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Did you know that the Virtual Coach review can be a stupendous practice solution to be a perfect virtual coach and claim a virtual coach badge from your trusted clients? Some say that a good team player cannot be a good coach and a good coach would have been a terrible player at his youth level. But I personally believe that a good player and a good coach are made when the person is ready to take any challenge with 100% commitment.

A good player can be a bad coach is not always necessary as everything depends on how well he is ready to involve in performing the functions of a coach. To be a virtual coach, no barrier separates you from your interest.

Virtual Coach Reviews- Read Before You Join It!


Virtual Coach reviews have been a systematic prolific solution meant to help people kick start their virtual coach career without even complicating what they are about to learn.

To know everything about how to be a virtual coach, it would be better if you could understand every bit of information from this Virtual Coach review and take a wise decision in the end. So, go on and understand what the Virtual Coach Program is and how it can help you be a virtual coach.


Product Name Virtual Coach
Main Benefits Improving your skills and capabilities that lets you attract a great deal of traffic to your system.
Creator Eben Pagan
Language English
Category Training Program
Course Duration 90 days
Money-Back Guarantee 14-day/ 90-day + $ 1000 guarantee
Price $1,997.00 / $197.00 for 12 months
Availability Through Official Website
Official Website Click Here

What is a Virtual Coach System?

Virtual Coach is a comprehensive learning program to be a certified virtual coach by improving your skills and capabilities that lets you attract a great deal of traffic to your system. This program has 7 modules comprising of 2 sections. After 90 days of learning all the skills, you can be a certified professional virtual coach with real and paying clients.

This lifestyle-focused business will be powerful enough to change the world of many living around this world. Some of the classes you go through will be live and others are on-demand when you access through the members-only site


Creator of Virtual Coach System

Eben Pagan is the owner of the Virtual Coach meant to help people learn and understand everything necessary to be a Virtual Coach within 90 days. This method will teach you everything that you lack in dealing with your clients and drive traffic to your page like never before.


Eben has been able to help 1000+ people be a virtual coach and his system can help you be the next professional virtual coach if you have got what it takes to be the virtual coach that you have dreamt to be.

So there won’t be any flaws in life to be a coach because Virtual Coach System review will surely make you want the product once you know everything about the product.

How Does Virtual Coach Program Work?

Virtual Coach works by teaching you how to deliver the highest value coaching so the people invest thousands of dollars each hour. This will help you find and attract customers to sign up and be part of your coaching business since the Virtual Coach works through the 7 modules.

Let me elaborate on all of them to make things easier for you. Once you are thorough with the modules within 90 days, everything that works for you will be in a perfect flow and you could start earning a good amount of profit by driving in more traffic to your page.

As per Virtual Coach review, the modules include Breakthrough conversations, personal and relationship leadership coaching, the inner game of coaching, the visionary coach, target your personal coaching niche, the branded coaching package design, and to attract coaching clients. You also get a bonus module called social media mastery to excelling in the social media platform.

Benefits Of Joining Virtual Coach

  • You will learn and understand every aspect of coaching to get clients and help them get results.
  • Start to earn a lucrative amount of profit by attracting people to be a virtual coach and also learning by yourself
  • Not expensive and you will have a minimum operating cost that does not have to deal with employing cost as well.
  • You will learn to develop better by improving your self-esteem and solving the problems of others effortlessly
  • You could be any type of coach that you have wanted to be to transform your client with their growth, confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Virtual Coach is the perfect client-attracting system that can be very powerful enough to help as many clients need your life-changing words.

Why Should You Consider Buying Virtual Coach Program?

Virtual Coach System is a proper system to guide you to be a professional virtual coach in 90 days.  Learn about every aspect of being a professional coach who can solve their client’s problems and change their mood to be happy without any conflicts in life.

You can also start your own coaching without spending on operational cost or employee salary. Everything can be done by yourself and without any complications. You will learn how you can be a physical, relationship, business, and spiritual genius who can solve every client’s problem and motivate them to do be self-valued, inducing them to perfect their skills and perform well.

You won’t find anything like the Virtual Coach that can be owned for a reasonable price and lots of bonuses along with it. So make better use of the money-back guarantee.

What Is The Curriculum That Eben Will Teach You Over The 90 Days?

The Virtual Coach Program Modules will help you in every way possible to adapt to changes after you become a perfect virtual coach. So let me disclose the modules one by one:

  • Module 1: Breakthrough conversations: Will teach you about having a simple conversation through the best coaching approaches, scripts, and frameworks so you will be easily able to solve all your clients’ problems. This will be a step by step approach to help your clients with results to get thanked later.
  • Module 2: Personal & relationship leadership coaching: Section to learn those interpersonal leadership skills to solve problems within your office and family members. With the Love-Dojo Method, You will find it easier to solve any conflicts happening in your client’s personal relationship as well and help them with a better relationship that is stronger than how it was. This will transform you into a leader and the success code will transform your and clients’ confidence level to improve wealth, health, and relationship.
  • Module 3: The inner game of coaching: talks about the Confidence Code where you will learn to have an abundance of confidence in you by improving self-esteem. So you will be able to achieve transformed confidence and achievement in life that makes you the best coach.
  • Module 4: Visionary coaching: That will teach your client to have a perception of how they can develop strategies from their inner ideas. This will help them generate a spark inside them to take a fearless chance. There will a blueprint to completely transform their purpose, mind, emotions, and success, relationships, and health.
  • Module 5: Targeting your coaching niche: You will learn to create your own core competencies to be first and famous. You get marketing templates to do marketing ethically and serve clients and make them happy. Learn about getting coaching mentors who are experts so that you get niche and diverse knowledge from health, relationship, and spirituality.
  • Module 6: Branded coaching package design: That lets you create coaching packages ranging between $2k-$10k values that clients would buy. You will learn to offer clients 3, 6, or 12-month packages and sign them up. You get live replies on how to present things with your client.
  • Module 7: Attract coaching clients: By creating a stunning and attractive invitation to lure clients to your system. Learn to sign up clients on the spot that makes them feel comfortable, easy, and irresistible to hire you
  • Bonus module: Social media mastery will teach you a new technique to build a Facebook client email list so that you connect with real people easily. The 5 minutes a day strategy will teach you to create a massive engagement and free traffic from social media to your page. Learn to get more likes and convert the potential likers into paid clients.

Virtual Coach Bonuses

Tech Tools Trainings(value$1997):

You will learn about 12 technology tools online namely WordPress Website, Optin Incentives, Lead Funnels, Online Surveys, Analytics Essentials, Screencasting, Membership sites, Virtual Events, Social Media Presence, Smart Email Marketing, Shopping cart, and affiliate program, Facebook Advertising Playbook

Marketing Step by Step (value $997):

this method will help you think like a customer, induce buying behavior in them, positioning your product, to increase sales with free giveaways, designing simple designs to boost conversions, and much more that necessitates transformation.

Wake up Productive( Value $497):

A habit of creating a tool to increase your productivity that works very effectively without any endless to do lists hurdles.

Presentations that pay ($197):

You will learn to transform your mindset and techniques to better heights and also understand how wordings and specific content can change people’s minds to buy a product or service.

Digital Product Marketing Library (Value $24000):

You will learn to market by creating and design sites online and also get paid by people for learning what you know. You can also learn to get into a client’s mind and many more benefits await you with this bonus.

One Ticket to Virtual Coach Live ($997):

A live session with the Virtual Coach creator where you will get to revise what you learned  in  90 days and clear all your doubts until you perfect yourself as a virtual coach


Virtual Coach Price

You can own Virtual Coach by Eben Pagan for $1997 only and enjoy all the bonuses along with the course for 90 days. You could also choose to pay $197 for 12 months if $1997 is not convenient enough for you.

Paying $1997 will get you a 20% discount and an extra bonus. The highlight of buying a Virtual Coach System is that you get a 100% money-back guarantee that would stay for 90 days.


Buy a Virtual Coach System?

You can buy the virtual coach from the official website and the link will be shared towards the end of this review.

Virtual Coach Reviews: Verdict

People try numerous ways to learn and be a perfect coach but they lack to learn the exact points needed to be a perfect coach. The virtual Coach has helped many learn better to be the virtual coach that they have been dreaming to be.

Virtual Coach reviews are the perfect example that many users have succeeded in life by entering a transition.

There is no risk you go through after reading my Virtual Coach review as I have mentioned about the 100% money-back guarantee of 90 days that keeps any risk away. So if there is a coach inside you, then let it out and changed yourself to be a virtual super coach that everybody wants to learn from.

Try the Virtual Coach today and there is nothing wrong with trying this product


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