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PostLey Reviews- An Innovative Solution For Social Media Marketing Requirements?

Are you looking for PostLey reviews? Postley Facebook and Instagram Traffic software is an innovative solution for all your social media marketing requirements. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are growing into incredible markets where products and services are aplenty.

If you are new to TecSmash, I’m Steve Coleman. I have been in the IM field for more than seven years and I and my team review programs/courses by actually trying and testing them. And this indisputable PostLey review is written after a thorough research and learning the exact business model. So shall we begin?

PostLey Reviews – A Great Tool To Generate Traffic To The Marketing Campaign!


This is due to the vastness and possibilities of such platforms. It is all the more relevant today as the Covid-19 pandemic has initiated a flurry of people taking to social media for various reasons.

This presents a viable and fertile marketplace on which marketers are focusing more and more these days.


  • Why PostLey business model is unlike anything we have seen before?
  • Why you will only need 7 sales to build a business that makes $100,000 in PROFITS every single year?
  • How the creators will be doing most of the work for you?
  • Why literally ANYONE can and should purchase PostLey software with zero risks?
  • What makes PostLey business model so powerful and so different from any business model launches till day?

PostLey Overview

Parallel Profits Review

However, many fail to understand the enormity of the data available and falter midway, unable to grasp the nuances and interests of their audience.

It is at the crux of online marketing that marketers must adapt to their intended audience and cater their products or services accordingly.

This requires continued analysis of audience interests and needs to modify your social media campaigns to engage your target demographic. Postley Facebook and Instagram Traffic software help you do just that.

Product Name Postley
Creators Jai Sharma and Emmanuel GB
Specification Software
Price $47.00
Official Website Click Here

Review in a Glance

Since I am in Affiliate marketing for the last seven years, I have seen a lot of fake coaching programs which claims to have many new secret methods, but repainting on some stone age bull shit. 

We can’t add PostLey to the list of those craps. The course is highly genuine and delivers the best results if you follow the coaching and put some minimum effort.

I have also reviewed some previous programs by the creators. They always value their profession and never make fake promises. As long as I checked PostLey software, I feel it as a genuine, fool proof opportunity for newbies as well as experienced guys.

And I bet you won’t find any negative PostLey reviews on the web.

Our Rating

What is Parallel Profits Program?

Postley is a brand new, first of its kind, Facebook and Instagram traffic generation app. Its functionalities and capabilities are beyond any other software that exists in the market today.

This state of the art traffic generator combines several features, up to about 20 different functions, into a single, easy to use software package.

It is such an efficient software that even a lay-person would be comfortable using. And it brings all of your marketing strategies onto a single dashboard.

Postley was conceived by the award-winning software developer Mr.Jai Sharma, who has extensive experience and understanding of the digital industry.

He has consecutively released various apps over the past four years and is an acclaimed speaker as well as an entrepreneur. Mr. Sharma claims that this is the most powerful Facebook and Instagram traffic software.

He claims that this software can replace up to 20 different software effectively to cover all aspects of your social media marketing campaign. 

Features and Benefits of Postley 



Smart Ad Spy 

​A Smart Ad Spy that finds and analyses best performing advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. The keywords, niche, etc, utilized by such ads can be used to enhance your advertisements.


Hidden Facebook Interest Finder

A Hidden Facebook Interest Finder that allows you to search for certain keywords in your niche and locate hidden Facebook interests for your campaign to target.


Social Post Creator  

Social Post Creator and Scheduler helps you create eye-catching  social media posts with just some clicks. What more, this scheduler also assists in scheduling and publishing such posts for days, weeks, or even months.



Ads Campaign Creator

Anyone The given Ads Campaign Creator, Scheduler and Tracker, etc, help create stunning adverts that can be published at regular intervals and have their performance tracked.


Graphics Editor 


An easy to use, drag and drop Graphics Editor to create high-quality images



Caption Creator 

A powerful Caption Creator that generates gripping catchphrases that resonate with your audience and drive traffic.



Slide Post Creator 

Animated posts can be created with the help of the given Slide Post Creator to showcase your products or services neatly and efficiently.


C.T.A Post Creator





Top Account Audience Finder

You can identify and isolate your top audience to cater to the denomination that is best for your business with the Top Account Audience Finder. This helps you categorize your priority audience and adapt your campaigns accordingly  



Winning Audience Finder

It also comes with a Winning Audience Finder that helps identify the audience that is sure shot customers


Post Performance Tracker





Viral Hashtag Generator

LeadYou can also boost your exposure using the Viral Hashtag Generator to create and spread hashtag campaigns



Workplace and Team Management

Your workplace and workforce get a better management app with the Workplace and Team Management function that is included in the Postley software.

You also get more than five hundred templates designed with your niche and business in mind. Fully customizable, these templates add even more flexibility to your online presence

All in all, Postley Facebook and Instagram Traffic software is useful for any social media marketer from the very beginning to right until the end of the campaign.

It helps you analyze and research your niche as well as your competitors to create innovative and interesting posts and advertisements.

As per PostLey reviews, it helps you schedule and track such posts and adverts to increase their exposure as well as understand their effectiveness. Additionally, automating such campaigns is easily done with just a few clicks in the Postley software.

These features along with the limitless library of resources that Postley has help you collect comprehensive data that can be utilized to convert those who visit your page into customers.

How Postley software works?

Postley Facebook and Instagram Traffic Software have been created with the sole objective of assisting you with your social media marketing campaigns.

It helps you understand the market, the interests, and requirements of your possible clientele, etc, to create social media posts and advertisements that drive traffic to your product or service.

It combines functions such as research, planning, creation, and tracking of your social media campaigns into a single software. Postley benefits you gain with this software are as follows

By reading PostLey reviews, Postley software assists you to analyze your competition and conduct research. This helps you to formulate your social media strategy as well as create striking social media posts that grab the attention of your prospective customer. 

Postley software also lets you schedule such posts and track them to gauge the response. Based on these, it tracks customer interests and needs as well as create attention-grabbing hashtags that expose your services to the market.

All of these can be executed even by someone with very minimal knowledge of technology as comprehensive tutorials and manuals exist to guide you along. These functions along with the 20 plus features of Postley allow you to increase your traffic by 5-10 times. 

Who is Postley software for?

According to PostLey reviews, Postley Facebook and Instagram Traffic Software is developed with social media marketers, online marketers, advertisers, etc, in mind.

This is a powerful tool that can be used by these professionals to generate and drive traffic and further convert it into business.

This can be an invaluable tool for others such as digital marketing agencies as well as startups and local stores to enhance their exposure and business.

Startups and SME’s that have to work within a tight budget can benefit infinitely from this Postley software as it promises tons of traffic at a very low cost.


Is Postley Worth It?

As we have already seen, Postley software allows you to grow your business exponentially using the lesser-known trade secrets of digital and social media marketing.

By analyzing PostLey reviews, It enhances your website or campaign with additional data gathered from the vastness of the web. This data is useful for you in your campaigns to recognize prospective customers and convert it to business.

What more, it helps you to categorize your audience and tailor your marketing strategy accordingly. It is also a tool for you to establish your market presence with well-thought-out layouts available for you to utilize and attract customers.

Hence, it is safe to say that Postley Facebook and Instagram Traffic Software is an incredible tool that any digital or social media marketer should possess. And the return of investment that a business can gain through it is evidence that it is definitely worth it.

How to get Postley software?

Postley comes in several packages to serve the requirements of various customers. Any of these packages can be used to boost traffic to your social media campaign.

All of the packages can be bought with a one-time payment ranging from $37 for their personal standard edition to $497 for the Postley Agency version.

This is a one-time payment that includes a lifetime subscription to Postley and all their latest updates and resources.

This software is available for purchase through the Postley software official website which offers you a 30-days money-back guarantee if the performance is not satisfactory, a scenario that is highly improbable.

Postley review– The Final Verdict

We have seen how Postley Facebook and Instagram Traffic Software assists you in generating traffic to your marketing campaign and maintaining it.

As per PostLey reviews, it is clear as day that this tool is incredibly capable, intuitive, and easy to use. The various Postley features and bonuses have been developed with the sole purpose of driving traffic to your business and converting it.

Success stories of people who have used this great tool to achieve their goals stand testament to its effectiveness.

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