Refer And Earn Money Apps In South Africa

Maximizing Earnings: The Top Refer And Earn Money Apps In South Africa

The applications that provide users with a refer and earn system help them greatly to increase their earnings. People get intense to sharing the application with their invitation link to their friends and family so they can earn together. This is how they can establish a good network earning through these applications.

If you are also looking forward to earning through these applications, it is necessary to know about the best applications. Here we have brought to you all a list of the best refer and earn money apps in South Africa.

Top Refer And Earn Money Apps In South Africa: Boost Your Earnings With These User-Friendly Platforms


So, if you are living in South Africa and are looking for such applications, then, fortunately, you have landed at the right place. Many different aspects make a platform eligible to be the best refer and earn app.

Maximizing Earnings The Top Refer And Earn Money Apps In South Africa

People can earn money through the same in many ways. Some apps provide money to the users once anyone joins through their link instantly, and others might have some terms and conditions with them, like receiving money when subordinates deposit, receiving money when subordinates perform tasks, and so on. But these platforms have been useful to individuals with a good market.

Top 10 Refer And Earn Apps In South Africa

Let us now look at the top 10 refer and earn apps in South Africa. We’ll discuss various things on these platforms that you should know. The apps are as follows-

1. Abeg

This is a popular payment platform that has been used in South Africa for a long time. It helps users with their payments by acting as a payment gateway. The best part about this platform is that it even provides users an opportunity to earn through its Referral system.

You could make 750 Nigerian Naira for every user who signs up from your link and activates their account successfully on the platform. When your friend activates their account, they would have to click on your Abeg Hero badge to get their bonus of ₦250.

2. Trove

Trove is probably the best and most used platform for trading shares. It has been providing its services to users for a long time and is known to be the most trusted application when it comes to trading. This platform is a bit different from the other applications as it won’t reward you with US dollars which you can instantly take to your wallet or bank.

Instead, it would be providing you with shares, which would be a great asset for the future. It purchases the shares from the companies willing to sell them and gives them to the users who invite their friends successfully.

3. Fairmoney

As the name suggests, Fairmoney is a banking application that allows you to do bank-related stuff easily with your mobile devices. It has also been one of the most popular banking applications in the region of South Africa.

Users can get a loan of up to half a million Nigerian Naira without any securities. Whenever you invite any of your friends to the platform, and they take up a credit from the same, you will get a total of 500 Nigerian Naira. This amount would be counted as a discount from the loan you’ll take from the application.

4. Risevest

This is the best platform you’ll get in the South African region if you are interested in saving your money or investing it. The platform differs from the others, providing almost the same services for many reasons.

Other platforms allow you to save your money and invest it but in terms of Nigerian Naira. But this platform will help you invest your money in US dollars, which may benefit the future. If you have invited any of your friends to the platform so that they can also save their money, you’ll get 3% of the initial investment they make on the platform.

5. Opay

This is another banking application that is most popular for the referral system that it follows. It is known to have one of the best referral systems among all the banking platforms in the country.

Whenever someone registers on the platform through your link, you can get between 700 Nigerian Naira to 1700 Nigerian Naira through the same. Meanwhile, you can also avail of the banking services they provide on the platform, like debit cards, money transfers, recharge, bill payments, and more.

6. JumiaPay

If you are also looking forward for the best online shopping application in South Africa, then JumiaPay is the best solution for you. This platform just won’t be helping you to shop online.

Instead, you can also start referring it to your friends to get 500 Nigerian Naira for every user who signs up from your link. The money you’ll receive can easily be used to get discounts on your favorite products or even obtain cash quickly if needed.

7. PiggyVest

This is another company that allows users to save and invest their money securely. You can put your money anytime on the platform except for rainy days. The platform is working to make it accessible all the time, and more features will be added soon.

Depending on your market knowledge, you can invest in various assets. For every user you’ll successfully invite to the platform, you’ll get 1000 Nigerian Naira. And you can even choose to keep your money in US Dollars like Risevest.

8. Chipper

This platform undoubtedly has the best refer and earn system in South Africa. You can get up to 5700 Nigerian Naira for every user who successfully signs up on the platform through your invitation link.

The minimum amount you’ll get per successful invite is 600 Nigerian Naira. This platform is being used for money transfers over the regions like Kenya, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and much more.

You can also choose whether you want to send money to the Chipper account or the receiver’s bank account. When someone registers an account, adds funds to the same, and pays some amount to any other Chipper user, they would be called a successful invite. 

9. Expertnaire

It is a popular promotional platform through which you can make 6 digits monthly. This platform acts as a link between the sellers and the buyers, because of which it has gained a lot of popularity in the region.

If you become a content creator on this platform, you can make up to 1 lakh Nigerian Naira through the same. It also follows a great refer and earns system, which might look a bit complicated, but it isn’t.

Through this platform, you can even make more than 20 thousand Nigerian Naira for every user which you invite to the same. You’ll get this commission through the sales the subordinates do on the platform. It even has an affiliate registration cost which is 10 thousand Nigerian Naira.

10. Umba

Umba is the best banking application that you’ll be able to get in the region of South Africa. This platform has the fastest servers when it comes to banking through mobile. It has made banking easier and more compatible for users; now, most don’t even have to visit the banks for their queries.

The developers have kept the application interface simple, which can attract new users now and then. It has a great refer and earns system through which you’ll make 500 Nigerian Naira for every user who signs up from your link successfully.

Whenever your friend would be spending up to 100 Nigerian Naira through the platform, you can get 1000 Nigerian Naira depending on the transactions done by the subordinates. It would hardly take a few minutes for the users to make 2000 Nigerian Naira on this platform.

Final Thoughts

We can see a number of refer and earn applications in the South African region. These applications have some terms and conditions that the users must read before inviting their friends to the same.

When the users go through the same real quick, it may happen that they would miss some important information regarding the successful invite. So, it is recommended to go through the details provided by the platform in their refer and earn system. 

If you have a good network, then refer and earn system will help you to generate lots of money every month. This is why people have started believing in network earnings more, as they do not have any limit.

The bigger your network, the more you’ll be able to earn through the same. You can even prefer using multiple refer and earn applications so that the amount you’ll make every month keeps increasing. 


Q1. Is referring and earning a good way to earn money in South Africa?

This is probably the best way to start earning money worldwide. All you need for the same is a good network that will help you earn a good amount of money every month.

Q2. Can we get refer money in terms of US dollars?

Yes, a few applications will provide you with the refer money in terms of United States dollars. We all know that the dollar is a currency that gives good yields in the future. Because of this, a few platforms have started providing refer money in dollars.

Q3. Which is the best refer and earn application in South Africa?

The best refer and earn application in South Africa is Umba, which has been providing banking services for a long time. Along with that, it even has a simple interface and refers and earn system, which helps the users to instantly make a good amount by referring their friends.

Q4. Will refer and earn generate a good income?

The answer for the same usually depends on the network which you have for the same. Refer and earn usually acts as a side income for the users, no matter how big a network they have. But it is clear that the bigger the network, the more they’ll be able to make money through the refer and earn system.

Q5. Which application provides the highest referral bonus?

Expertnaire is known to provide the highest referral bonus in South Africa. Here we are talking about the bonus made for each subordinate. You can make more than 20 thousand Nigerian Naira on this platform through every subordinate, depending on the sales they have done on the platform.

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