store purchases. It includes debit cards, credit cards, food stamps, visa checkout, pay pal, Masterpass, gift cards, and also cash. Some of these are not applicable in the case of online purchases. 

Q. How can I use Apple Pay at Walgreens?

Using Apple Pay for Walgreens transactions is very easy. You can use Apple Pay at Walgreens for online and in-store purchases. This consists of a single step like choosing the but with Apple Pay option and finally confirming the transaction is in order. 

Q. How much does Apple Pay offer cash back when I am paying with Nike?

3% cashback is applicable in the case of Walgreens, Nike, Uber, and T- Mobile. If you are doing a payment with Nike you can get a 3% cashback from your paying amount and it will be added directly to your apple cash card account.

Q. Can I buy all types of products from Walgreens using Apple Pay?

Yes of course. You can buy the available products from Walgreens by using Apple Pay.  But you are restricted from photo purchases made online on Walgreens by using Apple Pay. 

Q. Does Walgreens ask for an Apple pin?

The answer is no. usually Walgreens doesn’t ask for the Apple pin while doing the transaction. So the payment method is easier and faster. You don’t want to spend your time typing pin while doing transactions. You just need to click on your app and do a payment in a few minutes. 

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