Your Invisible Power review

Your Invisible Power Review- Does The Book Offers Best Visualization Techniques?

Welcome to Your Invisible Power Review. There are several moments in our life where we get stuck. There are certainly other moments when we lose all we have got in a flash of time. To overcome such losses and get back on track, it requires immense will power.

Your Invisible Power is a book written by Genevieve Behrend. He was the only known pupil of Thomas Troward. Thomas Troward was a former Judge in the Punjab of British India who read several spiritual books in his free time and became a metaphysical philosopher and wrote the book “The Creative Process in the Individual”.

Your Invisible Power Review – Manifest A Sense of Well-being And Good Health!


This work by Troward is not easy to understand by all and hence Genevieve Behrend took upon herself to simplify the ideas of Troward along with the addition of her understanding of nature and came forward with the book – ‘Your Invisible Power’. All this happened hundreds of years ago when everyday lives and the nature of existence was starkly different from that of today.

Richard Hargreaves from his experiences and learning in the University of Life and from the number of other spiritual audios and books that he had heard and read, came forward with what he calls the ‘The Missing Chapter’ in ‘Your Invisible Power’.

With the inculcation of this chapter in the book, it is recommended in the Your Invisible Power review that it has become easier for the readers to understand the underlying concepts of the book and has enhanced the effectiveness of the book as well.

Your Invisible Power review

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Language English
Creator Richard Hargreaves
Category Manifestation
Price $39
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About Your Invisible Power eBook

Your Invisible Power focuses highly on the visualization, which aids in achieving the desires. It also supports the fact that every individual existing on the face of the earth is ‘God in miniature’. This point helps us connect to the fact that in times of anguish and feelings of lack, we have somehow forgotten our connection with the ‘Divine Abundance’.

After completely analyzing and developing a complete understanding of this book, this book, in its modern contexts, focuses on that human beings have a high tendency to indulge in the materialistic side. Will it be worth to use our visualizing skills to have a Mercedes? No! That’s where most of the people miss out on the whole point of the book.

It is important to understand that the primary motto of the book is to understand that we are the ‘Co-creators’ in the Universe who are capable of bringing anything and everything into being if we can manifest a relaxed belief in its coming. With such vast knowledge that exists in our minds, we can become the unimaginable immense center of power.

According to many Your Invisible Power reviews, many people will feel that Your Invisible Power reflects upon the spiritual teachings but this book is simply an effort by Behrend to reflect upon the complex theology of Troward’s- a Christian person who had a great influence on the development of Mental Science.

The main aim of Behrend whilst writing the book, was to help the people develop a magnetic mind that can draw probable circumstances towards themselves. It is not important to lay focus on the reasons for the emergence of these processes that is whether its spiritual or physiological nature but to believe in the effectiveness of these processes.

Benefits of using Your Invisible Power techniques

Your Invisible Power  your invisible power genevieve behrend makes the mention of many techniques which have proven to be quite beneficial for many people.

There were certain instances mentioned in the book itself, which reflects upon the good effects of these techniques on the lives of the people. Some examples from the book are as follows in the Your Invisible Power review:

  1. The author of the book Genevieve Behrend has shared an instance in the book with its readers about how she manifested the money herself for sailing to England and to support her stay there for a long time.
  2. In Chapter 1 of the book, an incident has been described where the women sell her real estate property quickly and there’s another woman in New York who gets an ideal job for herself.
  3. In Chapter 2 of the genevieve behrend ebook, there is mention of the man who through one of the invisible powers was able to double his business in six months and of a woman who devoured the invisible power and could get her husband to return to her.
  4. In Chapter 7 of the book, there is a description of the man who convinces the love of his life to marry him.

Your Invisible Power Creator

The creator of the ‘The Missing Chapter’ in ‘Your Invisible Power’, Richard Hargreaves had such experiences that made him believe in these theories. Firstly, there was an instance at his job where he has just completed his four-year apprenticeship and was working at a trading company. After working for some time at the company, he asked for a pay rise. He was called in and was denied the raise.

Two days later, he got a call from his friend who informed him about the vacancy and went in for the interview and he got selected, and the pay was double what he was getting. He told his old colleagues and work and merrily resigned from the previous work. Here, the creator somehow used the Law of Attraction by imagining about getting a raise and he finally got it.

Another instance in his life was when he was preparing himself for the Mr. Australia title. There were many things and people who mocked him. But he continued to work hard and finally won the title. He said hi secret to winning was making use of the Visualization Technique and Law of Attraction.

Later in his life, a major car crashed happened, which made him lost everything he had, including his marriage, but the different techniques of Your Individual Power made him get everything back.

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How does Your Invisible Power work?

The very first principle of Your Invisible Power is that Visualization helps in bringing order to the minds of the people. The mind and the Universe behind it are perfectly ordered and through the help of our imagination, we can express our thoughts to the world.

The existence and invention of technologies have been made possible only because of the visualization of the inventors that it could exist in reality. All the big inventions are the circumstances of or reality.

The second principle of Your Invisible Power is the power that a strong image holds within it. Behrend claims that every person visualizes whether he/she is aware of it or not. Before the future takes place for real, we visualize it in our minds.

This aids in giving us a wonderful opportunity to choose those images. It is the laws of attraction, manifestation, and visualization, which makes the existence of natural things possible.

The third principle mentioned in the book is based on the expression of the existence and abundance of the divine. In this book, Behrend has mentioned that she has come across some people who feel that it is materialistic to visualize things. However, she claims that to deliberate what we want in our lives is what God expects us to do. God created the Universe for us with extreme pleasure and joy, and similarly, we should visualize too.

Your Invisible Power review suggests that this book also teaches us the lesson of being the truest version of ourselves and that whatever we want and cherish to have wants us back too. A true extract of Behrend’s real life has been published in the genevieve behrend ebook.

After her marriage fell apart, she began traveling and looking out for new things in life when she found the texts of Troward and was highly intimidated by them.

She decided to study under him, but she didn’t have enough money, so she began to visualize it and let the power of attraction work. Within some time, the money she needed to go to England was in her bank account through an unimaginable source. The image in her mind had become the reality of the bank account.

Your Invisible Power customer reviews

Pros and Cons of Your Invisible Power techniques


  • Visualization techniques help one to become successful.
  • The Law of attraction helps people to make more money and lead a lavish and comfortable life.
  • The innermost desire of the human mind can come true through the means of visualization technique.
  • Your Invisible Power is a powerful book and helps an individual to cope with and overcome the worst-case scenarios of life and helps them to overcome it by making the mind and the conscience strong.
  • It helps in attracting great friends and developing new relations with them.
  • It helps in making life full of fun, joy, and fulfillment.


  • People consider this book as a collection of spiritual texts and hence ultimately tend to lose interest in it.

What are the main components of Your Invisible Power?

Your Invisible Power- Quantum Edition is the complete system that focuses not only on treating the problem but aims towards solving the real problem at the roots and tries to find the underlying cause of the problem.

The complete system is comprised of four components which are as follows in the Your Invisible Power review:

  1. Your Invisible Power- Quantum Edition Book: This eBook gives an account of the Behrend’s Laws of Attraction along with the additional chapter – ‘The Missing Chapter’ by Richard Hargreaves inculcated in it. Through this, one can put an end on hitting and missing results forever. The greater the amount of faith and enthusiasm one can put into the picture, the greater are the chances for that picture to become real. This book is available to you at a rate of $49.
  2. Your Invisible Power- Visualization & Synchronicities Planner Diary: This planner has been designed to help people to have a clear and planned image of what they are going to do every day so that it becomes easy for them to plan and achieve what they want to, thereby accelerating the results. This planner is available at a price rate of $28.
  3. Power Awakening Audio Mp3: It is an audio, which is comprised of Baroque classical music, which pulsates at the rate of 50 to 80 beats per minute along with the unconscious messaging. It helps in stabilizing the physical, mental, and emotional rhythms along with the implantation of a new belief. The music has been composed by Vivaldi, Handel, Corelli, and Bach. The stabilization achieved through the music helps the listener to develop a state of deeper concentration and focus while the affirmations are being accepted and approved in the subconscious mind. The listeners are advised to hear it for 15 mins before leaving their beds in the morning. This power awakening music is available at a price rate of $39.
  4. Power Dreaming Audio Mp3: The dreaming audio consists of music composed by an American composer Kevin Macleod. This music is defined as the music of the new age era, which is super relaxing in nature. The people are supposed to hear it 15 mins before going to bed at night. It relays the subliminal messages through the conscious mind into the subconscious mind, thereby speeding the process of obtaining results. This power dreaming music is available at a price rate of $39.

Your Invisible Power bonus

Who should get Your Invisible Power system?

Your Invisible Power- The Missing Chapter book by Genevieve Behrend and Richard Hargreaves is suitable for those people who want to:

  • Manifest wealth and money
  • Create a large number of exciting opportunities for themselves
  • Manifest a sense of well-being and good health
  • Attract a large number of friends and create and establish relationships with the people
  • Live and experience a life full of a large amount of joy, fulfillment, and happiness as one continues to achieve their goals of life and living.

Your Invisible Power Bonuses

So far mentioned in the Your Invisible Power review, along with the Your Individual Power- Quantum Edition, one gets a set of three highly valuable bonuses, which is a set of novels by the best-selling author- Wallace Wattles for free.

  • Bonus 1: Science of Getting Rich eBook

Your invisible power audiobook is comprised of the steps which one needs to follow in order, to begin with, the process of manifesting amounts of money that you desired, or dreamt about to help you start living the life of your dreams. This book is endorsed and recommended by Bob Proctor.

  • Bonus 2: Science of Being Great eBook

This book gives step by step account of the way one needs to follow to manifests his/her power in the right direction so that he/she can take control as well as receive the admiration they truly deserve.

  • Bonus 3: Science of Being Well eBook

This book gives an account of the blueprint and step by step description of how and what one needs to do to live, lead, and manifest a healthy life for himself/herself.

Your Invisible Power bonus

Your Invisible Power Price and Plans

Your Individual Power Quantum Edition is comprised of the four components which are available at the following rates:

  • The eBook – Your Invisible Power- Quantum Edition Book is available at a rate of $49.
  • The planner – Your Invisible Power- Visualization & Synchronicities Planner Diary is available at a price rate of $28.
  • The music – Power Awakening Audio Mp3 is available at a price rate of $39.

Along with this, three best-selling novels by Wallace Wattles is available along with the Quantum Edition as bonuses for free.

It is recommended in the Your Invisible Power review that Genevieve Behrend en Espanol is also available.


People are highly moved by what this book has to offer. The people are satisfied and happy and find themselves at the place of new mental health after reading this book. It’s easy to understand language has made even the complex terminologies and concepts seem understandable.

So far by reading this Your Invisible Power review, this book has made people realize that they can achieve anything they want to if they can visualize it and manifest from within. Genevieve Behrend Book – How to live life and love it has also helped people to gain a new and re-defined perspective in life. To conclude, Your Invisible Power has had a visible effect on the lives of the people.

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