Best CPA Networks For Dating Offers

Best CPA Networks For Dating Offers – Make Money Programs To Know!

Are you looking for the best CPA networks for dating offers? Any marketer is promoting, advertising, or publishing dating and adult affiliate programs, and it is vital to use the best adult CPA network which can convert your traffic into customers, earning your website and business substantial revenues and profits.

Best Dating Affiliate Programs – Top Paying Offers!


You need to select a proper CPA network that allows adult traffic sources as certain CPA affiliate networks do not allow Google AdSense integration.

Here are some of the best Adult CPA networks which help websites generate substantial revenues and can target multiple devices like desktops, iOS, and Android.

Best Dating Affiliate Programs

1. CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue is considered one of the most recognized and prominent CPA networks having over a decade of experience in affiliate marketing. CrakRevenue is known to constantly improve the features offered to its customers and make it the best revenue-generation CPA for the adult industry.

Using CrakRevnue, users can obtain statistics about the performance of your website. With its team of over a hundred professionals working in different fields which include marketers, designers, and affiliate managers it ensures that your business is in safe hands.

According to various reports, CrakRevenue’s revenue has grown by over 200%.CrakRevenue offers over 2000 products and has 25000 professional publishers within its networks and offers commissions upwards of $ 40 million per year to its affiliates.

CrakRevenue offers an accurate and reliable performance tracking system that maintains all records from a user’s entry to their exit till the conversion is completed.

Using Crakrevenue’s cutting-edge technologies and precise performance tracking systems, users and marketers can be ensured that their marketing efforts are not being wasted.

Also, using customizable filters, users can access and sort statistics by date, region, device, offer, and vertical.

Crakrevenue is known to offer some of the best payouts in the adult and dating verticals. It also offers additional revenue-earning options through Popunders and also provides a 5 percent commission for referrals.

2. Adxxx

With over a decade of experience in the advertising market, Adxxx is considered one of the pioneers of the adult affiliate network and considered one of the most renowned adult affiliate networks in the world.

Known to convert traffic into huge revenues and profits, this is probably the reason hundreds of webmasters prefer using the Adxxx CPA network.

Some of the features and benefits of Adxxx include:

  • It covers over 180 countries across 6 continents, ensuring global targeting.
  • Publishers and advertisers have access to real-time tracking and monitoring of statistics.
  • Adxx offers a strong performance with over 500 million clicks every month.
  • It offers real-time bidding for internet traffic for both publishers and advertisers.
  • Adxx is compatible with all platforms and devices and is very easy to set up.
  • It offers a guarantee of an increase of eCPM by 100%.
  • Adxxx processes payments through paxum, ePayments, Webmoney, PayPal, and Wire and is known to make weekly payments.
  • It has 24/7 dedicated customer support.
  • Adxx has considerable contacts with advertisers across the globe and is known to use its marketing experience and expertise to satisfy the requirements of publishers and advertisers.

3. CPAmatic

CPAmatica is considered as one of the best adult affiliate networks known to provide adult-affiliated programs and marketing initiatives for its users and customers.

CPAmatica has recently updated its affiliate panel and also has completely redesigned its website.

CPAmatica operates on exclusive partner products towards offering the best offers and conditions for its affiliated. CPAmatica is known for working with only mainstreaming dating and adult niches having proven expertise.

Some of the features and benefits of the CPAmatic include:

  • It offers a wide network that covers over 100 different countries bringing offers for mobile and web.
  • CPAmatic offers real-time performance tracking and reporting through its robust tools known to maximize web traffic.
  • It is known to offer some of the best and the highest payouts in the industry.
  • CPAmatic offers weekly payments with first-timers receiving their first payments after 10 days.
  • It has a full-time dedicated customer support team to ensure handling and resolving all issues and problems faced by its customers.


In the world of the CPA Affiliate industry, adult and dating offers are scattered across all CPA networks.

While many new networks are emerging to cater to the dating niche, which has a higher payout, most saturated networks are moving towards a wise implementation of different forms of offers to attract publishers.

If you have an adult or dating affiliate with 18+ traffic, in such a case selection of the right affiliate network is vital to monetize their traffic and generate massive revenues and profits.

So better use these above-listed best CPA networks for dating offers.

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