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Kasamba Review – Psychic Readings Network Legit Or Just Hype?

You might have been getting emails regarding Kasamba, the online astrology network has been receiving lots of positive attention lately hence we decided to check it out. Here is our in-depth Kasamba reviews. Kasamba operates as an online psychic network that presents psychic reading services through a real-time chat platform. Kasamba psychic reading offers more than 60 diverse types of readings for people to choose from, all of which are delivered by experts in their fields.

Kasamba Reviews – Quick Overview!


The main objective of Kasamba customer service is to link open-minded people with legitimate psychic readers who are, much capable of providing supervision in respective fields of career, love, success, general life satisfaction along self-empowerment.

The best part is that as per many Kasamba reviews it is confirmed that all conversations, as well as readings offered by the Kasamba website, are kept private and secured to uphold client confidentially. Kasamba fosters an interactive space of comfort and tranquility for its clients.

Kasamba Review

Product Name Kasamba Psychics
Founded 1999
Users 3 Million+
Services Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Astrology Readings
Free Session  Yes, 3 Minutes 
Moneyback Guarantee Yes
Official Website Click Here

What Is Kasamba?

Kasamba is a physic network that started in 1999 and has a long status of serving people. You can easily check out many Kasamba reviews on a number of their psychic advisors to confirm it. Kasamba is mainly a chat-based network, so to connect with them you have to use an instant messenger Kasamba app to hook up with your psychic at Kasamba. This makes it suitable as well as easy to put together into your life at whatever time you require. Kasamba keeps the chat more private, and you also have an option to stay anonymous and so that your personal information is entirely protected.

Types of Kasamba Readings 

As per Kasamba psychic source reviews, it doesn’t simply provide unspecific, muddy details regarding how to move forward in life. Instead, the Kasamba psychic reading which is available on the Kasamba website and Kasamba app varies in their specialties, but on the other hand, offers numerous specific services suitable to meet your personal and precise requirements. There are a lot of knowledgeable as well as gifted psychics on Kasamba who have been working for decades. The gifts and services by Kasamba experts are as exclusive as them, and you forever want to look around to make out which psychics you naturally settle to. 

Kasamba Psychic Chat

There are many types of reading which come under Kasamba psychic reading. They are:

  • Tarot Readings

This type of reading is done with the use of tarot cards. The main focus of this reading under the Kasamba horoscope focuses on making links amid the individual’s past, present as well as future. It helps an individual to guide onto the way towards success. As per many Kasamba psychic source reviews, it has a variety of tarot readers from which you can choose. At Kasamba advisors work through your subconscious as well as symbolism, and a skilled tarot reader, at Kasamba, can assist understand what story the cards are conveying about your life? After that, they assist you to reply to questions that can be large, small, specific as well as general.

  • Psychic Chat

Psychic chat on the Kasamba website comprises crystal readings, rune casting, aura readings, pet psychic services, and many more. Psychic chat utilizes the reader’s extrasensory perceptions, and it is done by using their claircognizance, clairaudience, or clairsentience and Clairvoyance. These types of truth and light Kasamba readings are done by linking current energy as well as the emotional state of an individual and can see what path you may depart from here if you uphold this present state.

  • Astrology Readings

Astrology reading under in Kasamba app as well as on the Kasamba website is done by creating a birth chart with the help of your birth chart which has a birth date and birth location. Kasamba astrology readers offer an insight view of your future which is based on facts along with the individual’s past and present.

  • Love Psychic advising

Love Psychic advisors of Kasamba assist you to make decisions in terms of your love life through insightful spiritual supervision. Is your present relationship the one which is long-lasting? Is he or she being honest to you in the relationship? Or when will you get married? Kasamba shows off some of the best love psychics online, and these love advisors will respond to all your queries in real-time. Some love readings offered on Kasamba are Breaking up & Divorce, Cheating & Affairs, Gay & Lesbian-Friendly, Marital Life, Parents & Children, Single & Dating along with Soul mate Connections.

  • Career guidance and forecasts

In case you are confused those are you making the correct choices about a career? Or you cannot decide what you should quit your job to start your own business? Then consult Kasamba psychics who specialize in career forecasts and will help you find peace of mind. Kasamba career psychics offer you helpful insight as well as spiritual guidance. This guidance by Kasamba psychic reading will help an individual to make decisions that will lead you on the path towards happiness and success in terms of professional endeavors.

  • Fortune telling

Kasamba reviews provide staple service from top psychic networks. It will assist you with helpful insight as well as spiritual guidance which you require to make decisions. These decisions will help you to lead on the path of success as well as happiness. However the future is fixed, but there is a higher chance of future occurrences based on where you stand at present — many of the Kasamba psychics experts in the future telling, which is by looking into your path of destiny to observe where it’s headed. Kasamba experts offer perfect guidance for you to make future decisions, or assist you understands what to expect up ahead.

  • Dream analysis

Dreams are the place linked with Spirit that permits people to play out diverse scenarios. Your dreams can disclose much about your life, and in fact, your spirit guides, as well as helpers on the other side over and over again visit and converse with you through your dreams. However sometimes you wake up from a nightmare that feels off-putting, and you are confused regarding what it all means, consult a Kasamba psychic. He is the only person who can help you make sense of it all. They evaluate the symbols and assist you to know the deeper meaning of your dream. Dream advisors in Kasamba can easily disclose the desires which are an individual’s heart as well as the mind. Kasamba experts settle on the meanings of your dreams through the study of considerable dream symbols.

There are many more fields regarding which  Kasamba has psychics: they are Religion, Palm readings, Paranormal, Universal Laws, Numerology, Eastern Philosophy, Past Life Readings, Intimacy, Occult, Graphology, Picture Readings, Financial Outlook, Kabbalah along with New Age Spirituality.

Kasamba Pros and Cons

However, Kasamba is one of the best and leading online platforms to help others to show them the appropriate way to be successful. Always remember that there are always both sides of a story. On one side as The Kasamba Psychics are well-intentioned as well as experienced professionals when you’re prepared to place your faith in one. There are many Kasamba pros and cons which you should keep in mind:

Kasamba Pros

  • The Kasamba website has a wide range of expert psychic advisors for every spiritual topic.
  • There are numerous psychics from all over the globe, and it also makes readings accessible in a diversity of languages
  • Their customer service and Kasamba advisors are always available to chat live via phone or web
  • They provide a newly designed and fully featured Kasamba app which formulates chatting even easier.
  • Kasamba has a great reputation as it has been in business since 1999.
  • This system can also do offline sessions via email which you can choose at your convenience.
  • Kasamba offers you the first 3 minutes of chat free whenever you try a new advisor
  • The satisfaction guarantee is rock solid which generally customers receive on their first reading. In case you are not satisfied in any case then, or you’ll receive a refund.
  • They offer an additional 15% discount for new sign-ups
  • Kasamba has a methodical support segment to respond to all your FAQs

Kasamba Cons

  • Kasamba psychics fixed their prices which are based on accessibility as well as experience.
  • On the Kasamba website, there’s no option to video chat by which you can see your advisor
  • The initial 3 minutes are free on Kasamba only if the client chooses a new advisor and with which you haven’t worked before. Following that, you pay their listed prices
  • It was hard to pick one out of so many psychic advisors.

Kasamba Pricing and Bonuses

There is no fixed Kasamba Pricing fee for the Kasamba psychic reading you can receive through Kasamba. To a certain extent, each Kasamba psychic advisor who offers their services is capable of setting their fee. Although several psychics charge higher fees for their services and several can offer more budget-friendly prices. To know the exact Kasamba Pricing, you have to go to the Kasamba website. Keep in mind that Kasamba Pricing may increase according to the selection of the specific psychic. Though, as part of Kasamba’s commitment to customer satisfaction, they offer Users their initial three minutes with each new psychic for free and this permits them to test the waters with your selected psychic. With this, they can also conclude whether or not individuals feel they can offer you the type of supervision they are searching for. With this they also offer 50% off on customers First Reading and which is the best part.

Kasamba Customer Reviews

As per many Kasamba Customer Reviews, it is an incredible sight that offers expert advisors. Kasamba’s customer service is outstanding and helpful and which is much appreciable. Many Kasamba reviews 2018 specify that this psychic’s done a great job and offers straightforward and honest answers. Kasamba’s website often offers special discounts and deals. There are many other options in the market which is the alternative for Kasamba psychic networks. But as per many Kasamba reviews, it is the best as after reviewing numerous keen reviews or any other alternative reviews people choosing this as the best option.

Why Kasamba is Unique

Kasamba online platform has gained much reputation and is it presents one of the leading websites for psychics chat. Kasamba networks comprise several exclusive features as well as offerings which makes them different from the rest. Kasamba psychic reading is mainly for those people who are interested in speaking to real psychics. Some main features of Kasamba which make it unique are:

  • Online chats platform

Kasamba app and Kasamba website online chat podium make it very easy to communicate with an advisor. It is just very easy as only by typing on the computer or phone you can easily connect. After typing a question, you will get a reply from the Kasamba advisor. The Kasamba app also offers you the option to stay anonymous.

  • Transcripts from your chats

On the Kasamba website, you will get the best guidance from the best Kasamba Psychic advisors. The best part is that you can also save the transcripts too of your online chats. This would help you out keep what has been said and also revisit your chats afterward as per your ease and convenience.

  • More than a hundred psychic advisors

Kasamba psychic reading presents more than 100 psychic advisors from which you can choose. They guarantee that you will be able to find at least one psychic you click with and that will be in an emotional as well as spiritual manner.

  • Free trails with new advisors

Kasamba website offers free trails too in which whenever you communicate with an advisor for the first time you will get free three minutes from the site. It will assist you to make sure that you are a perfect match.

  • Accept PayPal

Kasamba reviews confirm that it offers convenience for payments and which is very much helpful. Kasamba network commits to providing convenient service for its users.

  • A range of communication methods

In case you do not find it good to communicate via typing in the Kasamba app then you can also choose to speak instead with your advisor. You can also choose to email on their email id to communicate with the advisor.

The 10 Best Psychics on Kasamba

For sure you are much confused regarding who are the best psychics on Kasamba.

Best Psychics on Kasamba

To help you out we have made a list of 10 Best Psychics on Kasamba:

  • Aqua Marine– She is a professional offering your spiritual guidance with honesty and guidance. Just choose her in case you need to know about people connected with you. She will also help you out with deep insight into the relationships you have.
  • Watchman Aquiya– she is working for the past 20 years and is a prophet who is very down to earth. She will help you out with all matters I terms of money. You can easily put your questions and doubts regarding career and finance to her.
  • Love Stefans– he is known to be one of the true spiritualists with a friendly outlook and much experience. He will help you out to attain and listen to your soul requirement to craft a successful and amazing future.
  • Truth and Light– Truth and Light Kasamba‘s topmost psychic with over twelve-year experience are there to help you out. He is much experienced in terms of interpersonal relationships. It is said that he has a special gift regarding all heart issues.
  • Cali– Cali is one of the best tarot card readers of Kasamba and who helps to heal people. She has twelve-year experience with tarot cards and numerology and covers a broad range of queries and situations.  The best thing about her is that she has amazing listening skills and excellent compassion.
  • True Love Connection– True Love Connection at Kasamba offers you genuine predictions by using clairvoyance along with powerful intuitions. She is a seasoned astrological practitioner and who will help to guide you through your life.
  • Sophie Reunite Lovers– she has experience of 17 years and gives compassionate guidance through tarot cards. She also can reveal secrets by numerology. The best part is that she is an open-minded professional who will never judge you.
  • Joelle – Joelle is an experienced Kasamba advisor who will guide you on the appropriate path by using clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance, along with automatic writing. Connect with her if you want to respond to any queries of your life.
  • Divine Spiritual Timing– Divine Spiritual Timing is an experienced lady with thirty years of experience. It is said that she has been gifted with spiritual guidance, psychic visions, Reiki, medications as well as divine timing guidance.
  • Michael G– Michael G, a love psychic at Kasamba with a huge experience of more than 10000 calls with customers worldwide. He utilizes clairvoyant energy to disclose your spiritual precisions.

About Kasamba Satisfaction Guarantee

Kasamba Satisfaction Guarantee makes it one of the best online podiums. It is one of the best running online psychic networks to date. It is first and foremost chat-based, where you can chat with your psychic advisor who is chosen by you, through their chat platform online or easy phone Kasamba app. Access to your chat transcript makes it uncomplicated to review notes. Several psychics also do email as well as phone readings. Kasamba Psychics prices are not fixed which makes it easily accessible for every budget. Kasamba doesn’t have a prepay obligation like numerous other psychic sites. So no need to worry as you don’t have to provide your payment information prior. After you, choose Kasamba psychic, you’ve linked right away in real-time. This assists you acquire more on-the-spot information as well as answers. Kasamba satisfaction guarantee is excellent which numerous other psychic networks don’t offer. This guarantees that this is legit and stands by their services always.

My Review on Kasamba

As per my personal Kasamba review, it is one of the best online platforms for Kasamba psychic reading. Even though psychic readings are best received by persons who are open-minded to what supervision spiritual advisors may be able to present, Kasamba is recognized as one of the most trusted networks online.  Even for those people also that is uncertain regarding the authenticity of psychic abilities. Kasamba has received many positive reviews from its unbelievable supply of users and is undoubtedly worth looking into if you are at all inquisitive on the subject of receiving spiritual guidance for improving significant areas of your life. If in any case, you are still not sure then go to the Kasamba website and look at the assortment of diverse psychics they have.  Kasamba advisors are as wide-ranging and exceptional as you are. You can also check out all Kasamba reviews 2018 along with Kasamba testimonials from satisfied customers to confirm and make a real and genuine Kasamba review 2019 of yours.

Kasamba Coupons

There is an exclusive Kasamba coupon code available for a limited time. If you are planning to try the psychic network, use this coupon and get $5 off for the first subscription. This Kasamba coupon is not available anywhere! Click the image below, the coupon will be applied automatically.

Kasamba Coupon


At last, we conclude that Kasamba is the best online podium and has been in the business of serving people better in their lives since 1999. Kasamba’s reputation serves them very well as well as Kasamba’s customer service is also very much dedicated. All through the last twenty years Kasamba’s assortment of gifted psychics has served many people and received so much glowing feedback which you can confirm by reviewing numerous Kasamba reviews. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee which makes it one of the best online podiums and this proves Kasamba stands by their service, along with customer happiness.


  1. I have downloaded the Kasaba mobile application, I would like to know if I would be able to attend calls while using the application. If I do, would I be charged again? Will I be able to start off where I stopped?

    1. If you need to attend a call while you are online then all you have to do is click on the “hang up” option while exiting the application. If you exit the application just by clicking the power button then you might be charged again but “hang up” allows you to pick up from where you left off.

  2. Hello Steve, I tried Kasaba, simply out of curiosity after I read your review. I was surprised by the kind of information I could gather about my spiritual self, my future, and my family. Most of the things about me were actually true- which quite surprised me (I don’t trust astrology- well until a few months ago).

    1. Hi Jake, we are glad that you like the Kasamba astrology network. The Kasamba psychic reading is mostly accurate since the people you consult are experts in that particular field.

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