My Traffic Mate Review

My Traffic Mate Review- An Efficient Plugin That Helps To Earn Commission Via Online?

Here is the in-depth honest My Traffic Mate Review. Do you know what is the basic difference between you and a successful marketer making 7 figures online in his/her spare time? It’s just that they have plenty of converting traffic and on the other hand you don’t.

You stay up all night and make content and videos and whatnot for your website, wasting tons of money and using various software to ease up your stress only to find yourself stuck in a more complicated situation. But what if I said you never have to worry about those things?

My Traffic Mate Review – How Does This Tool Help?


Imagine how easy it would be to just click on a few buttons and get all the needed traffic on your product without spending time and dime. Yes, it’s not a dream, its actually possible with My Traffic Mate. And you know what the most attractive thing about this product?

You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have prerequisite knowledge of anything at the time of the beginning. It’s absolutely newb-friendly and easy to use. So, let’s dive deeper and go through My Traffic Mate review to know more about the product.

My Traffic Mate Review

Product Title My Traffic Mate
Language English
Creator Unknown
Category Make money online
Price $18
Official Website Click Here

About My Traffic Mate tool

Gone are the hard-working days where you need to do all the work by yourself. By using My Traffic Mate, you can now ease up a lot because you just automated the whole process of getting the required visitors/clients on your site with just one single click!.

My traffic mate is an easy to use web plugin which lets you control any website on the internet with just a few clicks of your mouse. By just a single click, it will generate a significant number of traffic to the target website and hence will lead to more sales of the online business.

The software uses multiple complex tricks, which forces the visitors to interact and stay for a longer time on your targetted website. By this, you can drive your visitors wherever you want and push the sales to autopilot mode.

My Traffic Mate review recommends that Besides this, there are many My traffic bonus. The plugin has many unique features like the ability to send the visitor full-screen pop-ups, which will display your offer. It can also add your Facebook messenger button on high authority websites, which will allow you to get in touch with people visiting those sites.

After this, you can link this button to your Facebook business page to easily to control the leads and traffic. My Traffic Mate Is hence a full-fledged online business traffic controller. Except these, the software has following prominent features that make it worth trying:-

  • Very detailed step by step video tutoring

Get the best from the best. The creators themselves will show you and tell you how to get going. So not only you will get the best info but also have the assurance of the creators.

  • Top-class support

Create a support ticket whenever you are stuck. The software is very to use, but even then, some may need some help, or they may get stuck somewhere along the way. Just approach the support to get your doubts cleared.

  • Powerful WordPress plugin

The plugin allows you to get free traffic on your website by taking over the authority of other popular sites on the internet. Their trust factor is what will make your business a success.

Few other worths to note features of the plugin are mentioned below in My Traffic Mate review:-

  • Get 24/7 access
  • Create 100s of backlinks with just 1 click
  • 1 on 1 support from successful leaders
  • 1 click SEO inbuilt ranking
  • Social media linking tool
  • Keyword research tool
  • Great efficiency
  • Transparent
  • Simple
  • compliant
  • Professional team
  • Very much profitable plans
  • Secure control panel

How Does My Traffic Mate Plugin Work?

In this My Traffic Mate review, let’s show you how the whole plugin works.

In simple terms, there are only 3 steps you need to fo before earning easy cash

  • inserting the affiliate link
  • Activate the link
  • Earn easy commission

After this you will get visitors in any 1 of the 3 following ways:-

  • Social media traffic
  • Instant one-tap social media button
  • All in one control panel to manage all your current and future posts
  • Quick share any post on Facebook or Twitter in just 1 click
  • Get the most social media visitors from this
  • Auto content creation
  • Create unique content in a matter of seconds
  • Publish unlimited content in your website with just 1 click
  • Get better ranking in Google searches
  • Create more content to get more visitors
  • Image search tool to search images and them to your own site
  • SEO traffic
  • Find traffic attracting keywords
  • Find tags for your posts
  • Create backlinks to any URL or website to get the Google traffic
  • Use the SEO traffic module to get the best traffic from the google searches by ranking your posts
  • Just search the keyword, no. of backlinks you want and then press “create” to get a better rank on google bu creating backlinks

Pros and Cons of My Traffic Mate System


  • No tech or prerequisite knowledge required
  • Very easy to use
  • Modern and user-friendly software
  • Get your traffic solution from scratch


  • Many similar products
  • Not all the traffic you get will convert into customers

Who Should Use My Traffic Mate Plugin?

People who are at the beginning phase of their startups should target this and use this to quick-start their business. My Traffic Mate review also suggests that Other than budding entrepreneurs, already established businesses can also make use of this because we know, there is no end to innovation in a business model.

People who are right now having an established business offline can also use this product for their benefit and starting an online campaign for their product. Social media marketers, online businesses, MMO marketers, affiliate marketers should make use of this software to get the most out of the given.

My Traffic Mate Price And How To Buy It?

During launch week you can get the plugin for free. The original price of the whole software is 98 USD, but just for a limited time, you can get the My Traffic Mate and Bonus for just 18 USD, which means you save 80 USD!.

PAYPAL, Master Card, American express are currently supported in the payment gateway. After the successful payment, it will redirect to the thank you page, where you will create your user email and password and access the software after email confirmation in 5 minutes

According to My Traffic Mate review, It’s a 30 day period of access (Note: 3 months access during launch week – Special offer)

So why wait? Get your hands on this product.

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The product also offers bonuses on your promotion, which means you will get the most wanted bonuses for the fast action of your process. Some of the standard and exclusive bonuses include:-

  • Turn your traffic into CASH
  • 5x your results
  • SEO skills mastery
  • Traffic inclination
  • WordPress video attention
  • Keyword tool software
  • Viral infographic traffic
  • Pricing table generator app
  • Backlinks basics
  • Product creation formula

Except for these, the exclusive bonuses consist of reseller rights for any 4 of the above given 10 bonuses.


My traffic mate is a high-quality product. It includes the My traffic Mate demo version which you can use before purchasing. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee period, which means you will get your money back into your bank account if you don’t like the product.

My traffic mate is a very efficient plugin, which will make your life easier because you don’t have to worry about keyword research or creating backlinks or doing SEO by yourself. The software will do everything for you.

Also, you don’t need to wait to get your page ranked. My Traffic mate will get your traffic from day 1 itself from one of the most popular sites on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, etc. So which means even before the first visitor comes to your website you will be able to create 100% unique and incredible content for your website which will not only attract more visitors but also sell your product efficiently and will create buzz and attention. So to summarize the whole My Traffic Mate review, I will say that My traffic mate is an amazing deal and highly recommended.

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