15 Best SEO Techniques Which Will Double Your Website Traffic

SEO is always dynamic in nature. It is the key tool of every website owner to get more traffic to their website. So SEO plays a crucial role in online business websites and in other interactive sites. It is very difficult to rank in reputed search engines like google, yahoo, etc. Based on specific keywords and other tactics, SEO can double your website traffic and ultimately increases the revenue of your site. 

Here are the 15 Best SEO Techniques which will Double your Website Traffic. Your goal as an SEO expert is to make your website reach the top of this list, and it is possible when you double your website traffic.

15 Best SEO Techniques Which Will Double Your Website Traffic


Higher rankings equal more organic traffic and which boosts the overall ROI of your SEO strategy. Below are the best SEO techniques that you should implement instantly to increase the rate of visitors and to double your website traffic:


1. Auditing Site Structure is a must

Auditing is a method that can assist to attract and retain visitors and is a systematic method wherein you assess, study, and determine areas that are underperforming in terms of events, results, concepts, as well as financial matters. When you audit, you will get to know the site’s performance, and this will allow you to have an increase in profit with the same workload as before.

2. Upload Great Content

Significant to determine the amount of information that is necessary to be pertinent and brief enough to be readable. Keep in mind that on a blog article under 1500 words is considered too thin as per the search engines and specialized audiences, and news-related articles that sometimes can be written very well within 800 words.

3. Using Comment Marketing

Comment marketing is a technique by which you offer perceptive comments to niche articles, to help users. However, in order to help your reputation management strategy do well, you will have to be precise in your approach in addition to always deal with the right audience on a suitable platform.

4. Creation of Optimized Landing Pages

Everybody knows that homepages are important, but the landing pages are much more vital as it is where you build a relationship with each and every visitor. Optimal landing pages are the best way to generate more income than other pages on a website.

5. Being Mobile Friendly is Important

While with smartphones nowadays people started to use their mobile gadgets to access and polish the World Wide Web. In the same way, mobile users are more obsessive shoppers as they can buy anything from anywhere.  There is boundless potential for gaining more search traffic when you construct your website more mobile-friendly.

6. Perk up Your Infographics

Generating Increased Search Visitors to double your website traffic through infographics is a must. It is one of the simplest ways that you can increase your site’s search traffic as it has the potential to increase your web traffic. Think ones that when you create high-quality content that is visual in nature will help you more.

7. Obtain Keyword Ideas from Wikipedia

When it comes to finding anything specific, then Wikipedia is the place to go. It is very useful as it is information-centric instead of keyword-centric. It allows the articles to be written in a very normal manner, therefore offering you fresh keywords that you’re researching. Wikipedia a hot source to freshen your viewpoint on the words.

8. Employ Latent Semantic Indexing

One component that Google uses to decide the rank of a page is Latent Semantic Indexing or else LSI. It is indexing as well as retrieval method that employs mathematical formulas to make out any patterns in explicit parts of a text. Just put, LSI finds the synonyms of keywords and it will help your website rank higher as it aids Google in understanding the topic.

Best SEO Techniques Which Will Double Your Website Traffic

9. Search your Competitor’s Keywords

Research your competitor’s keywords as it will help you in ranking your website and will also assist you to create much better content for those keywords that will be published in your own website. It will assist you to create much better content for the keywords that you have researched, and you can also build a link on that particular page to increase its capability to rank.

10. Target Your Competitors Broken Links

If one of your competitors has broken links with a large number of link juice coming from many referring domains then for sure, you can get benefit from it.  After getting broken links, you can easily export the links by observing the best suited your own website.

11. Stay active Authoritative Platforms

Authoritative platforms are websites where millions of users visit, moreover sites that rank for whatever keyword they target. You can get ranked better in Google and can double your traffic, by simply being active on an authoritative platform.  In this way will attract a fresh audience, which will boost your link by using SEO service tools.

12. Use Adwords Campaigns

The AdWords campaigns are always there to lend you help; you just have to do is to incorporate long-tail keywords in your further blog posts which in on your website. This SEO tip is only balancing, so it’s perhaps best not to rely on just this technique totally for your SEO endeavors.

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13. Deep Linking To Internal Pages

Deep linking is a method to create anchor texts that link to other pages on your website.  Remember that when you link to internal pages from other blogs, the ideal action that you should take is to use your brand name along with keyword or use LSI keywords.

14. Your Archive Pages

Some of the contents that you have written are still generating organic traffic even if you do not check them have to revisit your archives so that you can reuse them for great results.

15. YouTube Descriptions

YouTube videos approach in search results on the very first page very often. Video content gets a lot of popularity and in no time as whenever you upload a new tutorial you can update the description of its content, which has a noteworthy contribution to your ranking success.

Doing a little of everything by keeping your visitor’s best interest in mind is the finest key to success. Knowing above the 15 Best SEO Techniques which will Double your Website Traffic and will help you to establish your brand.

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