5 Tips To Make Engaging Videos on YouTube

5 Tips To Make Engaging Videos On YouTube That Rank Higher!

Here are the 5 tips to make engaging videos on youtube. There are times for a Youtuber to know that their videos are not engaging enough audience to get the like, comments, and screen time they so richly deserve. During this time the youtuber should focus on finding out his mistakes on making engaging videos, there are a lot of ways to do this, one would be to read this article till the end.

Would a youtuber not appreciate this article that talks about ways to make their videos more engaging? Of course, they would, anyone remembers how in schools and colleges some teachers were boring as hell and some were as sweet as candy? Isn’t it obvious? The sweet teachers engaged their students in a better manner.

Tips To Make Engaging Videos On YouTube


In this article, the writer will mention to the readers about the ways and tricks that can be honed within a short amount of time and with that effort the results a dedicated practitioner gets are immense. It is quite simple to make engaging videos the only problem with youtuber these days, especially newbies, is that they don’t research.

Research is the key to writing a good article, creating engaging videos and literally doing anything. On the process of conducting research, the person gets hold of much necessary knowledge and information that work as a back up to the work they are about to handle and this article is the perfect choice for people willing to learn hacks and tricks for the sole purpose of making engaging videos.

5 Tips To Make Engaging Videos on YouTube

The 5 Tips You Ought To Remember

These are the five tips to make engaging videos on youtube that will surely help the readers level up their game and get the results they always wanted.

  • Tip no.1: Spark Curiosity

Cats are curious animals, if a person is talented enough to make cats curious they can make the cats do aerobatics with a string, cats are curious animals. Similarly, what if youtubers could make their readers curious about the content of the video? It would work wonders for them.

There is a saying “curiosity is the engine of achievement,” and the reader thinks that’s true as only the curious ones will stumble upon this writing as they are on the verge of learning and growing.

So, to make an engaging video youtubers must have the ability to arouse curiosity within the viewers through various means. One way is to make the title/icon of the video unique, unique in a manner that it has the ability to make the viewer question his present knowledge about the related topic and make the reader want to learn more about it.

  • Tip no.2: Hook The Audience

Does anybody know what a hook is? It is one sentence that catches the readers attention. It is important as it will work throughout the set and a hooked viewer is the one thing top YouTubers get on a basis termed as abundance.

The hook is a term that can be used everywhere, on a day to day lives there are many people who fail in communicating with friends and associates as they never knew the art of hooking people into their conversation.

So, make sure the tricks on how to hook the audience is up to your sleeve.

  • Tip no.3: Make It Visual

Most of the youtube videos we see today are a combination of sound(that provide the information) and photos and videos (that gives the visual representation of the topic).

Many YouTubers create amazing animations and graphics to insert on their youtube videos to engage the audience and trust the words of the writer, it is proving to be very useful and engaging.

Has anyone noticed how people these days search on youtube for anything they don’t have the answer to? With the right kind of visual effect, YouTubers can take advantage of the opportunity and make visuals that engage viewers.

Tips To Make Engaging Videos On YouTube

  • Tip no 4: Inspire The Audience

Inspiration is the one thing that stimulates the emotions of the viewers in many ways making them want to watch the video that is providing them with different types of stimulus.

Inspiring the audience by creating videos that generate good emotions, this will make the audience watch the videos for a long time as there are a few YouTubers who apply this strategy, and it has worked miracles for them.

  • Tip no.5: Give Them An Antidote

 By antidote what the writer means is, tell a story. Stories are proven to be antidotes that engage the viewer but, make sure the story is believable and the realistic the story the better. There are ways to tell a better story such as:

  • Have a hook,
  • Have a point,
  • Choose the perfect time to tell it,
  • Use vivid details not lots of facts.

Readers can research this topic further and gain extra knowledge.

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So, the above mentioned five tips to make engaging videos on youtube will help students create engaging videos on youtube to increase their followers and get as must watch time as possible.

Before departing a few things to keep in mind

  1. Practice the mentioned steps on a regular basis,
  2. Learn from others,
  3. Teach others and
  4. Research on a consistent basis.

This is it for today and makes sure to follow the steps to get the results you so richly deserve.

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