Infographics and How to Use Them in Link Building in 2019

Infographics And How To Use Them In Link Building In 2019!

Here are the Infographics and how to use them in link building in 2019. Well as being a part of the online marketing days for some time now I can honestly say that long gone are the SEO days which meant stuffing the page with a bunch of keywords. Wish today it was as easy as that. Today when it comes to finding the place in the eyes of google- building fake backlinks, stuffing keywords and excessive tagging are not going to get you anywhere.

Infographics And How To Use Them In Link Building


Link building was at a time declared to be dead. But recently google as listed link building as the number one factor when it comes to ranking. There are a  lot of businesses who could not learn or get used to the rules and the requirements yet. Today the Google Core Algorithm is entirely based on links. If you want your site to climb up that ladder then there is nothing you can do better than producing a high quality, unique and decent amount of good quality links. Speaking about good links having high quality original as well as informative infographics can change your complete marketing scene.

Infographics and How to Use Them in Link Building in 2019

Why are infographics so important for SEO?

Though you can find a huge amount of bad infographics in the market, infographics somehow still remain to be one of the most liked amounts of web contents. The visual content format has won the heart.  audiences of all types love infographics simply because it has the power to make complex data easy to understand making them a perfect choice to build links.

Bring in any kind of boring data, infographics have the ability to make any kind of data lively by using attractive icons and charts, color combinations, and graphs. Another reason for the gaining popularity of infographics is that this type of data can be easily tracked and measured using the analytics tool.

Now that you know the importance of infographics let get into our topic,

  • Guest Posts:   Guest posts are one of the best and most helpful tactics to build links. If you have a good post with unique and amazing content then it’s never going to go out of style.  The web is on a constant and consistent lookout for good quality and authentic content. Guest posts in one of 5the best way to get backlinks to form some of the best authority sites with trusted domains.
  • Skyscraper Technique: The skyscraper technique is the process of figuring out and choosing popular pages, enhancing them and reaching out them. Here choosing the right link worthy keywords is important. Now reach out to those competitors and approach them to link to your post.
  • Product Review: Reviewing products through good content and helping people to understand all the details about the product is one of the best ways to use link building for SEO. The connection between the brand and the seller can help you generate traffic.
  • Offering Testimonials: Dropping testimonials are also a great way to boost SEO. feedback is a major form of advertisement, this can help greatly to improve sales and also to increase the backlinks from reputed sites.


These are some of the SEO link building methods nowhere is the topic at hand – Infographics.

Infographics, the recent link building favorite, this can be done as various creativity levels. You need an embed code to generate infographics and later add in on to your website. This can later be used to pitch among bloggers especially. Here are the steps one need to take to create a good infographic content.

  • Find the right information.
  • Determine your audience.
  • Elaborate a compelling narrative.
  • Define your visual approach.
  • Create a wireframe.
  • Design your infographic.

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How to Use Infographics to build links?

  • Post your infographic
  • Seed content on social media.
  • Reach out to influencers.
  • Submit to infographic directories.
  • Send emails to contacts.
  • Submit a press release.

I hope you found the above article, “ Infographics and How to Use Them in Link Building in 2019”, useful. Sat tuned for more.

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