How To Make Money On The Sandbox

How To Make Money On The Sandbox?

Let me break it to you—” The Sandbox” is quite more popular and attractive than you think and assume. First released in 2012 as a mobile game for iOS and Android devices, “The Sandbox” has evolved and grown into a comprehensive gaming platform with a strong community of players over the years.

Early versions of the game mainly functioned as a sandbox where players could use a variety of resources and tools to construct, design, and shape their own virtual world. Over time, the game added new features and expanded its gameplay, including the addition of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in 2019. That’s where it went uphill.

Can You Make Money Playing Sandbox? Ways To Try!


The integration of NFTs in “The Sandbox” was the key moment in the game’s history, as it allowed players to own and trade in-game assets in a new way—a massive transformation happened after the takeover by Animoca Brands. The NFTs in “The Sandbox” is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, providing true ownership and scarcity for players.

Can You Make Money Playing Sandbox

Since the addition of NFTs, “The Sandbox” has kept expanding and changing, with new features and content being added frequently. The game now has a thriving player base and is a well-liked platform for gamers looking for a distinctive and interesting gaming experience.

Today, video game is widely recognized as one of the leading web3 games and is helping to drive the adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. The game continues to be a popular choice for players looking for a creative and immersive gaming experience.

How Can You Engage With The Sandbox Game?

In “The Sandbox,” players can engage in a variety of activities and experiences, including:

How Can You Engage With The Sandbox Game
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  1. Building and Creation: Players can use various tools and materials to build and create their own virtual world. They can shape the terrain, create structures, and add features such as rivers, lakes, and forests.
  2. NFT Trading: Players can buy, sell, and trade NFTs that represent in-game assets such as land, tools, and characters. These NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded on decentralized marketplaces.
  3. Gaming Experience: It features a unique gaming experience where players can explore and interact with other players in the game world. They can participate in battles, complete quests, and engage in other activities that offer new challenges and opportunities.
  4. Social Interaction: As it is a social platform where players can connect with other players and build communities, they can join or create groups, participate in events, and collaborate with other players to build and shape their virtual world.
  5. Monetization: The game offers players the opportunity to monetize their in-game creations and assets through NFT sales, in-game purchases, and other revenue-generating activities.

The Real Deal – How Do We Make Money?

Before going into detail, you must familiarize yourself with two applications, namely ‘VoxEdit’ and “Game Maker’.


Because these are the two tools that lead you to the “money-in-the-bag” game.


With the help of these invaluable resources, you can monetize the metaverse’s experiences and objects. Simple, but not easy as it sounds.

🔧 Game Maker

It is a tool that can be used within The Sandbox to create games and other interactive experiences. With GameMaker, users can create custom games and experiences within The Sandbox, and then monetize these creations by selling them to other users on The Sandbox Marketplace.

In The Sandbox, GameMaker provides users with a flexible and powerful toolset for creating games and experiences that can be enjoyed by players within the metaverse. This toolset includes a range of features and functionality, including a scripting language, a visual interface for creating game objects, and the ability to import and export assets and other game elements.

Game Maker
Source: FileHorse

By leveraging the power of the software, users can bring their game ideas to life within The Sandbox and create a wide range of exciting and engaging games and experiences. Additionally, users can earn money through their creations by selling them on The Sandbox Marketplace, further incentivizing the development of new and exciting games within the metaverse.

🔧 VoxEdit

VoxEdit is a voxel-based 3D modeling software that can be used to create in-game assets for “The Sandbox” and other voxel-based games and applications. Voxel-based modeling involves breaking down a 3D model into tiny cubes, or “voxels”, which can be manipulated and edited individually.

Source: YouTube (William Santacruz)

With VoxEdit, users can create voxel-based models, avatars, and animations, import and export models in a variety of file formats, work with textures and materials, and more. Additionally, the software has a user-friendly interface and a number of tools and features that are intended to make voxel-based modeling accessible to users of different backgrounds and skill sets.

In “The Sandbox”, users can use VoxEdit to create in-game assets such as land, tools, characters, and other items. These assets can then be sold on The Sandbox Marketplace, allowing users to monetize their creations and earn money through the passion for gaming.

Is That All?

No, we are not done yet. Players can also make money by creating sponsored content, participating in partnerships with other players/companies, and competing in gaming tournaments and events hosted by the game.

Additionally, players can earn rewards by participating in games and in-game activities within The Sandbox. For example, players may earn rewards for completing quests, discovering hidden treasures, and playing mini-games.

Make Money On The Sandbox
Source: The Sandbox – GitBook

Up next, users can also earn rewards by staking their SAND tokens, The Sandbox’s native token. Staking involves locking up a certain amount of SAND for a set period of time, during which users receive rewards in the form of additional SAND tokens.

Likewise, if you are a market maker, you can earn rewards by providing liquidity to the SAND token and helping to maintain a stable and liquid market. This can be done through liquidity mining, which incentivizes market makers to provide liquidity to SAND by rewarding them with additional SAND tokens.

Overall, it’s critical to remember that earning money with “The Sandbox” requires commitment, expertise, and strategic planning. The most successful players in terms of making money from the game are probably those who can successfully monetize their in-game assets and creations.

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