February 20, 2017

How to boost WordPress website speed in 2017? The Pro Guide

boost wordpress website speed

I love speed, whether it is on road or on internet, I can’t go slow. Now this article is only for the speed lovers those who want make their wordPress website run like a racing car. Here are some very easy to use Tips and tricks to boost WordPress website speed. Go through our complete guide and make your wordpress site more SEO friendly as well as user friendly.

how to boost wordpress website speed


  1. Why Speed matters?
  2. How to Check your Website Speed
  3. Know Your Slowing Factors
  4. Tips to Boost WordPress Website Speed
  5. Conclusion

 Why Speed Matters? WordPress is already fast isn’t it?

You may have read that wordpress websites are very fast but actually not. Every wordpress websites are not fast. There are more than 22% of total websites in the world is running on wordpress platform and many of the websites are facing the speed issue.

When a new visitor comes to your website, you have to impress him/her within few seconds after he/she landed on your website. If he is not impressed with your page loading time, he has many other websites to hang around. Once you lose a visitor by this way, he will never turn back to your website.

wordpress home page optimization

Website speed is important for user friendliness as well as SEO. Google will easily rank website pages having a very good loading speed. In 2017 Google is giving a huge importance to user metrics, So you have to solve the speed issue of WordPress website to stay top of Google.

How to Check Your Website Speed?

Are you a blogger? If yes, you may have noticed that your website load fast while other websites are taking a little more time to load on your computer. This doesn’t mean your website has a good speed. You may have visited your website many times from your computer and your browser may have saved your cache data to automatically pre-fetch your website page.

wordpres speed boost tricks

For checking your website loading speed, you can make use of “Pingdom”, a free online tool that allows you to check your website speed instantly.

What are the Slowing factors?

There are many factors that may be affecting your website speed and some of them are,

  • Worst Web Hosting
  • Bad WordPress Configuration
  • Big Page Size
  • External Scripts
  • Poorly coded PlugIn

Tips to Boost WordPress website speed

wordpress-speed up tips

Here are some basic tips to boost wordpress website speed. You can make use of it if you wish to. I didn’t include any coding techniques and these tips are very easy to make happen. Have a good read.

1. Select a Best Hosting

The biggest mistake every beginner doing is, selecting a very cheap hosting provider. Hosting is very important for your website and if you didn’t choose it right, you will definitely pay for it in future.


Before selecting a Hosting provider, you should have minimum expectations about your future visitors. If you are going to post any viral stuff on your website, there may be a huge traffic happen on your site and it may cause problems if choose a below average hosting plan. If you are a Information Blogger, you may have in between 1000 to 10000 visitors per day. You may have need a Medium range hosting plan, Bluehost Plus or Prime plan will be a best option if you need a medium requirements.

2. Select your Theme/Framework carefully

Always select a light weight Theme having less CSS. Default wordpress theme is an example of light weight themes. But most of us want to be unique and we can’t go by the default wp theme. Thesis theme framework is another low weight and easy to customize wordpress theme. It is a good framework and you won’t worry about the slow speed later. There are many other light-weight wordpress themes are available and they are;

  • Jevelin
  • H-Code
  • Brando
  • Soledad
  • Newsmag PRO
  • GoodLife
  • Onfleek
  • Brixton
  • Paperio
  • Schema
  • Genesis Framework
  • Divi 2.4
  • Stockholm

It is more important to update your wordpress theme when any update comes, to improve your wordpress site speed.

3. Select a Caching PlugIn

This is another part where we need to give more attention. After uploading some PlugIns, my wordpress site started to increse its loading speed and thats why i recomment this as a High priority option to boost wordpress website speed.

  • You can opt for a best caching PlugIn like W3 Total Cache. After installing it, you should activate the plugin.  Also you can install any Image Optimizing plugin like EWWW Image Optimizer.
  • Other than wordpress caching plugin and Browser caching you can opt for server caching. This will not be needed for small websites having minimum traffic, but if you want to maintain your website while having a huge number of visitors, you can go for server caching. Vanish Cache can be used as a best server caching option.
  • While using cahe PlugIns, you have to remove other unwanted plugins too. Some of my friends have a tendency to Install many free wordpress themes during the time of beginning and they will not delete it after selecting a required theme. Delete all unwanted saved themes, this will effect your website speed very much.

4. Optimize Your Home Page

This is one of the techniques I used to speed up my website. Here are some home page optimizing tricks for your wordpress website.

  • Don’t show complete post on Home Page, Instead of that you can choose “Excerpts”.

boost wordpress website speed

  • Always try to keep minimum number of posts on Home page. Maximum number of posts on home page should not be exceeding more than 7 for better performance.


  • Don’t put more widgets in your Homepage. You can use widgets on your Posts page or any other pages.


  • Remove everything that is un-necessary. Whether it is old outdated posts or Unwanted Plugins, remove it.


  • Just try to make a good impression in your visitors mind. Don’t put too much of advertisements on Home page.

5. Optimize your Database Tables

It is always better to keep some free space. Optimizing your database may seem confusing to you, but it is as simple as the other steps. You don’t need to do big tasks. You can optimize the database by installing any of WP –Optimize or WP DB Manager Plugin. It allows you to easily optimize and repair your database.

wordpress speed boost

It is also better to remove spam comments and unapproved comments to trash and this task can also be done by these Plugins.

6. Conclusion

You may have found many other tips in internet and it may be confusing because of the lengthy coding’s. These methods are very useful and tested on my website. I have increased loading speed of my website by these methods and I am sharing it for my blogger friends. If you have used any other simple tricks to boost wordpress website speed, you can make use of our comment box below to share your knowledge and thoughts with our readers.


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Akshay S Manoj - February 20, 2017 Reply

Main Point Missed Bro,Caching is a major factor that effect Speed.

    sarathkumar - February 20, 2017 Reply

    Read completely bro, you may have noticed it if read the full article. Thank you

Rajkumar - February 23, 2017 Reply

Nice tips!

It is really important to have a speed wordpress blog otherwise we’ll loose lot of traffic and also readers will feel annoyed if the site is slow.

I will make sure to implement these points on my blog to speedup my blog.


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