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Vibration Leap Program is a web-based digital program used to transform one’s life by manifesting his dream life. Manifesting the dream life? Yes, people are skeptical towards manifestation, healing, the law of attraction, etc., and people who are familiar with them may have unsatisfied results which deepen their skepticism. Is it really true? Will the universe help manifest our dreams and desires?

It is an ancient secret that was disappeared and destroyed. The human brain is like an ocean where the secrets of our subconscious mind are uncountable as of waves. Vibration Leap Program Program is formulated to work on the subconscious part of one’s brain to build a life the person dreamed of by attracting wealth, abundance, and fulfilling relationships.


Vibration Leap Reviews – Is Thomas’s Manifestation Program Worth The Money?


Quantum Physics has proved that the universe is made up of energy. It means that every person is made up of energy and the thoughts, beliefs, and concepts of reality are connected in a field of energy.

The universe has positive and negative entities in its dimensions. It is believed that the energies from these dimensions can influence one’s life negatively. Every person has certain energy nexuses in the body which are transparent to both positive and negative entities which can bring miracles to one’s life.


Program Title Vibration Leap
Language English
Benefits It helps to create positive vibes to show good luck, prosperity, love, and happy life.
Unique Features Based on Nexus Healing System
Creator Thomas
Specifications 4 Entity-Removing audios
7 Energy-Restoring audios
7 Vibration Leap Infinity Mandalas
A Downloadable E-book
A Step-by-Step Daily Plan
Price $37.00
Money-Back Guarantee 365 Days
Official Website Click here


What Is Vibration Leap Program?

Vibration Leap Program is a groundbreaking program that detoxes the aura of the person and atoning him channel the universal potential energy into him. There are situations people curse on their ‘luck’ or ‘fate’ when the situations wedge him.

People may treat an individual as a plague as he/she faces avoidance and immense hatred for no reason. The same happens for relationships, the loved ones make us broken or even betray us. Individuals can become broken financially and mentally at the same time.

When you come across a man he may have qualifications, graduation. But he may be the one checking job portals instantly and sending resumes to companies and he even imitates a successful person, but still, his efforts are in vain. Who should we curse? Is it the ‘ fate ‘ or the bad omen of ‘ luck?

Negative entities are found in people and places and take advantage by making the person fall into debauchery. This is where Vibration Leap Program works in humans. It heals the energy nexuses and makes it the receptors of energy and positivity. These energy channels allow the person to attract wealth, love, and abundance.

Creator of Vibration Leap Program

The original creator of the frequencies is Mr. Thomas, later it was developed by Trira Becker who spent years in scientific research and added more frequencies making the formula more effective.

How Does Vibration Leap Audio Track Work?

People are skeptical towards the ancient secrets where some call them outdated, useless, and even considering them as witchcraft. But there are people who are familiar with manifestation and healing and have a mixed verdict on its results.

But what Vibration Leap Program does is works on the primary causes by healing the energy centers. It works on the energy centers of the human body also known as chakras.

Once the energy centers are polluted the person is prone to negative entities thus falling into debauchery. The digital program in the first case it heals the energy nexuses making it clean from dark entities.

Vibration Leap Program has 2 sets of vibrant audios as the first four uncovers and releases the dark entities and the next set with seven audios removes the blockage from the energy nexuses. In the next phase, it heals the person’s aura by inducing self-love as the person heals his own dark entities within the body and channeling the divine energy.

The Vibration Leap program assists you in clearing out the dark entities and the person starts feeling grounded as the powerful association with the universe is channeled.

The third phase is the channeling of the aura with the divine association and it will destroy the fear to live, to face the crisis, and induce immense confidence and self-love. The energy centers flood with abundance, connecting with the universal energy thus making the manifestation instantly.

Vibration Leap Program is following the ancient secrets which are destroyed and forgotten but revived through research, and from a few hands, these universal secrets were preserved.


Benefits Of Vibration Leap System

Once the aura is cleaned and the negative entities are removed, the person embraces self-love. The company claims that the groundbreaking program is truly life-changing making the person from avoidant to acceptable and undesirable to undeniable. The Vibration Leap web-digital program allows you to enjoy immense benefits. The most common ones include :

  • The person will no more live in a surreal world of dreams as his dreams manifest into reality.
  • A stress-free and peaceful life. The constraints of tension, disappointment, and failure become the past and the dark past is healed by the Vibration Leap program.
  • The instant manifestation of dreams and desires. Wealth, abundance, love, and fulfilling relationships surround you.
  • The aura is cleansed and positive entities come across instantly. The person becomes grounded to the universal energy.
  • The person cut ties with people who have negative entities and is able to cope up with his life changes.
  • The positive vibes influence your friends, family, and the workplace which can improve their relationships.
  • The person’s creative energy gets boosted.
  • Fear, anxiety diminishes as courage and calmness are induced.


What Is Included In Vibration Leap Program?

Vibration Leap Program has two sets of audio, images, and an e-book for guiding your day-to-day life-changing manifestations. The two sets of audio have four and seven audios each which works on removing dark entities and removing blockages from energy nexuses.

👍 Entity removal

The four vibrant audios from this category eliminate all the negative entities that parasite your life. The first portion includes audios where each of them works on different causes. There are four audios available in the program which work on entity removal. They are:

  • Entity removal #1: Past lives



Entity Removal #1-Past Lives



  • Entity removal #2: People and Places from Our Travels

The place we go whether it’s a crowded tourist spot or a lonely natural spot we feel different energies. People and places have different energies and the dark entities from the outdoor can accompany you and affect your life.

The audio acts as a shield and protects you from negative entities.

Entity Removal #2-People and Places from Our Travels

  • Entity removal #3: Collective consciousness

All the humans in the world are created upon energies and their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and concepts are all connected upon a field of energy. So each person releases certain vibes and these unwanted vibes can affect negatively the person’s mind. The audio track eliminates all such vibes.

Entity Removal #3-Collective Consciousness

  • Entity removal #4: The people surrounding you

Some associations can affect your energy levels. As people with negative entities around you will impact your rhythm of life. They can make harm to you spiritually or mentally. The fourth and final audio of the portion removes your unwanted attachments.

Entity Removal #4-People Around You

👍 Energy nexus

The second portion of the audio works on the energy nexus or chakras. The audio track removes blockages from your seven chakras and cleaning the aura. The portion includes seven audio tracks each focusing on chakras. They are:

  • Energy nexus #1: Your survival energy

Targets Muladhara, the chakra with red in color is primarily associated with the physical body. It is the nexus that ground you. It ensures strength and security to the whole body.

Energy Nexus #1-Your Survival Center


  • Energy nexus #2: Your happiness center 

It deals with the sacral nexus which is the second energy nexus. It enhances creativity, sexuality and regulates emotions. The audio track also endures joy and happiness.

Energy Nexus #2-Your Happiness Center

  • Energy nexus #3: The powerful creator

It works on the solar plexus and boosts manifestation instantly. Promotes confidence and excitement towards life.

Energy Nexus #3-Become A Powerful Creator

  • Energy nexus #4: Attract unconditional love

It focuses on the heart chakra and supports love and acceptance. Improves happiness, lightness hope, and joy.

Energy Nexus #4-Attract Unconditional Love

  • Energy nexus #5: Express your truth

Targets throat chakra which is the source of communication. Increases self-expression, truthfulness, and courage to speak.

Energy Nexus #5-Express Your Truth

  • Energy nexus #6: Unlock natural intuition

Helps manifestations and enables you to foresee the consequences linked to your actions.

Energy Nexus #6- Unlock Your Natural Intuition

  • Energy nexus #7: Center of divine

Targets the crown chakra, boosts a higher state of consciousness.

Energy Nexus #7-Center of The Divine

Pros and cons of Vibration Leap Program


  • Manifesting one’s dreams and desires.
  • Improved mental health by reducing stress and boosting peace of mind.
  • Revival of ancient secrets and presenting it to the modern world
  • Regulates overall wellbeing of mind and body.


  • Requires much time to listen to the audios.
  • Results can’t be depended on evidence.
  • Skeptical people can shun the product.

Why Should You Use Choose Vibration Leap Program?

Vibration Leap Program is an extract of ancient knowledge which is forgotten and is destroyed. The product is life-changing as it can transform the person who can come out of his surreal world and live his dream.

The once undesirable becomes undeniable with a high earning job, wealth and abundance, fulfilling relationships, attracting love, and moreover gifting a life which you only dreamed of. No one can make a person weak when the universal energy is associated with him.

Reiki, meditation, healing, etc., are all practiced worldwide to enhance lifestyle and abundance. Vibrant Leap Program works directly on the primary issues of the energy centers by healing, detoxing, and channeling it to the universal energy.

The Vibration Leap program is available with extra bonus of products and the company is selling it for $37 with a discount of 80% whereas the product originally costs $528. The manufactures even provide a 365-day refund which has a no-questions-asked policy. The program is life-changing and is recommended for usage.

Is Vibration Leap Program Legit?

Vibration Leap Program provides audio tracks to heal the chakras and boost manifestation. The usage of the program has no direct contact with the human body or neither it cause any harm.

The Vibration Leap program has vibrant audios working on the subconscious mind where mental messages are transmitted and it is a safe and natural process. Vibrant audios are tested and used by people worldwide. The frequencies don’t make any harm to the ear or brain. The audios can be listened to either with headphones or via the speaker.

The product is legit to use as it is safe to use. The program is just the revival of what we already have naturally and its usage.

Vibration Leap Customer reviews and complaints

The customer feedback and testimonials about the Vibration Leap Program are mostly positive. The product has good ratings from satisfied customers worldwide. People shared their success stories and their experience on the official website of the product.

There are mixed reviews on the product not launching on any other online platforms or in any local stores. The company keeps protecting the product by maintaining its standard and authenticity by making it available only on the official website to avoid duplication, imitation, or false labeling.


Vibration Leap Pricing and availability

The vibration Leap Program is available only on the company’s official website. The product was initially priced at $528 but, now the product is available at the price of $37 along with bonuses. The company is looking forward to presenting the program among the people in maximum.

The company claims 100% guaranteed satisfaction in every purchase. Users who are not satisfied with the product can request for refund by sending an e-mail. 365 days guaranteed money back policy is provided by the company.

Vibration Leap Bonuses

Vibration Leap Program offers four huge bonuses along with the program.

The company offers it to the customers to generate more benefits. The bonuses are:

  • Bonus #1 – Energy Nexus Coasters

The powerful set of high vibrational energy-infused Chakra Infinity Mandalas removes blockages within your chakras. The bonus has a value of $197.

  • Bonus #2 – The Vibration Leap E-book

The ebook with the value pack of $47 teaches you everything you want to know about chakras.

  • Bonus #3 – Your Financial Blessings

Seven audio files are included in the Vibration Leap Program for a life-changing experience with a bonus value of $97.

  • Bonus #4 – You Are Unbreakable

The audio track guards you like a shield from negative energies. The bonus has a value of $47.

Vibration Leap Bonuses

Vibration Leap Reviews – Final Verdict

The web-based digital program is known for transforming life by manifesting dreams and desires. The subconscious mind has the power to enhance the unknown and hidden talents in a person. The product is claimed to be life-changing and the customer reviews support it by providing mostly positive reviews.

The program has reinvented the old secrets into a new bottle. The company sells the product at $37 along with a 365 days refund policy. People can give a try to this product as the company claims 100% guaranteed satisfaction of customers and the customer reviews are mostly positive.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”How soon are the results? ” answer-0=”The results depends upon persons, some can see results instantly. Remember one thing each time you listen to the audio, the energy centers floods of energy and the energy will be manifested for good. Listen consistently atleast 10 minutes a day.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Is the product available at Amazon? ” answer-1=”No, the product is only available at the company’s official website. The program is protected it is not available in any other online or local stores. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”How long can I access to the program?” answer-2=”After purchasing the product, the customer will have a lifetime access to the program. After purchase do visit the email and your download links are inside the email with a green button.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Can you provide more results about refund? ” answer-3=”The company provides 365-day guaranteed refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product. Send an e-mail to [email protected] for immediate refund.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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