5 Tools To Track Your Website Traffic

Top 5 Tools To Track Your Website Traffic That Beat Your Competitor!

The website traffic is key information which needs analysis by the website owners. The website data gives a host of information about how the users are using the website, where they are from, whether it’s inorganic or organic traffic, and much more. The website owners can then use the information accordingly to boost their presence on the web or get desired conversion rates in order to see a potential boost in their revenue.

 Tools To Track Your Website Traffic


One may believe the website traffic is for purposes of mining informative data’s from the website to help it stand above the competition only. However, this is not the only purpose of tracking website data, the website traffic trackers can be used in ways unimaginable but the other important use of it to track competitors.

5 Tools To Track Your Website Traffic

Are There any Other Uses?

While you may be doing particularly great things and choosing the right things for your website, a competitor may have devised other techniques which outshine the things performed on your website. Thus, one must never keep other uses of website traffic tool at bay and instead use it to keep a watch on the competitor as well.

Which Ones do I Choose?

The market is full of a variety of options to track the traffic on the website, while some of them are free others are an aid. However, choosing the right ones while your competitor is progressing every day can feel like a burden. Do not worry because this article talks of Top 5 tools to track your website traffic which has been loved by many website companies and owners for the excellent facilities provided to them. We believe even your competitor is using one of these for improving the performance of their website.

  1. Google analytics

google analytics

The Google Analytics tool to track your website had to be on this list because most of the web search happens on its engine. Thus, getting a report on elements where your website is underperforming and needs some fixing can be attained nowhere else than the google itself. The website tool is probably the easiest to set up and the most widely used tracking tool. This allows owners to combat problems regarding the use of tool because a lot of help materials can be easily accessed. Sometimes website traffic is not all about data’s but about the ability to understand information easily to be put at use. No one does it better than analytics when helping even the website owners to understand the information on their website easily.

Furthermore, the analytics tool lets you work its cross-platform which is not readily available on other tools. It lets easy connection to popularly used tools like Google Adwords, YouTube, Google search Console and much more.

  1. Quant Cast


The quant cast tracks a website’s traffic and categorizes them like any other normal tool available in the web traffic analysis market. The Quant cast does not analyze website traffic unless it’s set up on the website to collect the data. The tool is capable of showing bounce rates, number of visitors, average time spent on a landing page, pages per visit, and so forth but its best known for its easy to use interface. Furthermore, a detailed breakdown of user demographics is one of the highly prized features which makes the Quant Cast stand above other tools present in the market.

  1. Alexa


The Alexa allows the user to track their website traffic in ingenious ways one can possibly imagine. The things which make Alexa unique is its ability to spell out the country rank and rise or fall in the search engine ranking along with the ability to make an easy comparison with other competitor websites. The Alexa has lost a lot of features since the time it started as most of the features have moved on to the paid section however you can still make free searches of traffic about your website by simply pasting the URL on their website’s search feature. Additionally, the owner can also choose to install the tracking code on their website for better insights.

  1. Similar web

similar web

While the website tool fails to provide website traffic data on a smaller website which does not have its tool installed, it is not something a website owner should skip. Even the free version of the tool provides data on 50 of the top players of particular website niche. One can also keep track of competitor and own website traffic ranking within the country and globe with this too.

  1. SEMrush


One may think what a keyword tool is doing on the list of Website traffic tools but do not let the looks deceive you. The SEMrush tool can be used to analyze the traffic of certain keywords in volume and help you use the best keyword to divert a good portion of web traffic volume to your website. The sad side to SEMrush tool is its inability to provide the exact number of traffic but the advantages it provides outweighs the problem.

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