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Intro EDGE Review- Does This Online Program Help Students And Employees?

Here is my Intro EDGE Review. Nowadays first impression is not the last impression anymore as we continue to formulate an image on a person’s personality and attitude as we continue to know him/her further but it surely is an important event to make an impactful impression of ours over others.

To ensure that one is able to portray their right image in front of others, it is important to lay focus on developing skills, confidence, techniques, and deliver well-organized, passionate, and powerful introductions of ourselves.

Intro EDGE Review- Instructions That Helps To Turn An Introduction Into Opportunities!


A paradigm shift has been identified in the process of hiring and recruiting since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic as most of the employers are looking forward to the concept of “video resume”. Therefore, people need to learn the art of introducing themselves properly. Intro Edge has been designed for the very same reason keeping in mind the aforesaid.

Intro Edge review

Since the pandemic has hit, most of the work has been shifted to virtual platforms. Professionals have started to hire and recruit new employees through online media. Even the colleges have started to conduct interviews through the virtual platform. With this, the concept of video resume has become highly recognized. Let us discuss more in this Intro EDGE Review.

Product Title Intro EDGE
Language English
Creator Berry Fowler
Main Benefits It helps to turn an introduction into opportunities
Category Online Training Program
Specification step-by-step instruction program for giving video lessons
Price $99.00
Official Website Click Here

About Intro EDGE Program

Intro Edge has been designed to help people develop and harness their skills of introducing themselves so that they are able to lay a powerful impact on the people. Whether you are a college-going student or a professional, an introduction about oneself forms a crucial and the initial part of any conversation and therefore it is important to be perfect in it.

According to Intro EDGE Review, Intro EDGE gives step-by-step instructions by the renowned professionals in the field and professional coaching through the means of online programs and yearns to teach the compelling way of introducing oneself properly and leave an overwhelming effect on the listener simply from the comfort of your home at the convenience of your mobile phone or computer. Intro Edge has designed two separate courses for job-applying candidates and college-applying students – Intro Edge Pro Online Program and Intro Edge Student Online Program, respectively.

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Features of Intro EDGE Online Program 2020

Effective introductions pave the pathway towards bagging new opportunities. Also, keeping in mind the current trends Video Resumes has supposedly become the ‘new cool’. These video resumes have been found to do wonders and are being highly liked by the professionals and hence the focus from making video resumes has shifted to make professional video resume as these increase the chances of getting the opportunity for yourself.

Also, as per the Vault Inc’s Annual Employer Survey, it has been found out that 89% of the employers are interested in looking at video resumes if submitted to them and around 52% of the respondents said that the primary reason for valuing the video resumes would be that they will be able to judge the candidate on the basis of its professional presentation skills and code of conduct easily. Intro EDGE Review points the following features of Intro Edge, which makes it an important product of interest for the employees and the students:

  • Experience: Intro EDGE online course is led by Berry Fowler, who set up the Sylvan Learning Centre which has now become a global leader in the field of private education. Experts and high-end professionals have been employed to take up Intro EDGE Program for teaching the skill of introducing oneself in front of others to students.
  • Service: Berry Fowler believes that every individual is special and each one has its own set of skills and abilities, which makes him/her stand out of the rest. Intro EDGE helps the students and the employees to identify their stories and put them out to the world in the finest way possible.
  • Approach: Every individual has their style and manner of learning things, so Flexibility has been the main criterion of Intro Edge. It is comprised of a step-by-step instruction Intro EDGE program for giving video lessons. One-to-one coaching is also available for people who wish to gain more hands-on training.
  • Delivery: Intro EDGE course training is provided through the online medium, which makes it easier for both the students and the teachers to ask questions and clear doubts, access information, and be connected through Intro Edge learning portal.

Intro Edge program for students

How does Intro EDGE course training work?

In today’s competitive world, it is very important for everyone to be at the tip of excellence be it any field or skill. Therefore, it is very important to be up to date with the latest trends and be excellent in it as well. In order to help people, gain perfection in it and give one powerful and flawless introduction Intro Edge has come up with two different programs.

  • Into EDGE Online Self-Directed Program: In which the students have the freedom to learn at their own pace through a series of video lessons and coaching exercises by the professional teachers. The course has been personally designed by Berry Fowler, which comprises 12 step-by-step video lessons and various exercises that will aid in training, educating, and coaching students for making a tight and amazing first experience in the minds of the listener.
  • Intro EDGE Online One-to-one Coaching Program: In which students will have access to the entire self-direct program plus six individualized one-to-one coaching sessions with the certified Intro Edge Success Coach. As per Intro EDGE Review, Professional teachers provide continuous guidance and constantly motivate them to master their introduction skills and techniques.

Intro Edge online program

Who can Benefit from Intro EDGE?

Intro EDGE learning platform has been designed for the people who are entering the new phase of life where they have to make their first impression the most impactful impression in the mind of other people. In other words, Intro EDGE Online program has been designed for two broad categories of people- Intro EDGE Program for Students and Intro EDGE Program for Employees.

Intro EDGE Program has been designed to train the employees and the students in perfecting their introduction. The students have the flexibility of learning at their own pace from the comforts of their home through a mobile phone or a computer system. Continuous support and skills are provided to the students from a Certified Success Coach.

Does Intro EDGE help to turn an introduction into opportunities?

Everyone is well-aware of the importance of first impressions and how a good first impression may change the entire life of an individual. Therefore, it has become exceedingly important to bring up our A-game while making the first impression whether in a college application, at a job, or even at the start of a new relationship.

Through step-by-step guidance in Intro Edge online course and training and coaching by the professionals, one can learn to create a highly persuasive and attractive personal presentation and an unforgettable introduction right from the comforts of your own home and your mobile or computer system.

The Pros and Cons of Intro EDGE Online Program

Intro EDGE Review enumerates the following advantages and disadvantages of using the service, which helps the user to develop a better understanding of Intro EDGE.


  • Intro EDGE course can be taught online which offers the user the flexibility to take classes anywhere and anytime as per their schedule and time.
  • A different set of courses have been designed for employees and students as it requires a different way of presenting oneself in the work and college environment, respectively.
  • Students can select the mode of training as per their choice, that is whether one wants to choose a self-training mode or one-to-one coaching session
  • It has helped many people in making that powerful and impactful first impression onto the mind of others
  • Training is given by an experienced set of professionals
  • Intro EDGE course has helped people in turning their first impression into opportunities because of their extravagant way of introducing themselves.


  • Intro EDGE course is available for students on the official website only.

Intro Edge customer reviews

Is Intro EDGE course worth buying?

Intro EDGE online training program has changed the lives of thousands of people by enabling them to present and introduce themselves efficiently in front of people.

Intro EDGE course lays immense focus on training their students in the best way possible in order to grab the exciting life opportunities right from the start. By analyzing Intro EDGE Review, The professionals are highly motivated to teach and train the students and leave no stone unturned in doing the best they possibly can.

Considering the testimonials of the people and the zeal and dedication of teachers towards coaching their students regarding introduction skills and techniques, Intro EDGE Online Training is worth the buy.


Bonuses of Intro EDGE online training program

Along with the basic package of Intro EDGE online program following are some of Intro EDGE Bonuses available to the student:

  • A free eBook is provided to the student which enlists the different ways in which one can empower their LinkedIn profile for enhancing the first impression.
  • It also includes 3 bonus videos from Dr. Scott Dell on Personal Video Presentations and Interviews.
  • Lastly, it includes a white paper from Dr. Mick Carroll on conquering fear.

Apart from the 16 video lessons in the pack, $129 is given to the customer in free bonus offers on purchasing Intro EDGE Online Course today!


After becoming aware of the power, the first introduction holds, and the wonders or the harm that a first introduction can cause depending on the quality of it has become highly important for the people to finally gain perfection in it.

Also, the pandemic and the situations that it has created for the people, moving to the virtual platforms and virtual meetings, etc. has given rise to the new cool concept of Video Resume. According to a study, high likeability of Video Resume has ben found amongst the professionals and employers and hence it is important to learn the right skills that one needs to have perfect, powerful, and intimidating self-introductions.

As mentioned in Intro EDGE Review, Intro EDGE Training is provided through the online curriculum and according to the wants and the schedule of the student. Continuous assistance is provided by the teachers to the students, and all their doubts and queries are resolved as soon as possible.

With the amazing bonuses that the course provides to its students along with the package at such affordable rates makes it worth the buy. Try yourself now if you are looking for making that classy first impression on others. Head to the official website now!!

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