Is Smart Lock Safer Than Deadbolt

Are Smart Locks Safe Compared To Traditional Deadbolt Locks?

Nowadays, with the rise in the rate of crime, it has become quite important for us to keep our homes and businesses safe and secure. If we look at the current technological advancements, the home security sector has completely evolved, you will find several kinds of smart locks being invented along with the traditional deadbolts. And now, Is Smart Lock safer than Deadbolt?

Smart Locks Vs Deadbolts: Which Is Safer?


If we look at smart locks, they fulfill the same purpose as deadbolts but the security level that they provide and their way of operating is completely different.

Are Smart Locks Safe Compared To Traditional Deadbolt Locks

As per a recent study, it was found that smart locks are a much better solution than deadbolts and in this blog, we will discuss how.

Overview Of Smart Locks And Deadbolts

A smart lock is a security mechanism that utilizes technology to make the lock work. Users can use their mobile phones, key code, or key fob to control the smart lock.

In today’s time, there are a lot of kinds of smart locks created such as Z-wave locks, Wifi locks, and Bluetooth-enabled locks. All these locks are programmed in a way that you can choose who can operate that particular lock. Moreover, some advanced versions of smart locks allow you to use your voice to control them.

Whereas, talking about the deadbolt. It is a conventional traditional locking mechanism that is operated manually. Users need to install it as part of the lockset.

Most of the deadbolts are made using metal and are available in different forms such as lockable thumb turn, double cylinder, and single cylinder. Unlike smart locks, they require a key to unlock them and do not have any technological features such as connectivity using Bluetooth or wifi. 

Pros And Cons Of Smart Locks

Pros And Cons Of Smart Locks

Advantages Of Smart Locks

  • Easily accessible without any tradeoff with security

You will find many instances where the keys have been misplaced by you. To avoid such instances, smart locks are designed to be keyless. Unlike traditional locks, smart locks can be operated using mobile applications, through biometrics, keypad code, and electronic keys.

  • Makes home security quite simple

Smart locks give you the facility to grant access to several family members and track who is going and coming into your house, be it day or night. A few mobile applications like Turbolock allow you to monitor and control your smart locks.

  • Enhances the connectivity

You can integrate smart locks into your home security system and operate it using a mobile application. Also if you find any member or guest forgetting to lock the home, you can easily lock it through the locking mechanism in the mobile application. This is quite relieving when you are halfway to some place and wonder if the door was locked properly or not.

Disadvantages Of Smart Locks

  • It heavily relies on the Internet and phones

All the smart locks available in today’s time are either operated through Bluetooth or wifi. If under any unforeseen circumstances, the phone is stolen, you can get locked out of your place and can’t have any backup plan. Moreover, if there is a power outage then you can’t operate your smart lock.

  • Possibility for security hacks

Few smart locks are still at risk of security hacks. The hackers can attempt to override the entry code and unlock the door. But some systems can operate the police if any unauthorized person accesses it.

  • Requires battery

Unlike traditional locks, smart locks require batteries that can exhaust over time. It is important to ensure that the battery is changed promptly. 

Pros And Cons Of Deadbolts

Pros And Cons Of Deadbolts

Advantages Of Deadbolts

  • Provides a protected entry

As per the recent survey done by UCR (FBI’s Uniform crime reporting), in the past few years, most of the burglaries cases were done through forcible entry. Deadbolt locks provide high security and they are made from machined steel, which makes them quite durable and stronger than conventional locks.

  • It is an inexpensive option

The cost of installation of Deadbolt locks highly depends on the type of lock you choose. Most of the deadbolts are quite inexpensive and cost you between USD 10 to USD 45. Whereas other locks like smart locks are available for more than 100 USD.

  • It is easy to install

Most of the deadbolts are quite easy to install and complete process talkies in quite less time. You can always hire a local locksmith to install the deadbolt lock in just a span of a few hours.

Disadvantages Of Deadbolts

  • Quite easy to duplicate keys

No matter what kind of lock you use, the keys can be easily forged by the local locksmith. Forging a mechanical deadbolt lock key just takes a few minutes and is a straightforward process. If in case the keys are misplaced then anyone can make a copy without letting you know.

  • Causes inconvenience

In a few instances, mechanical deadbolt locks can be quite inconvenient. It is necessary for you to always carry the keys with you wherever you go somewhere. If in case you forget the keys then you might need to get the lock broken so you can get access to your place. This usually wastes a lot of time.

  • Expensive in the long run

Although deadbolts are available for a low price, in the long run, these blocks can be quite expensive as they might require regular repair work and replacement whenever you lose your key. Hence a lot of people do recommend installing smart locks.

Security Comparison Between Smart Locks And Deadbolts

If we talk about the security of deadbolts and smart locks, each one of them has its strengths and weaknesses.

In the following section, you will find the basic comparison between the security features of both smart locks and deadbolts.

Smart Locks

Security Strengths Of Smart Locks

  • With the use of smart locks, you do not need to have physical keys, which reduces the overall chances of losing the key or duplication of the key by anyone.
  • You can also track the activity of the people coming and leaving your house. This usually helps you to identify any unusual activity.
  • It provides you access to your place from anywhere as it utilizes the Internet and Bluetooth for connectivity to the smart lock.
  • Smart locks offer a complete access control mechanism based on which you can whitelist people who can access your place.

Security Weaknesses Of Smart Locks

  • As smart locks use technology, they are vulnerable to security hacks.
  • In case of a power outage, it can be difficult for you to gain access to your place.
  • Smart locks are quite complex to use and might malfunction sometimes.


Security Strengths Of Deadbolts

  • Deadbolts are quite durable and offer resistance to any physical attacks which makes them a secure option. 
  • It doesn’t depend on the battery hence they are not vulnerable to battery failure or power outages.
  • It is quite easy to install deadbolts, you can hire a local locksmith for this.

Security Weaknesses Of Deadbolts

  • It provides access to only people who have the keys.
  • If in case keys are lost you would need to replace the lock because it can lead to unauthorized access.
  • It is vulnerable to burglars as they can compromise the security of your place.

Which Is Safer, Smart Locks Or Deadbolts?

Overall, deadbolts are usually preferred by people as a secure option when compared with smart locks. The reason is that it is not vulnerable to any security hacks and physically it is quite durable.

However, the security of smart locks is fully dependent on the model you choose. Few of the high-end smart locks have advanced security features which makes them better than deadbolts.

Smart Locks Vs Deadbolts

There are also some cases where you can only use one type of lock. For example, a few of them are given below.

If you find a lot of people accessing your place then a smart lock could be the best option as it offers remote access control and activity tracking of the people. Further, you can also program smart locks for the guests and provide them with temporary codes. Whereas deadbolts are quite useful for people who like to go with a traditional option.

For businesses and companies who need to manage access to different employees and tenants, a smart lock could be the best choice for them. It would help them to track everyone

When it comes to choosing smart locks for deadbolts, they should be chosen based on the scenario and your use case. Both locks offer security in their way and are a better solution.


In conclusion, in this blog, we have deeply discussed deadbolts and smart locks, their security features, and their pros and cons. Both smart locks and deadbolts are beneficial in their way and provide a better solution depending on the use case and the scenario.

Smart locks are a convenient option when you want to keep track of employees or the people entering your place quite a few times every day. Whereas a deadbolt can be the better solution when you want traditional and low-tech security options. 

Based on the comparison, the final recommendation highly depends on your use case and your preference of yours.

Both locks have strong security features, however, the decision should be made based on factors like personal preference, cyber threats, and access control. Ideally, it is better to use a combination of both locks. 

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