Vital Fit Track Reviews

Vital Fit Track Reviews – Is It A Fitness Tracker To Monitor Your Body’s Health?

Vital Fit Track is a health and fitness smart band that promises to help users achieve their fitness goals by tracking daily activities. In this Vital Fit Track review, we will explore why this wearable gadget is garnering all the attention and analyze if it is worth all that hype.

Vital Fit Track Reviews – A Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker That Helps You To Stay Healthy & Fit!


The device has become popular among fitness enthusiasts for its sleek design and advanced features that range from heart rate and blood oxygen level monitoring to call notifications and location-based weather updates. 

We will also take a closer look into what the Vital Fit Track device is, its features, how it works, its pricing and availability, what customers have to say about it, and much more. So, sit back, relax, and read through this hands-on review of the Vital Fit Track smartwatch. 

Vital Fit Track Review
Product NameVital Fit Track
Features:– Smart Connectivity 
– Activity Tracking
– Health Monitoring 
– Vital Stats Measurement
Benefits:– Real-time health and activity tracking
– Monitors heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels
– Tracks calories 
– Monitors the number of steps taken while walking, jogging, and running 
– Easily pairs with your smartphone
– Can be operated via a smartphone app 
– Provides you weather updates 
– Tracks your sleep quality
Screen:0.96 inch
Bluetooth Version:5.0
Weight:2.5 grams 
Is it Waterproof?Yes, up to 50 meters 
Time to charge fully: 1:30 mins – 2 hours 
Mobile App: Available on Google Play and AppStore
Where to Purchase: Official Website
Money-back Guarantee90 days
Official Website:Click here

First Off… What Is Vital Fit Track?

Vital Fit Track is an all-new smartwatch that gives you real-time insights into your daily health and fitness activities on the go. The fitness tracker helps you keep an eye on every movement you make throughout the day, encouraging you to get fit and achieve your health goals. 

The Vital Fit Track wearable device comes with a wide variety of features like activity tracking, health monitoring mechanisms, vital stats measurement, and smart connectivity. 

Compared to other fitness trackers that are currently available in the market, the Vital Fit Track smartwatch can track your progress and analyze your health much more accurately. The fitness watch has a comparatively longer battery life and can be easily set up and operated via the DayBand app on Android and iPhone.

Now, let us take a look at some of Vital Fit Track’s features. 

Vital Fit Track Smartwatch

Key Features Of Vital Fit Track Wearable Gadget

Wonder why the Vital Fit Track watch is widely popular among health and fitness freaks. Look no further as it is because of the following features: 

  • Smart Connectivity 

The health tracker device can easily connect to your Android or iPhone using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You can get alerts for calls, texts, and social media without pulling out the phone from your pocket. Vital Fit Track smart wristwatch also helps reduce unnecessary screen time that can harm your eyesight. 

  • Activity Tracking

This feature of the Vital Fit Track gadget tracks all your movements and fitness parameters like the number of steps you take, calories burnt, and the geo-tagging of distance covered. 

  • Health Monitoring 

Vital Fit Track’s health monitoring mechanism tracks up to 11 vital health parameters such as heart rate, blood oxygen, calorie, blood pressure, and sleep quality. This feature also provides you with tips to improve your health. 

  • Vital Stats Measurement

The vital stats measurement feature keeps a constant and regular check on your heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure levels to ensure that your body is functioning healthily. 

Advantages Of Using Vital Fit Track Gadget

Here are some of the advantages of using the Vital Fit Track watch:

  • Real-time health and activity tracking
  • Monitors heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels
  • Tracks calories 
  • Monitors the number of steps taken while walking, jogging, and running 
  • Easily pairs with your smartphone
  • Can be operated via a smartphone app 
  • Provides you weather updates 
  • Tracks your sleep quality
Vital Fit Track Advantages

Vital Fit Track device has the top-of-the-class build quality and the latest chips that take wearable technology to a whole new level.

The upgraded chipset and improved algorithm are highly efficient and provide users with accurate information regarding their vitals and track the progress made while exercising in real time.

The Vital Fit Track fitness watch has a long battery life and quickly gets up to speed with fast charging

Vital Fit Track Technical Facts

  • The Vital Fit Track watch possesses a lightweight and modern design.
  • The health tracker device weighs 2.5 grams.
  • Comes with a 0.96-inch display screen that is more than sufficient as per fitness tracker standards.
  • The smartwatch is available in five colors – Navy, Red, Orange, Pink, and White – making it a fashionable device you can wear anywhere. 
Vital Fit Track Technical Facts

How Does The Vital Fit Track Work?

Vital Fit Track works by allowing users to track their daily health stats and also provide data on the progress made. The smartwatch has an advanced algorithm that tracks data such as distance traveled, steps taken, and calories burned while walking or working out.

Additionally, the Vital Fit Track fitness tracker also monitors the vital components of your body like heart rate, blood pressure, sleep pattern, and blood oxygen level.

Vital Fit Track device has sensors on the back that are fixated on your wrist when the watch is worn. This constantly records your vitals and shows the information on the main screen.

You can also navigate through the menus to view the data in much more detail. The Vital Fit Track smartwatch connects to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth and alerts on calls, messages, and social media notifications. 

There is also a dedicated app for the Vital Fit Track through which you can configure the watch to fit your style. 

Vital Fit Track Gadget

Why Do I Need Vital Fit Track Smart Watch?

Vital Fit Track device uses the latest technologies to incorporate fitness into your daily life by simply tracking the number of steps you walked and calories burnt in that process.

This encourages you to take a few steps more or a long walk to the neighborhood grocery store instead of going in the car, take the stairs instead of the lift at the mall, or even hold a running race with your kids. 

Fitness is key to maintaining our overall health and well-being. However, most people find it challenging to follow a workout routine due to time constraints and sometimes laziness. With fitness trackers like Vital Fit Track, working out becomes an objective rather than a chore.

Furthermore, the Vital Fit Track device monitors your health by checking your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. The smartwatch tracks the quality of your sleep and the distance you covered on foot and also allows you to attend calls and read text messages. 

All in all, the Vital Fit Track smart band is helpful for anyone that wants to access vital health information on the go and achieve fitness objectives by seeing it as a challenge. 

Vital Fit Track Customer Opinions And Experiences

Vital Fit Track reviews from customers show that the Vital Fit Track watch provided users with positive results. On the official website, the company has quoted several testimonials where users explained how the smartwatch helped them improve their health and lifestyle. 

One user said that Vital Fit Track’s progress tracker helped them achieve weekly goals set for steps taken, calories burnt, and sleep. He added that the feature kept him motivated to reach his targets.
Another user who had been using the Vital Fit Track device for three months said he loved the way it tracked his workouts and how it gave him prompts at the right time.
A third user lauded the health tracker’s capabilities, saying that apart from measuring regular parameters, the smartwatch measured his blood pressure and SPO2 levels with ease, a feature that is not available in many expensive smart bands. He also added that the smart notifications feature allowed him to be off of his phone. 
Vital Fit Track Customer Reviews

Buyers also commended the build quality of the Vital Fit Track wearable gadget, stating that its lightweight design and superior build quality were far better than some smartwatches offered by expensive brands. 

If you are interested in knowing more about customers’ experiences after using the fitness tracker device, there is verified information available on the Vital Fit Track website as well as reviews from other credible sources on the internet. 

How Much Does Vital Fit Track Cost And Where To Buy?

Vital Fit Track device is only available to purchase via the official website. The health tracker cannot be found in retail stores or e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. 

The smartwatch comes in five different packages which are now available at a 60% discount.

Here are some great deals offered by the Vital Fit Track company to buyers:

  • Buy a “Single Pack” of 1 Vital Fit Track smartwatch for $49.99
  • Buy a “Studio Pack” of 2 Vital Fit Track smartwatches for $89.98 or $44.99 per piece
  • Buy a “Multi-Pack” of 3 Vital Fit Track smartwatches for $179.96 or $39.99 each 
  • Buy a “Deluxe Pack” of 4 Vital Fit Track smartwatches for $259.95 or $34.99 per piece 
  • Buy a “Family Pack” of 5 Vital Fit Track smartwatches for $349.93 or $29.99 each

The fitness tracker also has a 3-year extended replacement and protection warranty that can be added to every package. The $8 add-on will cover all repair and exchange costs for damaged Vital Fit Track devices for a period of up to three months.

All Vital Fit Track packages come with a 90-day money-back guarantee and can be purchased using credit and debit cards or PayPal. 

Vital Fit Track Reviews – Final Thoughts On Vital Fit Track Wearable Gadget

After reading through Vital Fit Track reviews and customer feedback, I have concluded that the device has massively improved users’ health and lifestyle. 

The Vital Fit Track smartwatch allows wearers to not just check the time, but also take a look at vital parameters like their heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood pressure. Vital Fit Track gadget tracks steps taken, calories burnt during workouts and sleep hours, and also update you on the weather and gives prompts for notifications on your phone. 

Vital Fit Track fitness tracker is easy-to-use and can be connected to any Android or iPhone and be operated seamlessly via the app. The build quality and design element of the Vital Fit Track device is on par with more expensive offerings from big brands and is also available with refreshing color options.  

Vital Fit Track smart wristwatch is available in five different packages at affordable prices. The downside is that the device can only be purchased from the official website. However, buyers are protected by a 3-year repair and replacement warranty and a 90-day full refund policy. 

Overall, Vital Fit Track has been a device that has delivered results as promised and one that can be recommended to your friends and family who want a fitness tracker to track their workout progress. It is evident from this Vital Fit Track review that the health and fitness tracker is worth all the hype it has been getting. So, give it a shot. 


1. Is Vital Fit Track waterproof?

Vital Fit Track is IP67 rated for waterproof and can be used while swimming, exercising, running in the rain, and even in the shower. The watch can be held underwater for up to 50 meters. 

2. How can you view fitness data collected by Vital Fit Track?

The smartwatch sends your fitness and health data directly to the DayBand smartphone app from where you can stay informed of your body’s health status. 

3. How does smartphone integration work on Vital Fit Track?

Users can pair Viral Fit Track with their smartphone via Bluetooth 5.1. The fitness tracker can be used like a smartwatch to view text messages, receive calls, look up social media notifications, and attend calls directly from your wrist. 

4. How to set up Vital Fit Track?

Setting up the device is a rather straightforward process. All you need to do is pair it with your smartphone and follow the instructions provided in the DayBand app. First-time users will have a slight learning curve while buyers who’ve used smart bands before can function the device with ease. 

5. What is the Vital Fit Track refund policy?

Vital Fit Track comes with a 90-day cash-back guarantee. If your device gets damaged or isn’t working properly after 3 months of use, then you can return the watch to get a full refund.

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