Buzz Bug Bulb Reviews

Buzz Bug Bulb Reviews: Does This Rechargeable Lamp Require A Lot Of Power To Operate?

Buzz Bug Bulb is a type of lamp or flashlight that works as a bug-repellent appliance by using solar power. This flashlight uses flash beam technology to kill various kinds of bugs, including bed bugs, cockroaches, mites, and others. These small bugs and insects are capable of causing huge harm to people in the form of several hazardous diseases. This Buzz Bug Bulb review will guide you to know more about this gadget.

Buzz Bug Bulb Reviews: Can We Use This Mosquito Repellent In Any Weather Condition?


This Buzz Bug Bulb lamp is a rechargeable mosquito zapper that is very convenient to use and it is better than using those traditional electric coil and mosquito repellent sprays because it works faster than these and can also be used as a flashlight or lantern. Therefore, it can be used as a multi-purpose appliance. 

In this Buzz Bug Bulb review, you are going to read about the lamp and analyze all the aspects of this portable device. 

Buzz Bug Bulb Review
Product NameBuzz Bug Bulb
Is ElectricBuzz Bug X Pro
Is ElectrricYes
Is Water ResistantYes
Target SpeciesMosquitos, bugs
Features– 360-degree wavelength
– Three-in-one device
– 350 square feet of protection
– It is rechargeable
– It comes with a powerful LED light bulb
Benefits-Ensures better sleep
-Allows hassle-free cleaning
-As portable and rechargeable
-Uses solar power
-Withstands any weather conditions
-Has patented flash beam technology
AvailabilityOfficial Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is a Buzz Bug Bulb? 

Buzz Bug Bulb is a perfect bug-repellent appliance that you can use conveniently anywhere. Be it, in your own home, in gardens, or even on trips too. Mosquitoes and bugs are so irritating and harmful insects that can be found anywhere. They can totally spoil your happiest moment just in seconds.

So it’s better to carry such kinds of appliances with you whenever you’re out or even at home so that you don’t get infected with the deadly diseases that are spread easily by these mosquitoes and bug bites.

It doesn’t matter how much you try to not let these enter your home when indoors or try your best to avoid them while being outdoors, they never let you go off easily. That’s why it is said that “prevention is better than cure”.

Furthermore, the Buzz Bug Bulb mosquito repellant lamp has not only made false promises but also proved its worth by making it one of the top-selling bugs and mosquito lamps available today. 

What are the main features of Buzz Bug Bulb?

Following are some of the features of the Buzz Bug Bulb:

  •  The 360-degree wavelength of this anti-bug lamp allows it to zap the bugs instantly into a low-voltage mesh. 
  • It is a three-in-one device. It can be used as a bug zapper, all-weather camping light, and as a walking flashlight. 
  • Buzz Bug bulb lamp provides you with 350 square feet of protection which is more than enough when you’re using indoors and perfect when used outdoors.
  • It is a rechargeable mosquito zapper that doesn’t need to be charged again and again after everyone- two hours. If once charged for 3 hours it would work for up to ten hours. 
  • It comes with a powerful LED light bulb that can adapt to all needs and situations by also providing three 3 light settings options. These are high, medium, and low. 
  • Comes with an already in-built battery. 
  • You can also charge it by making use of an external battery. 
  • It is a premium quality anti-bug lamp that is free of any harmful chemicals. 
  • It aims to vanish bugs and mosquitoes by being the most efficient, effective, and easiest way. 
Buzz Bug Bulb Features

Buzz Bug bulb advantages

Now in this Buzz Bug Bulb review we are discussing the benefits of this portable device. The following are the advantages of the Buzz Bug bulb anti-bug lamp:

  • People often use this appliance to improve their sleep cycle. By using this gadget, you don’t get interrupted by mosquitoes and bugs with their whining sound while sleeping. 
  • It is a portable anti-bug lamp which you take along on your trips, camping, and outings. 
  • It is a water-resistant device, so you don’t need to worry about rain if you take it on your trips or camps and even if you take it near a pool or lake. 
  • It has 7x effectiveness as it is patented with powerful flash beam technology. 
  • Indeed, it’s a small lamp but is full of perks. 
  • It is a safer option while you’re being around with children or pets as the bug zapper has shock resistant 7mm micro-plastic bars that seal its core. 
  • You can constantly adjust the brightness of the lamp according to your preference and convenience. 
  • As it uses solar power to work and has solar panels inherent in it for recharging the device. So, if you leave it out in the sun for a whole day, then the device itself recharged. 
  • It is designed in such a way that it can withstand any weather conditions – intense heat, rain, extreme windy weather, etc. 
  • It comes under the category of trusted brand and device as Buzz Bug Bulb has been purchased by around 32000 already. 
  • No additional maintenance and protection is required. 
  • It is eco-friendly. 
  • Providing a retractable collection tray to collect and throw insects prevents odor that’s caused by dead insects. 
  • High-voltage electrical grid electrocutes the attracted mosquitoes and bugs as well as other insects which are close to them. 
  • Using this Buzz Bug Bulb anti-bug lamp makes the outdoor site more comfortable. 
Buzz Bug Bulb Advantages

Buzz Bug Bulb technical facts

The technical facts of the Buzz Bug Bulb rechargeable gadget include its small and portable size, 7mm micro-plastic bars to seal the core of the anti-bug lamp, and water-resistant and adjustable brightness quality.

It became seven times more effective with its powerful flash beam technology. It has solar panels inherited from it, which allows easy recharge facilities.

Powerful LED light bulb enables it to adapt to all needs and situations by also providing three 3 light settings options.

Comes with an in-built battery, so you can charge it once using the USB cable which takes up to three hours and it would work for almost ten hours. External batteries can also be used for charging it. 

How does the Buzz Bug Bulb work?

Buzz Bug Bulb uses patented flash beam technology with electrical grids and LED lights to get rid of bugs and mosquitoes.

The bugs get attracted by the illumination and electrical impulses and as soon as they get slightly near this Anti-bug lamp, they get zapped by high voltage current.

The 360-degree wavelength of the Buzz Bug Bulb bug zapper allows it to zap the bugs instantly into a low-voltage mesh. Its 7mm micro-plastic bars also come out to be really helpful in bug-zapping mechanisms.

Presence of high voltage, no loud pitch sound or noise is caused while zapping the bugs or mosquitoes. It consists of a collector tray inside it in which all the insects get collected and you can easily remove it and throw all the dead insects.

Then, you can put it where it was, after cleaning it. The solar-powered features of this product made it more effective and efficient for the users as they do not require any sort of external power source. There are no such technical aspects of this lamp that a customer won’t be able to understand. 

Buzz Bug Bulb Working

Why do I need this Buzz Bug Bulb?

If you’re tired of the mosquitoes and bugs around you and your house or even when you go out, they don’t leave you then the Buzz Bug Bulb anti-mosquito lamp is for you.

If you’re not satisfied with electric coils or bugs-killing spray then use it. It is more beneficial in comparison to those old traditional ways of getting rid of these insects.

Not able to get proper sleep because of unwanted sounds made by these mosquitoes and bugs, then don’t think before buying as this appliance will save your life from those harmful insects and the deadly diseases caused by them just by being around them.

You need it because it’s easy and convenient to use, relieves stress, is safe, has multiple uses and benefits, ensures better sleep, allows hassle-free cleaning, is portable and rechargeable, uses solar power which is safe for the environment, withstands any weather conditions, has patented flash beam technology and more such perks. 

Buzz Bug Bulb Lamp

Buzz Bug Bulb customer reviews and experiences: Is it actually worth your money?

As per the Buzz Bug Bulb customer reviews, the majority of the customers are happy with their purchase as it does exactly what it claims. This portable lamb is not a scam. Though, it’s a small lamp but comes with a lot of perks.

Customers have seen noticeable differences as soon as they plug in the device or start using it. People are able to use Buzz Bug Bulb anti-bug lamp in multiple ways such as a flashlight at night which can be easily hung, as a bug-repellent appliance, and in many more ways.

It is not a hassle for them to carry it along with them on any outings or trips because of its small size and portability. As it comes with an already in-built battery and rechargeable qualities, it is praised by many customers. 

What does Buzz Bug Bulb cost and where to buy it?

This Buzz Bug Bulb rechargeable mosquito zapper can be purchased from its official website. You can also get up to 50% discount if you purchase it via their website.

You can get an even better discount if you purchase it in a set of two, three, four, or five. The original price of 1 appliance is $39.99, if you will get two then it would cost – $75.99 ($37.99 each), if you will get three then it would cost – $107.98 ($35.99 each), if you will get four then it would cost – $135.97 ($33.99 each), if you will get five then it would cost – $159.96 ($31.99 each).

This offer is not applicable for a very long period of time. They also have a refund policy. If the appliance is defective then one can claim a full refund within 30 days from the day of the purchase. 

  • 1 Buzz Bug Bulb= $39.99
  • 2 Buzz Bug Bulb= $75.99
  • 3 Buzz Bug Bulb= $107.98
  • 4 Buzz Bug Bulb= $135.97
  • 5 Buzz Bug Bulb= $159.96

Final words on Buzz Bug Bulb Reviews

The final words on Buzz Bug Bulb review would be that it’s a very useful device and almost everyone nowadays requires it. People do not understand how important it is to be safe from such mosquitoes and bugs as these small ones can cause a lot of diseases.

Therefore, it becomes mandatory to use such kinds of products. It is a portable, lightweight, sound-free, chemical-free, water-resistant, small, rechargeable mosquito zapper, with an in-built battery, 7mm micro-plastic bars for shock resistance, 360-degree wavelength to zap the bugs instantly, patented with powerful flash beam technology, adjustable settings, ability to withstand any weather conditions and most importantly easy to use.

Also, the eye-catching offers and discounts make it a must-buy. Buzz Bug Bulb mosquito repellent lamp is definitely not a scam but a worth-trying gadget if you really want some good change in your lifestyle. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it safe to use with children or pets nearby? 

Yes, definitely it is safe to use around your children or pets as it doesn’t contain any chemicals in it and also doesn’t cause any loud sound. 

2. How do you charge the battery? 

As it already contains an in-built battery, therefore charging it is not a big or difficult task. You can charge it once using the USB cable which takes up to three hours and it would work for almost ten hours. 

3. Is it easy to clean? 

It comes with a removable shade and a protective cage so you can clean it easily without causing any sort of damage or injuries.

4. Is it eligible for a refund policy? 

If the appliance is defective then one can claim a full refund within 30 days from the day of purchase. 

5. How does it work? 

The ultraviolet light which is used in this product is harmful to the mosquitoes and therefore as soon as the mosquitoes reach the appliance, it will produce an electric shock that traps the insect.


Please be advised that any recommendations or suggestions made here are not a substitute for professional medical advice from a certified healthcare provider. In case you have concerns or doubts regarding the details shared above, make sure you consult with a licensed professional before making any purchasing decision.

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