Knowledge Broker Blueprint review

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review: Bonus & Insider Secrets Revealed!

Hello there, welcome to my Knowledge Broker Blueprint review. There is an old saying, show me your friend, I will tell you about you. On thinking about the statement, we can clearly understand a factor that a decision a person takes in his life is an influential outcome of his surroundings. Knowledge Broker Blueprint program relies on the same concept. Not just the program says that, when you take up the victorious people’s life, there is a similarity among them. That is, having, thriving and substantial people encompassing them. The success of Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet are the best examples for the successful people who had influential people around.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review


When a person wants to achieve something, and if the person being friends with a failed person will never take him any further towards success. When successful people surround him, their presence influences the person subconsciously. He or she gets constantly motivated, the desire to achieve more keeps churning his senses continuously. The person can be less skilled or having no experience in handling the unfriendly circumstances, the confident person who is ready to face anything gets a constant opportunity to move forward and reach a fortune.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint program so far has changed the lives of the billions. People, by being a part of a successful team with little contribution to their knowledge and time has moved the business to the next level and made the group achieve and lead a better life. You may be a person who does not want to leave your 9 to 5 job and still wish to begin or be a part of a successful business.

Such eagerness and confidence to achieve more are just enough to join the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program. To know more details about the program, keep reading this genuine Knowledge Broker Blueprint review til the end. This review is not deceit and envies the browsers to be clearer about the program before they decide to miss the golden opportunity to change your life.

Among the several Knowledge Broker Blueprint Reviews on the Internet, this article has the most relevant and authentic information. To present the review that covers all the doubts of the reader, our team worked hard by meeting the successful entrepreneurs in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint group. The team has also collected authentic information about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 program that is yet to hit the release date.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint reviews

Course Name The Knowledge Business Blueprint + Mindmint Software
Course Creators Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi
What is Inside Course + MindMint Software
Additional Benefits Crazy Bonuses
Price/Cost $2000
Money back Guarantee 60 Days
Official Website

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course Overview

Let my Knowledge Broker Blueprint review give you a quick overview of this program.

Every year, the online session of Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russel Brunsen are getting a lakh of subscribers for the program, which is the most popular session over the Internet. The three successful entrepreneurs are working towards making an impact over the billions of lives by pulling them into the 355 billion turn-over business.

As the name implies, Knowledge Broker Blueprint is nothing but sharing your knowledge or expertise regardless of any field that you are currently in, to take the business to the next level. On reading this, people might think, is it a successful industry to make more money? Yes, it is. Knowledge brokering and the mastermind is a 129-billion-dollar revenue-generating industry per year.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint review suggests that the expertise of any field or even a person who does not know a bit in a field can also be a successful businessperson. Let us see how. We can divide the people based on knowledge or contribution in a group business in 3 categories.


Consider any type of Industry you are involved in, may it be a software industry or a farming group or even if you have a hobby, in that you can see yourself as an expert, you come under the expertise category. Expert’s advice is all a growing business needs.

Do people buy your courses?

Well, your expertise is an answer. When you are popular in the field, and when people know well about your expertise, the people willingly pay for you. Consider a new businessman steps into your field, you are an expert and retired, and you still want to be a part of the successful business. When you conduct a course to help the budding entrepreneurs, the budding entrepreneur instead of, losing lakhs of dollars by trial and error, willingly pay thousands of bucks for your expertise.

Likewise, take any sector, as quoted above, if you are a software expert, when you be a part of an educational group, many companies would pay you to train their employees.


When you are not expert in the field, you still want to conduct the course and be a part of the successful business, it is also possible when you are ready to learn and grow.

Choose your field of interest, if you are interested in party planning, collect the contacts of a popular photographer, decorator, caterers, party halls and costs. Reach out the other successful party planners and understand the tactics on how they are managing the business. You may have to keep in mind to reach out to the planners in other cities because they are a healthy competitor and may not be willing to help you.

Learn their strategies on tackling the multiple orders and managing to deliver the requirements on time and even the bargaining skills. When you approach ten different party planners, you get ten different strategies. This knowledge helps yourself as you are now expertise. You can also help others to lead their business.


When you are not interested or do not have adequate time to conduct the courses, you can facilitate the business by contributing essential resources and by generating leads. You can get the brokerage for the same.

Whatever may be your level of expertise, when you are ready to contribute to a business in a leading path, you and your team can enjoy and grow together. Thus, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program assures business success through group effort. It gathers like-minded people to work towards one common goal.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Modules

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint module has four phases:

Module 1: Extract it

  • Tony sets the success foundation
  • Extract your competence
  • Identifying an ideal client
  • Systemized agenda builder
  • Dean and Tony tool integration.

Tony handles the part himself by giving speeches that blow everybody’s mind. People always are afraid of taking the first steps toward their desire. Tony’s session will be taking place for almost an hour, forming a base for a successful businessman’s mindset.

It helps to extract your inner strength and knowledge and to make it more useful to the world. After finding your competency, to find the person to sell it and making progress through a systematic approach is essential. Tony explains the ways he takes up a process and how he works towards it each day and makes progress by implementing a practice every day. The total session takes place for almost 5 hours that every budding entrepreneur must follow.

Module 2: Fill it

  • Building marketing and sales confidence
  • Wagon wheel marketing strategy for filling events
  • Done for your marketing pages, emails, and scripts
  • The application process, selling without selling

The next module is a total dedicated platform for marketing. It begins with how you have to redefine the marketing strategies that you know so far and upgrade it to a world-class strategic approach.

It deals with all the marketing approach from online marketing strategy, SEO, social media marketing strategy, funneling- converting the prospectus into a customer, most basic qualities like how to write an effective email and scripts to attract the customers, and by following the strategies the course keep on selling without even your knowledge.

Module 3: Run it

  • Stress-free management, either online or in-person
  • Maximizing experience for top dollar, referrals, and repeat customers
  • Making an impact without the complexity
  • Delivering value without worry

Setting up the business through the above process is just a beginning. To mark your business on a successful business list, further works to increase the number of the person visiting your business are essential. Not just bringing in the sale is important, delivering the sale without any complexity is equally important.

Whatever event you are handling, either it is a virtual class or simply means an online class or an event in-person, software support is there for you to support, the rest you have to focus on the content. When you deliver quality content, people rush to you.

Module 4: Knowledge Broker

This module is exclusive for the people who are not experts or having enough knowledge. This module guides you on how to find a perfect partner. There is nothing wrong with having a partner for a successful finish, but, choosing the right one is what sets you on the right track.

All four modules are equally weighed and important for the success of a business. Dean, Tony, and Russell learned all these factors for 20 years by facing all the ups and downs. Through the course like Knowledge Broker Blueprint, they are ready to transfer the secret of their success to all the people around the world to help them succeed within a week.

How does the Knowledge Business Blueprint work?

We all dream of reaching goals, if creating a business of your own without the extra cash that needs to be spent on renting an office space is quite difficult. And even if you get that done making your business last and profitable is a whole other level. The Knowledge Business Blueprint works wonderfully for all kinds of people. As long as you have the heart to learn and then go along with a set formula, that’s all you need to make money online.

As well already know the kind of effort that needs to be put in to run a successful mastermind is way beyond imagination. This program is specifically designed to take away that complexity. If you don’t have much of an experience in the field without software like this to back you up, you might find this whole concept overwhelming. The training teaches it’s user how to extract the knowledge, get people for an event and also assure that the event is a huge success and runs smoothly, this along with the mindmint software will help to run all the logistics easily.

What Is Included In Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course Sessions?

My Knowledge Business Blueprint review could not go further without telling you about its creators. The creators of Knowledge Business Blueprint course are Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russel Brunsen. Let me tell you about them in detail;

  • The secret to success by Tony Robbins which include preparing your mindset to the new venture, what to expect while moving forward, and what to lose or to learn more to acquire success
  • To make you understand your inner strength, to bring the ability inside of you to deliver the knowledge, and how to make the people pay for it.
  • Instead of vague and boring classes, including the art of storytelling and extracting more from those stories.
  • How to create your personnel agenda, how to run, and how to plan for it. Starting from picking up the suitable name to run, and monetize the event like a mastermind, a workshop, or a presentation either in online or in-person.
  • Marketing techniques that Tony and Dean apply to earn tens of millions per event. From classical marketing for running the events to Marketing and sales redefined based on the current marketing trend. They cover Mastermind marketing philosophy that covers the strategy to attract the people for the big event like Mastermind.
  • To turn a visitor of the site to a customer, Tony guides the ways to funneling that cover the anatomy of the landing page, how to charge for an event, website or funnel, and step by step process to create a first landing page.
  • Like a wagon wheel, the different type of spokes to marketing like social media secrets, website traffic, YouTube tricks, Facebook tricks, email management, and Affiliate marketing which are essential to plan, fill, run, and monetize the event.
  • People think technical pages as an annoying component. Tony and Dean will teach the nuances about creating a perfect order page and application page.
  • Classes on How to plan an evergreen launch. The launch is as important as preparing a site. Tony will guide you on how to launch the site.
  • To run the events successfully, engaging the audience, and knowing the mindset of the audience is also an essential factor. Running one successful event is just enough to build confidence for a beginner. Either it is an online course conducting or in-person training; the Knowledge broker blueprint has a separate module for it.
  • The module teaches all the key factors to run a mastermind program and also the virtual events. Both Tony and Dean have conducted so many virtual events and $1 lakh worth mastermind classes. They teach every nuance starting from the psychology behind the mastermind program, how to not get played by influencer myth, and running the virtual event.
  • To conduct an in-person event, knowing the factors below is just enough to rock the Masterclass. They are the attendee communication, Location, Creating event assets, Event logistics, and final room prep.
  • The course finally gets into the Knowledge broker, where it deals with the people who do not know to teach to a crowd, yet can be a successful partner by organizing and arranging resources to the event.
  • Knowledge Broker Blueprint review clearly explains how the knowledge broker has to take part actively in his tasks and the importance of the knowledge broker role.
  • It teaches how to get a commitment from the right partner and expert.
  • It clearly explains that knowledge brokering can be a strong foundation for a successful business.

Besides these basic and necessary lessons for a successful foundation, Tony and Dean provides free bonuses and tips in the middle of each module and the lessons, which are fruitful information like,

  • Tony’s best advice for the entrepreneurs.
  • The secret of winning the negotiations.
  • Listen, do, and succeed framework.
  • Tony on how to take massive actions and so on.

What do you get with Knowledge Broker Blueprint membership?

With the Knowledge Broker Blueprint membership, startup businesses and new business ideas can flourish well with the help of expert guidance. Think about a mastermind event where the people who have gathered are builders. And the person who is going to conduct the event is Tony. Almost all the major builders and budding builders join the event to fetch more knowledge from experts like Tony. When all the like-minded people meet up, the energy in the air around will agitate the people towards success. The budding entrepreneurs will get to meet the masters in the field, share the views, get new contacts, and even new tie-ups are possible.

In the case of marketing, Start-up business has to spend a lot on it. Either it is a classical marketing type, or social media marketing, or online marketing, the investment has to be allocated for that. In case of having a Knowledge Broker Blueprint membership, you get all the necessary tools for marketing. The tools are very user-friendly, and yet, the users get the perfect guidance from Tony, Russel, and Dean.

By having the Knowledge Broker Blueprint membership, the Mindmint software is available for 6 months. Mindmint software is a marketing tool that helps you to build your business, step by step on it.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint membership can get you in touch with experts like Dean and Russel, who can guide you step by step until you can manage on your own in marketing and sales funneling.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint membership can make you a member of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Facebook group, which is a closed group, where you can share your thoughts and get ideas from other active members of the group.

Even if you are a working person or a person who does not want to let go of a job, you get a chance to be a part of a successful business by sharing your knowledge.

People get to see a new face of themselves. They get confidence to get on to the stage and face the group of audience and share their thoughts. The Lessons of Tony, Dean, and Russell transforms a normal person with ideas into a leader who leads a group. Many get new ideas and possess expertise in the field, but it turns useful when they use it or at least share it with others. Knowledge broker membership helps to build a platform for knowledge sharing.

Most of the successful business people were once and always been a member of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program. They believed that it is a place for getting a success formula; they enrolled and found success formula from here. Because of the Mastermind event and further events, the knowledge that an individual fetch is enormous and adequate for the success.

Who is behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Program?

There are three masterminds behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program. They are no ordinary; they all have started their life from scratch and reached their peak by hard work and dedication for more than 40 years in multifield. The combo of motivational speaker, Business strategist, and marketing king is a strong background behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program.

Tony Robbins 

Tony Robbins is an Author of most sold and popular books of America, like The Edge, Love & Passion, Time of Your Life, I am not your Guru, and so on. He is a philanthropist and a life coach. People are ready to pay Lakhs of Bucks for his private sessions. His self-help books have changed the lives of many, positively. His net worth is above 500million dollars and listed on a Worth magazine power 100 during the year 2015 – 2016.

Dean Graziosi 

Dean Graziosi is a popular person in dealing with multiple 9 figure companies in the industries varying between real-estate to cars. He is a multiple New York Best Selling Author. His popular books are Millionaire Success Habits, Be a Real Estate Millionaire, The better life journal, Profit from Real estate right now, and so on. He is a multi-millionaire and a popular infomercial coach.

Russel Brunsen 

Every marketer around the world knows Russel Brunson. He is a prestigious title holder of the term “serial entrepreneur”. He started multiple businesses and implemented amazing sales techniques and every business successful. He published many best-selling books regarding marketing strategies,

  • Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice
  • Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers
  • DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online
  • Network Marketing Secrets, and Dotcom Secrets: How to Get 100 New Customers in 100 Days Online.

He is a co-founder of the Funnel Marketing platform called ClickFunnels.

How does the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program work?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint program is a popular program on the Internet, where people around the world wait for its release date every year. And guess what, in the year 2019, more than 200000 viewers have gone through the Mastermind course online by Tony and Dean. And there are more than 17000 members, most of them are succeeding entrepreneurs, are having active membership in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint team.

The basic idea behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program is to develop the platform for self-development or self-knowledge gaining. The program teaches how to build a group of like-minded people and transfer the knowledge, ideas, and plans between them and grow together.

The group works best because of having positive and succeeding members within it. The people, who want to succeed, get the environment and vibe which constantly urges them to move forward. The change happens within them subconsciously.

People who desperately need partners for their business can find the best and like-minded people through events, mastermind sessions, and the Facebook Knowledge Broker Blueprint group.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint program helps the business people by providing, essential training, tools, and Software with free access for 6 months. Most of the tools are based on the current trend in marketing, for which the individuals have to pay more than 10000$ if they purchase, approaching a digital marketing team.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint program has the world’s best coaches. For a year, Dean will conduct the meetings often to teach the Business strategies. You get the assistance of the Russell to get the marketing strategies. Meeting with these genii are priceless courses that a businessman can get.

What is the Mastermind Group does?

The idea behind the Mastermind group is for the people who believe in self-learning. The learning has no end for any field. The Mastermind group is just like a community-based group. Within the Business group, the Mastermind group members share their ideology and expertise.

There Mastermind events will take place in both the types, either in-person events or online events. Both the event has its ups and downs. People would always prefer mastermind groups to handle both online events and in-person events.

Once the community is formed, the business people often meet, say, once in a month, and conduct the in-person training, meeting, and the courses based on the expert’s feasibility. By conducting the in-person meeting, the physical presence and involvement of the individuals will influence the newbies.

The online training has its pros, by facilitating the members to attend the meeting at their comfortable places. The course can be placed on the membership site so that the people can refer to it whenever they need it.

Forming a Facebook group for the members will help the group members to stay in touch, get the updates instantly, and to support each other.

The in-person training leads to the progress based on the expert’s interest to pitch in and help his or her, peer groups. Experts have to volunteer and lead the group. Leading entrepreneurs can also help and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs. The experts who wish to be in a spotlight will always try to lead the group, so most of the time, the experts and leading entrepreneurs will form the Mastermind group on their own. Anyways, they will be charging a fee for conducting a mastermind event.

The Mastermind event is not going to be free of charge. Based on the expertise in the field, the event leader can fix the prices for their sessions. Most of the Mastermind group can charge from $1000 – $15000 as a fee, based on the business, who is leading the group, and the experts in the field. The Mastermind group charges may not be for a single session, they may include weekly meetings and the parties as well.

Before joining the Mastermind group, finding the right group is essential. For finding the right group, the clarity in the goal is essential. The members can be a part of several other Mastermind groups also. Because he or she may not receive what they wish for in the same group. Always, trying to find out the different Mastermind groups and trying to be a part of it can benefit the Individual.

The Leader who leads the Mastermind group should be aware and be clear on whom they are adding up in the group. The Leader must set up a goal for the group, or he or she should decide to fix any existing problems as a solution provider. Having the right members in the group by shortlisting the application in the right criteria, helps the group to sync and make the progress together.

Setting up the rules for a group is also important. The group should have rules for commitment, presence, and be there for the group members and be a contributor for the event to take place.

Click Here To Read More About MindMint Software

MindMint software review

Mindmint Software is software worth $1164 per year as a subscription fee. Tony, Dean, and Russel have spent 5 million dollars over the Mindmint Software. The Mindmint software is a boon for the starters, as it holds excellent features to guide the newbies in the right way. Just a smartphone is enough for using this Mindmint software App. You need not look for any high-end PC for the software to work. It is a userfriendly app.

What is MindMint Software?

The Mindmint software tool is a personnel assistant to conduct an event successfully. The tool will take care of every step from creating and running an event, while you can focus on delivering the quality content to the audience.

How does Mindmint Software work?

The software will take care of building an agenda and itinerary. It stores the details about the speaker, trainer, and attendees details of an event to let know the other group members. When you are up to conduct an event, the topics, and the other details go public, so the interested Knowledge Broker Blueprint members can plan to pay and attend it.

The software also has the webpage layouts and it provides samples for how to design a webpage suitable for your sector. The Web builder automatically builds the website by providing all the SEO essentials to pull the web page on top of the search list.

The Webpage has a highly functional sale funneling crafting. It builds a fully functional, most suitable, and most efficient landing page for the event.

Thus the Mindmint tool guides the beginner step by step and prepares them like a pro from the very beginning of their first event.

Pros and Cons of MindMint Software


  • User-friendly
  • Fast and responsive
  • Pocket-friendly assistance
  • Just a basic smartphone is enough to use the tool
  • It facilitates the newbies by having checklists essential for conducting a successful event
  • It applies essential marketing strategies for the event in just a click.
  • By supplying all the basic details, the software lets you focus on further content and build a leadership potential inside you.
  • By signing here for membership and Knowledge Broker Blueprint login, you can get free access to 5 million dollars worth Mindmint Software for free.
  • The software comprises all the hard parts that Tony, Dean, and Russel learned for about 20 years. You can enjoy those by just a click.
  • The cost of all in one software is just 97$ per month


  • The software is available for free for just half a year.
  •  You might miss the fun in learning everything, manually

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Facebook Community

By joining the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program, you get an invitation to join the Closed Knowledge Broker Blueprint Facebook Community, where the entrepreneurs are already in the group. Besides attending the virtual and in-person event, a group that standing together online has several benefits.

  • To find and follow the same sector business people. You might have met an intriguing person in an event, and if you want to stay in touch, not another source than social media can help you.
  • To not miss out on any event occurrence. Until you get used to Mindmint software usage, you can follow the Facebook for knowing any event details about to take place.
  • To share and exchange thoughts regarding the business. You need not rely on only the Mastermind session for sharing the thoughts. You can make use of the Facebook group and share your thoughts. From that people might reach you for getting further business ideas.
  • To be in touch with Tony, Dean, and Russel by following their posts and information.
  • To clear your doubts about any happening or happened sessions. Not everybody is going to learn everything faster; many require a friend or a peer group buddy to clear the doubts. There is nothing wrong with posting doubts regarding the sessions. Even the event facilitator would answer you.
  • To support each other through sending positive vibes on issues. Sometimes a loss may occur in the business. The loss might be due to the natural calamity also. Even accidents and losses could happen. When you have a peer group, people might come forward to rescue or just sending the possible methods to recover can help a budding entrepreneur a lot.
  • To find out a solution to a problem you are facing in the Business.
  • To find a partner for the business. When you are not an Expertise or a Reporter, you have to find the right partner to facilitate the event and get the commission. You can easily find a partner through the Facebook group.
  • To find a partner for the business. When you are not an Expertise or a Reporter, you have to find the right partner to facilitate the event and get the commission. You can easily find a partner through the Facebook group.
  • To know the current trends in the market.
  • By being an active participant in the group, you can attract the peer group, and make them attend your event. When you are new in the group, no one knows your ability, if you keep posting useful information in the Facebook group; people come to know about you and their expectations towards your session builds-up.
  • If you have any doubt regarding the Mindmint software, the Facebook group is the best place to post your doubts. Not every person is going to be tech-savvy; it takes time and interest to get used to a new app in a new sector. Facebook groups can help you handle the software easily.
  • The technical team also exists in the group to support in case of troubleshooting the Mindmint software. The team makes sure about fixing the software and it helps to make the Mindmint software work more efficiently.
  • Through the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Facebook group, staying connected with like-minded people is possible. It helps to agitate your mind to work towards progress.

How much can you earn from Mastermind?

On conducting the Mastermind Event

The expertise in the field who leads the group, and who can offer the best solutions for the problems existing in the field, can charge a member from $100 – $15000 based on the business field. The KBB tools help to make the sales funnel set up for the event and a perfect landing page to popularise the event.

Based on the popularity of the event, and having the list of the number of the enrolled person, the Expert can seek the help of the brokers in need. In such cases, the brokers would ask for the commissions based on the work they handle.

On being a part of the Event

Through the Mastermind group, the attendee gets more benefits as they are gaining more knowledge from the experts.

  • The sessions of the experts have the spotlight time, where a show light falls on the person, he or she can ask the questions, doubts, feedback, and suggestions from the expert. The expert can solve the issues based on his or her knowledge. Through that, business people can solve the issues they are facing.
  • Other than mastermind sessions, the members also do various weekly sessions to find out and partner with a like-minded person from their peer group.
  • The people who want to improve their business to the next level get benefitted through the Mastermind sessions for sure.
  • The people may spend quite an amount as the price for enrolling in the mastermind program, in return, the Business can move forward by earning more. The knowledge they acquire becomes their immense strength.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Cost and Bonuses

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint program from three successful and most renowned entrepreneurs that could change the life of a Businessman from bottom to top. Knowing the same, the Businessman would pay even 5 figures for the program. Dean and Tony suggest the program is worth $5000. But, even after successfully running the program over the Internet, even after knowing that the people would buy for a large sum, they decided to fix the final amount less than $2000.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint cost is $1997 as a single payment or you can pay in 4 installments for $597.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Bonuses 

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is just charging $1997 which is just 20% of the original price that Tony and Dean decided to fix.

For the price of less than $2000, these are the amazing benefits you are going to get:

  1. 4 Stunning ways to conduct the mastermind course, such as extracting from the knowledge, fill the event seats, and run successfully either online or in-person or both. It also benefits others on how to earn through someone else’s knowledge.
  2. Mindmint software access free for 6 months which is worth $582. The Mindmint software that favors the event co-ordinator with Wisdom extractor or agenda creation, Point & click marketing, web builder and example pages, Event roadmap, Checklists, and Personnel assistant in your pocket
  3. Access to the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Facebook group.
  4. The in-depth Knowledge Broker Blueprint Workbook.

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