Fortune Reading Reviews

Fortune Reading Reviews – A Companion For Fulfilling All Your Wishes And Dreams?

Fortune Reading is a fortune reading software program developed by Michael De Angelo. He wanted to help everyone with the powerful knowledge he received about the Oracle of Delphi to bring luck to their life. The program intends to help people with the forecast of their future and connect them with the universal energy to unlock their luck in life. Here in this Fortune Reading review, we will take you through the principles, teachings, formulas, practices, and pricing of the program.

Fortune Reading Reviews – An Ancient Oracle Reading About The Future?


At some point in life, you might have thought about people who are lucky enough to live a happy and abundant life! What if you can foresee the mishaps to occur in life and turn them around? 

The Fortune Reading software program promises to help you do it! Sounds too good to be true? Read the Fortune Reading reviews to find whether the program is a legit one that can transform your life.

Fortune Reading Reviews

Product Name Fortune Reading
Main Benefits give you personalized oracle readings
Specification Oracle reading software
Category Fortune Telling
Price  $37.00
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

What is it?

The creator Michael De Angelo calls it a revolutionary fortune-reading software created after spending 100s of hours researching based on the formulas he found during his visit to Greece. Through the program, the creator looks at imparting powerful knowledge to become lucky in their life. It contains simple and easy-to-use formulas that can directly connect with the quantum field. 

The creator explains the quantum field or source field as the fabric of reality that connects all the living beings, natural phenomenon, and material objects in the universe. Connecting the software program with the source field lets the users connect with the universal energy, which is beyond time and space. 

With the help of the software, the user need not know the formulas they used. It will run in the background of the software easily. The software was created after 2 years of immense research by Michael De Angelo, with the help of Steve and David. Anyone can use the program to turn their life into a fortunate one, the creator says. 

About the Creator:

Fortune Reading software program is created by Michael De Angelo, a common man who happened to find certain universal secrets and formulas during his visit to Greece. Michael was working as a data entry operator and leading a below-average life with his very small earnings.

His life changed when he met with a heavy accident. After the accident, his life got confined to wheelchairs, and lost all the hopes in life. One of his doctors suggested to him the journey to Greece once he was able to get out of the wheelchairs. 

He was able to explore the energy of the Oracle of Delphi when he was in Athens. He could acquire great knowledge from a humble person he met there. Michale could decode the energy and powerful formulas from the old scriptures from the National Library of Greece. 

The formulas turned Michael’s life miraculously, which was noted by his brother. With the help of his brother and a friend, Michael developed the Fortune Reading software including all the formulas and secrets to help users to get the best oracle reading experience.

What is inside Fortune Reading?

The Fortune Reading software was developed incorporating highly complex quantum equations that are inexplicable. Inside the Fortune Reading software, there are simple and easy-to-use formulas and readings to help users become lucky in their life. The revolutionary software also contains a comprehensive guide that the creator had developed adding the most effective ways to maximize the user’s oracle readings. 

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How does Fortune Reading work?

The Fortune Reading software directly connects with the quantum field or the source field. The quantum field is a fabric of reality that connects everything in the universe with the energy of the universe, which is beyond time and space. By just entering your birthdate and pushing a button, you will be able to get your oracle reading delivered straight from the quantum field. To use the Fortune Reading software, you don’t need to know the formulas and even oracle reading. 

It will give you accurate results within 60 seconds, which will help increase the amount of love, vibrant health, and material abundance pouring into your life instantly. The software works by helping you acquire the ability to see into your own future as a master oracle. It will show you when and where in life you need to make changes. 

Benefits of Fortune Reading:

The Fortune Reading will give you personalized oracle readings that are easy to decipher and leverage. It will help you save yourself from a life of struggles, hardships, and unpredictability. Besides, you can look forward to the following Fortune Reading benefits:

    • Let you live a life filled with vibrant health.
    • An abundance of wealth.
    • Endless gratitude.
    • Deeply fulfilling love.
    • Possibility to avoid potential tragedies and events from consequences.
    • Help you create oracle readings for anyone using their birthdate.
    • See specific details of the future.
    • Material abundance.

Why is Fortune Reading useful?

With the help of expert oracle reading, you will be able to see your future and make changes as necessary. The software is highly useful as it helps you gain abundance and wealth in life. You will be able to avoid unpredictability in life using the Fortune Reading software. Using the software, you will be able to gain the best life, changing the most tragic and hard events from taking place. In fact, the software will turn you into a lucky one!

Is the Fortune Reading program legit?

The Fortune Reading Reviews is a software program that results from Michael’s years of effort and research. As developed based on an individual’s own experience, the software could be trustworthy. You will be able to get instant oracle readings delivered using the software. Besides, the creator is also offering a 365 days money-back guarantee for the users. It also is a factor that adds to the legitimacy of the product.  

Who is this for?

The Fortune Reading virtual oracle software program is for anyone who wants to bring luck into their life. Anyone who wishes to become a master oracle can also go for the program. No matter whether you are an expert in prophetic prediction or divination, you can still use the Fortune Reading software to see your future. 

Pros and cons of Fortune Reading:


  • Let you see and change the future.
  • Helps you make necessary changes in life to gain abundance.
  • Helps you prevent tragedies and mishaps in life.
  • Get access to oracle readings in just 60 seconds.
  • Let you create oracle readings for others using their birthdate.
  • Gives access to highly useful guidebooks.


  • Only available online.
  • Cannot be used for more than 3 people. 

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How much does this cost?

The Fortune Reading software is available for purchase on three different packages and a trial option. 

  • Trial 3 days- $0.99/trial (Worry-Free Cancellation)
  • Monthly- $37/month
  • Yearly- $159.00 One Time
  • Lifetime- $159.00 One time

With all the packages, you will be able to enjoy instant account setup, unlimited daily readings, multi-user accounts for 4, and effortless refunds. Choosing the Lifetime package would be a great idea as it lets you enjoy access to the software for your entire life without making any additional payment. There is a money-back guarantee coverage of 365 days for all the purchases. You will be able to cancel the membership and get 100% of your money back whenever you feel the software is not worthy within 365 days. 

How can you get Fortune Reading Formula in your hands?

The software is available only on the official website. When you buy the Fortune Reading from the official website, you will be able to get access to a comprehensive guide that the creator has developed including the most effective ways to maximize the oracle readings. Apart from that, you will also be able to get 6 guidebooks to help you get the fastest and most beneficial results possible from the readings. 

  • Quickstart Guide.
  • Introduction to Fortune.
  • History of Fortune Telling.
  • Benefits of the Universe.
  • Universal Powers.
  • The Lucky Days Guidebook. 

Fortune Reading Verdict:

Who will say no to a proven trick to change their life? Will you? The Fortune Reading software does the same. It helps you see your future with the help of quantum fields. From Fortune Reading Reviews You will be able to get accurate readings that can help you make even the most difficult decisions in life. With the help of ancient formulas, you will be able to avoid the unpredictability of life.

By just entering your birthdate and pushing a button, you will get instant oracle reading of your life. If the abundance of love, wealth, health, and luck is your goal, the Fortune Reading software is the right choice for you! With a 365 money-back guarantee, you don’t even need to worry about the financial risks of trying the software too!

Click Here To Order The Fortune Reading Software Program From The Official Website

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