Blueprint Mini AC Reviews – Is It A Light Weight Portable AC To Maintain The Humidity Around?

Hey there… is it getting too hot for you? Then read this Blueprint Mini AC Review, this might help you. Due to the global weather conditions, the temperature grows high every day. For once you would have thought about taking an AC with you to work or anywhere you go. Blueprint Mini AC is something that you can carry wherever you want. This is a portable air cooling system that may be simply the solution that you were looking for all this time. 

Blueprint Mini AC Reviews – How Does This Hydro-Cool Technology Air Cooler Consume Less Power?


Blueprint Mini AC is an up-to-date technology in customized air conditioning systems. Everybody now looks for a portable AC that can rescue them from this searing temperature. So, in this Blueprint Gadgets Mini Air Conditioner Review, we further discuss all the other features and aspects of this unique air conditioning system.

Blueprint Mini AC Reviews

Product Name Blueprint Mini AC
Product Type Air Conditioner/Air Cooler
Benefits It generates cool and comfortable air
Designed Technology Hydro-Cool Technology
Product Features Portable, easy to operate, and lightweight design
Charging method Through USB cable
Item Color White
Type Room/Personal
Price $49.90
Official Website Click Here

What is Blueprint Mini AC? 

Blueprint Gadgets Mini Portable AC is an air cooling portable system that’s made out of the latest technology in customized air conditioning systems. It has many innovative and amazing features, and it can convert the hot air in the environment to the best temperature you want. In this searing temperature, if there is a device that can do this, it’s the best option that people have. 

Blueprint Mini AC consists of hydro-cool technology. It can convert the hot air around to cool air and that will make anyone comfortable. It’s a simple technology, but it can make a big difference. High temperatures can affect us in many ways. So, if there is a device that can change this and when it is portable, it’s a great choice. 

Blueprint Gadgets – Manufacturer 

The manufacturer of Blueprint Gadgets Mini portable Air conditioner is Blueprint Gadgets. They made this device so affordable that anyone could grab it if they want. They also produce a range of various gadgets. So, if you are interested you can go through their official website to find them.

Blueprint Mini AC Features

Blueprint Mini AC has many amazing features. A few of them are,

  • The compact design: This design of Blueprint Mini portable Air Conditioner is what makes it so easy to take wherever you want and attractive.
  • Light in weight: Another feature that contributes to the portability of this product.
  • Aesthetic look: Blueprint Mini AC has 7 inbuilt LED lights to provide a unique aspect and look to it.
  • USB-powered: This is another main feature of this product. This air conditioner is USB-powered, so it consumes minimal energy to operate.
  • 3-speed settings: Blueprint Mini AC comes with 3 different speed settings.
  • Easy to install and use
  • No installation or maintenance cost
  • Less electricity bill.

Blueprint Mini AC

How does it work? 

The main function of Blueprint Mini Air Conditioner is to generate cool and comfortable air. It claims to maintain the optimum level of humidity in the surroundings. The working of this product depends on the hydro-cool system.

By this, the gadget takes the hot air from the surroundings and passes it through the chilled water tank to provide cool air. By doing this it claims to maintain the humidity around and also keeps the skin hydrated. The water drops get converted to water fumes and when it comes out the temperature gets dropped. 

Blueprint Mini AC Working

Blueprint Mini AC benefits – Are portable air coolers any good?

The Blueprint Mini AC has so many features and benefits. A few of the benefits are,

  • Its portability- Portability is one of the main benefits of this product. You can carry it wherever you want.
  • No pollution- It is an eco-friendly gadget. There are no cooling liquids used in, so it works with zero pollution.
  • It’s a humidifier: This is another benefit of this product. It can maintain an optimum level of humidity around the surroundings. So it also keeps the wellbeing of our skin, throat, nose, etc.
  • High cooling- Even in the most searing temperatures Blueprint Mini AC can maintain the atmosphere cool for you. Every Blueprint Mini AC system consists of a productive ice plate, and that’s what is responsible for this high cooling capacity.
  • It can be used as a normal fan and AC when you need it. 


Is this Blueprint Gadgets Portable AC effective? 

According to the other Blueprint Mini AC Reviews, it is the best portable air conditioner system that consists of so many innovative features and benefits. In these weather conditions having an object like this product will be so comfortable. It can act both as a fan and air conditioner according to the needs. It operates on hydro-cool technology and can effectively provide a cool and humid atmosphere. Also, it is less power-consuming. So it can save you energy and money. 

There is no pollution because it works without any cooling liquids or cooling agents. So, overall the Blueprint Mini AC can be a great addition to your daily life.

Blueprint Mini AC customer reviews and complaints

There are no negative reviews or complaints reported against Blueprint Mini portable AC. The Blueprint Gadgets Mini AC customer reviews are also good. The product claims to be much more effective than any other same gadget in the market. The portability and other main features make it different and unique. Customers are satisfied with the product and positive responses are reported. If you check the official website, there are a few responses you can find. And you can confirm the efficiency of the gadget.

Blueprint Mini AC Customer-Reviews

Blueprint Mini AC pricing and availability 

The Blueprint Gadgets Mini AC is only available on the official website. It’s not available on any other websites or stores. There can be fake products available, so, be cautious when you are buying one. Try to buy it safely and beware of any fraudsters. 

The product is an affordable one. 

  • Price of 2 Blueprint Mini AC’s – $49.90
  • Price of 4 Blueprint Mini AC’s – $79.84
  • Price of 6 Blueprint Mini AC’s – $89.82

Blueprint Mini AC Reviews – Is it a worthy product to buy?

Blueprint Mini AC is a portable, affordable compact cooling system. This gadget might be the solution that people were looking for to get relief from this rising temperature. It claims to be the best solution for everyone who is struggling with the heat.

This product can cool down the surroundings efficiently. It has many innovative features and amazing benefits. It can provide the best temperature around no matter wherever you are. You can carry this gadget easily and set it up anywhere you want, home, office, store, etc. So, the product seems efficient and worthy. At this temperature, it’s better to try something like Blueprint Gadgets Mini AC. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it safe to use?

Yes. Blueprint Mini AC is completely safe. It’s portable and easy to set up. There are no dangers to using the gadget. It’s easy to operate and anybody can do it.  

  • How to set it up?

Setting up of Blueprint Mini AC doesn’t require any expertise. Place it on a flat surface. Connect the USB and the other end to the plug wherever you want. Eliminate the water curtain and then reinsert it back into the water. Fill the tank with the needed amount of water also pick the settings. Use ice plates to increase the cooling according to your need. 

  • How often does it need cleaning?

The water curtain should be cleaned once a month. That’s it. No other maintenance is required.

  • Will it reduce the electricity bill?

The Blueprint Mini AC is an efficient cooling system. It consumes less energy and is very electrically effective. It eliminates hot air and provides cool and natural air efficiently. So, the usage of this gadget might help in reducing the electricity bill.

  • Where can I buy it?

Unfortunately, the product is only available on the official website. Due to the market demand, there are lots of fake products available on the market now. So, Blueprint limited the sales only to the official website to avoid fraudsters. 


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