Top 5 Ways To Make Money With Softwares

Top 5 Ways To Make Money With Softwares!

There are many ways in which developers can make money out of their software. With technology advancing in recent years, the market has opened up, and there are new avenues in today’s market that did not exist in the last decade. As more and more users are shifting from desktop to smartphones for accessing various things on the Internet, it has become essential to have the software designed for every platform.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money With Softwares


In this regard, some developers focus more on the app development aspect and completely leave out the desktop version. While this can work in some cases, it is always a good idea to have software that works in every platform so that it becomes easy to make money out of them in the long run.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money With Softwares

The best option to make money out of software is to make it completely paid, and you can advertise its features on various platforms. In this way, users who are interested in your software can buy them, and you will get paid for the job. However, in most cases, the software is sold once for all.

Hence, you will be able to make money only once out of this sale unless it requires annual maintenance from your end. However, this is the hassle-free method to earn money out of your hard work, and there are no complications in this method.

Pay per installation:

Many companies believe that the software may need frequent upgrades to use this method where they charge for every installation. In this way, you can sell the software to distributors who can, in turn, sell them to retail customers. Here, the company gets paid for every installation, and they may even set an expiry date for the software. In this manner, it becomes easy to avoid redistribution without your permission, and users will have to pay money every time they want to install this software on their devices.

Free Trial with In-app purchases and advertising:

As competition is getting tough in the market, it is difficult to sell software at a high price to the consumers. In this situation, you can entice the customers to use the trial version of the software that will have basic features, and you can ask them to pay for the complete version that will have advanced features. In this way, customers will get to see the trial version, and they will obviously buy the software if the features suit their requirements.

You can also include in-app advertising options to get some revenue from the free versions that are running in the market. This is a popular concept, especially with the mobile app software, and you can even include some in-app purchase options for the advanced features. In this way, users will get to choose only those features that are useful for their everyday activities.

Freemium model:

This is probably the most disruptive method of monetization that has become popular in recent years, and the software is sold for free of cost in this case. Once the users download the software, you can release additional features and charge money if the users want to download them on their devices. Most of the developers also use advertising models that are integrated into the software, and this can fetch them regular income, unlike many other methods of making money from software.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is a tricky method that is suited only for a few software and the developers usually tie-up with some other popular service providers in the market to make money from the software. In this situation, the developers prepare software that is useful for any existing industry and charge money for every transaction that is done through the software. This can be a lucrative model for payment gateway, e-wallets, and money transfer apps.

These are some of the popular methods of making money from software. The best thing you can do to market your software is to make a video that explains all the features, and this can be promoted among your target audience. In this manner, the users will get to understand the important features of your software, and this will bring in more sales for your software. You can also include the demo version of the software in the marketing video to generate interest among the target audience.

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