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Print Profits Review :- Fred Lam’s Print Profits 2.0 Worth Joining?

Print Profits is an e commerce training course that guides beginner and intermediate entrepreneurs to set up their e-commerce venture. Print Profits course has taught people how to make huge profits using printing on-demand method without investing anything. This fact has been revealed in each and every Print Profits review.

Print Profits Review – eCom Course By Fred Lam Any Good?


All Print Profit reviews recommend this course for beginner and intermediate entrepreneurs. This course is ideal for those who wish to set up their own 100% automated online business plan. Fred Lam and Michael Shih created Print Profits training course. It comprises of 8-modules part video lessons geared towards online business.Scroll down to find everything about the Print Profits course.

Print Profits – Overview

PrintProfits Review

Product Name Print Profits
Creator Fred Lam, Michael Shih
Official Website Click Here
Launch Date 05-July-2018
Type of Product A CompleteGuide To Build Your E-Commerce Business


There are paid courses taught by experts Michael Shih (Founder of Print Profits) and Fred Lam. You get the 8-modules as videos you can download and train in your free time. Since we knew about Fred Lam and his courses earlier, he never sell a worthless course. This one will be beneficial for many people.


What is Print Profits?

An All-New Training Course On How To Build A 100% Automated eCommerce Business Using Print On Demand. Fred Lam and Michael Shih created Print Profits training course. It comprises of 8-modules part video lessons geared towards online business. Print Profits offers a methodical approach from scratch to finish using printing on-demand. You learn how to set up online store, designing, creating the logo, advertising products, increasing network traffic and more. The main motto of taking these 8-modules is to efficiently run your online store making profits.

PrintProfits Course

Print Profits Review mentions that the most significant take-home lesson from the training course is the on-demand printing commerce. There is no need of an inventory or stock so you have no initial cost for the online store.

As per this business model, your customer selects the item (T-shirt, mug, hat, jewellery anything you wish to sell). He/she chooses or makes the design and you have to print on the product. Ultimately, you have to arrange for shipping the product to the customer. However, you have to ensure you are getting maximum network traffic on your online store.

Print Profits Features

The Print Profits training course comprises of 8-Modules that are available in video format where lessons last for 5 to 50 minutes. These lessons are full of case studies, blueprint formula, and templates.

Module 1

This is the first lesson. It teaches you the right mindset for setting up your own business. Also, it teaches basic requirements for setting up your own 100% automated online business. It teaches you to secure a domain, create a unique logo required for your online store.

Print Profits By Fred Lam

Module 2

PrintProfits Modules

This is the second lesson. It teaches you how to research and design your online store to make it profitable. After taking further lessons on how to design, you can hire and work with a professional designer. At this point, you learn how to use on-demand print, its positive and its negative aspects.

Print Profits Module 2

Module 3

PrintProfits By Fred Lam

This is the third lesson. It teaches you how to sell several products through your e-commerce store without any failure. You should design your online store with lots of information including sizes, prices, discounts and more. You should inform the customers about how those items would be shipped to them. You have to contact your third-party vendors to finish the product ready for shipping. Also, you have to arrange for the item to reach the customer.

Print Profits Module 3

Module 4

Fred Lam Print Profits

This is the fourth lesson. It teaches you how to drive targeted traffic to offers using Facebook ads and Facebook blueprint. Also, this teaches you how to build your own business online including your ads.

Print Profits Module 4

Module 5

PrintProfits Discount

This is the fifth lesson. It teaches you in details all the four phases of Facebook Blueprint. It exposes you to different scaling methods so that you can use them in your online store.

Print Profits Module 5

Module 6

PrintProfits Bonuses

This is the sixth lesson. It teaches you how to manage and run your online store on a daily basis. You have to ensure your customers like the products you are selling. This lesson teaches you how to automate comments, customer service and more.

Print Profits Module 6

Module 7

Print Profits Ecom Store Building Course

This is the seventh lesson. It teaches you how to carry out sales funnels. Thereby, you get to improve your average order value and attract more potential customers.

Print Profits Module 7

Module 8

Print Profits review

This is the last lesson. It teaches you to expand your online store and business. Also, it teaches you how to use email marketing and how to use re-targeting Facebook ads. Thus, you improve your network traffic and sales and build long term relationship with your loyal customers.

Print Profits Module 8

How does Print Profits Work?

Initially, you will not need to invest in the purchase of stock or inventory. All you need is a single domain and that is possible by creating your account in Shopify. This course teaches the step wise techniques of establishing an online store, popularizing products and more. In the end, you learn how to save and use on-demand printing to create required products.

Your customer chooses the item and design and as the entrepreneur of your online store, you contact the third party vendor to complete the job. Since the third-party takes over those responsibilities, you can manage and run the online store. Your brand is always 100% unique so there will be nothing like competition in this case. Print Profit offers several types of courses discussed below.

  • Regular Print Profits Courses

Print Profits course teaches how to create your own 100% automated online store or Shopify. These lessons teach you how to create designs and launch advertising campaigns your business in the market. You learn how to create network trafficking through your online store. With affordable Print Profits pricing you can also learn directly from the creators themselves!

  • Print Profits Free Training

Michael Shih promotes this Print Profits Free Training for beginner and intermediate entrepreneurs to start the online store. He would be discussing the following with students.

Editors Note: Attend the FREE TRAINING before you purchase Print Profits!

  • Students would get access to comprehensive blueprint to create e-commerce ventures. They would learn to create a profitable on-demand business without any investment. As the online business person, they would not have to be concerned about any competitors. They would be using a unique method of demand printing
  • The students would learn how to sell hundreds of virtual products
  • The students would learn how to sell their 100% unique products. They would use 100% automation methods of printing on-demand to make huge profits with no initial investments

Print Profits FREE Online Business Workshopquestion

First Step After Signing Up With Print Profits

This Print Profits Free Training course offers a stepwise, 10-part video training series. You get to learn how to create your own on-demand-printing commercial business. You need to follow the two steps given below.

Create Your Shopify Account

Shopify is the all-in-one solution for creating and using your first demand-on-print online store or Shopify. It hosts and maintains your e-commerce online store. Initially, you can use Shopify for free for the first 21 days known as the trial period. Later on, you get 10% off on your monthly subscription for the year.

Using active Shopify Account

Only when you have created the required Shopify account, you can use Print Profits online training. You need an active Shopify account for installing your training app to your online store. After creating your Shopify account, click on “Install your App Now” button. This would enable you to install Print Profits Bootcamp app in your Shopify Store.

Men Behind Print Profits

Fred Lam

Fred Lam


Over 12 years ago, Fred Lam began his working life washing dishes. Yet, his determination and ambition saw him through several ventures of various online businesses. He learned about the media buying business field that helped him acquire several respectful positions. As a young man, he ranked the top as Marketing Manager for BMW Group Canada. Today, Fred Lam is the CEO of several multi million-dollar Companies including iPro Academy and Zero Up. Fred Lam is also the Founders of including iPro Academy and Zero Up. Fred shares his knowledge in “Starting from Zero Up” in Print Profits with students from worldwide

Ever since 2013, Michael Shih has worked as an entrepreneur. He is responsible for building several million-dollar businesses including local marketing, networking marketing, and CPA marketing. Michael Shih discovered he is an expert in on-demand printing that he uses in his online store, Shopify. Using printing-on-demand, Michael Shih started earning in 6-digits in only 60 days and along with one funnel he made over 1MM and got Clickfunnels’ Two Comma Club

Michael Shih

Michael Shih

Founder – Print Profits

Print Profits Pros & Cons


  • Very low investment: The program used is on-demand printing within the online store or Shopify. As an entrepreneur, you will not have to buy stocks from suppliers. There will be no need to purchase the item to ship the order for business.
  • No requirement of web development skills: New users can start business in e-commerce using the Shopify platform. Hence, they do not have to invest in creating and designing their own website. Also, new users can create their online store using a few mouse clicks.
  • Start straight away: Since there are no special requirements, you can start your business right away on Shopify platform. You need to get hands-on training and software and you are ready to go.


  • Lots of Information: Print Profits offers comprehensive knowledge for running your online store. This information might seem a lot. You can always start the e-commerce venture while going through the modules of lessons.


Print Profits Bonuses

Print Profits is fairly new program guiding beginners and intermediate entrepreneurs to set up profitable e-commerce. Fred and Michael have added several bonuses to prove the course is attractive and worthwhile.

There are 3 main bonus programs included in the package that cost around several hundred dollars. The users would have free access to the programs on buying Print Profits programs. Various options are as follows:

Print Profits Bonus Merchant By Amazon

BONUS 1 : Merch By Amazon Mastery

Print Profits Bonus 2

BONUS 2 : Legging Mastery

Print Profits Funnel Builder

BONUS 3 : 7 Figure Funnel Stealer


  • You may register for the Print Profits course today to get discount
  • You get printing on-demand to add your design on several things.
  • You learn about a 3-Step methodology to build a fully automated highly rewarding online business that uses on-demand printing
  • You get special access to the private community of Print Profits and interact with the experts
  • You get direct scope of being trained by the founder Michael Shih and learn from LIVE Training to hike your online business

Print Profits Discounts

Is Print Profits Worth Buying?

Print Profits course has proved that without investing any money in stock or inventory, you can make profits. Print Profits founders personally teach you from their experience how to use printing on-demand succeeding in online business venture. Thus, you get huge benefits at no initial cost. Print Profits scam is definitely not true since it has proved to be otherwise over the years.

Who need to Join Print Profits Course?

The training product model is designed especially for beginners because of the following.

  • There is no need of having any experience to start your online store.
  • You require no products as stock or inventory.
  • You need only a platform such as Shopify and tools for starting your own business online.
  • Initially, there will no need to invest.
  • You should focus on marketing and your online store.
  • Print Profits teaches you about copy writing, improving network traffic, Facebook Ads and more.


This Print Profits Review gives us several reasons that prompt us to take advantage of the course. There are paid courses taught by experts Michael Shih (Founder of Print Profits) and Fred Lam. You get the 8-modules as videos you can download and train in your free time. You can create the online store as you continue reading and learning at your own pace.


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