Best Ways To Monetize Website Without AdSense

Best Ways To Monetize Website Without AdSense In 2019

One might wonder why someone would stupid enough not to monetize without Google Adsense. After all, Google rules the internet and a lot of opportunities exists in monetizing one’s blog or website with Google. However, not everyone gets to monetize with Google because of the various problems they encounter.

Best Ways To Monetize Website Without AdSense

If you are new to the digital scene then you must realize Google AdSense is important but it is not everything while choosing to monetize. The Best ways to monetize website without AdSense in 2019 is here exactly to let you know the reasons and options available in this short piece of writing.

Best Ways To Monetize Website Without AdSense

Why do People let the AdSense Option Go?

While it’s beneficial and lucrative to choose AdSense for monetization of one’s website or blog, not everyone gets to do it. Before you start monetizing with Google, the company checks and approves your website or blog under certain criteria’s to test your eligibility. If it does not match your standard google will not allow you monetize through AdSense- leaving out you or your company. Similarly, another reason a person or company may want to look for other options of monetization is due to the ban from Google. Yes, you heard it right, Google also bans a website or blog from AdSense because of the failure to meet its community standards. We hope this is not the case and you get the approval because having more sources is desirable to everyone.

Meanwhile, use these Best ways to monetize website without AdSense in 2019 for making a good amount of money online.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing is everywhere and rampant but you may be wondering what happens there? How is affiliate marketing done? How can it help my website or help me make money but it is not as complicated as you think? The affiliate marketing is kind of similar to a commission based scheme where you recommend a product and get a commission for its sale. Choose to join an affiliate program and choose a product you would like to advertise, promote and sell on your blog or website then get the approved affiliate link from your website. If people purchase from your affiliate link the product company provides you a certain percentage of profit.

It may look like you need a huge number of visitors on your website but it is not true for affiliate business. You can become an affiliate with a firm through a base of a steady user who visits your website daily and follows your recommendation to score affiliate marketing links.

  1. Sponsored Post

This is for website owners who run blogs and have a great reader base. Even if you are new blogger do not fret because the sponsored post can be available for income if you have a fair number of user’s visiting your website. The companies which sponsor posts either want you to write a full in-depth review about their product or they just want you to mention and recommend their products inside a piece of writing, Furthermore, if your user base is strong and you rank well in google then companies often come up with a sponsored post which has already been written for a post on the website. Thus, a sponsored post is another way for you to make from the online scene.

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  1. In-depth Paid Review

website monetize adsense

An in-depth paid review is another medium for making money online. The start-up or even established brands give you a product and payment in exchange for a detailed analysis or review of their product online on your blog or website. While the emerging brand may offer some pay for writing such in-depth paid review large brand will not pay for your audience and only provide free goods for you to review.

  1. Other Advert Company

You may be wondering whether there are other companies which provide the chance to monetize through ads just like google sense. You will get surprised to know that,,, and are some other company’s which let you make some through Pay per click (PPC) through approval of their website. They need to see your site or blog for approval but their approval is easier to gain than Google. Thus, you may try your luck with them instead.

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