Forex Fury Review

Forex Fury Review – Just Another EA Software Or A Game Changer?

This Forex Fury review is mainly for those eagerly looking for a time tested and proven forex trading software that is legitimate and actually works. Have you lost so much money recently to an overhyped forex robot software that didn’t just cut it for you as promised and now about to give up trading forex dream?

Forex Fury Review – Is It Really A Good EA Software?


Our forex fury software review will introduce you to a forex robot that has stood the test of time for five years now and made so many people profitable during those years till today.

In this comprehensive Forex Fury signals review, we will look deeply into such areas as:

  • What is Forex Fury EA software
  • What is the Forex Fury Features
  • What are the Pros and Cons of Forex Fury FX robot Software
  • Forex Fury Results
  • Does Forex Fury really work

Using a forex robot to trade can be difficult if you don’t get the best forest software. As someone interested in the forex market, it is very prudent that you get an expert opinion regarding which automated forex app is currently ranked number one in the forex niche by real user feedback.

Forex Fury Review

As our Forex Fury review thoroughly goes into details covering the aforementioned areas, we do hope that you become highly informed with all the necessary information you will honestly wish to know about the Forex Fury forex robot so that you can decide for yourself whether the Forex Fury software is worth buying or it’s just an outright scam.
Don’t forget this; forex trading is an art and so if you want pips and the profits at extremely low risks, it’s apparent that you get the best forex trading robot and nothing else.

What Is Forex Fury EA Software?

It is an established truth that for many traders, forex robots do play an emphatic role in their daily currency trading routine. Until the emergence of Forex Fury software, the hope of many becoming forex millionaires is fast becoming a mirage.

The Forex Fury EA software is the brainchild of a group of passionate and highly successful currency traders known as Avada Group. With a combined 40+ years of experience trading the currency market very successfully, these team created the Forex Fury app designated to trade between 4-5pm EST in order to take advantage of the lack of volatility during those hours. Thus within 1-2 hours, the software will pick up easy wins and out of the market making automated trading so easy and most profitable to you.

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The Forex Fury software strategy is most suited to the trading of the currency pairs GBPUSD on the 15minures timeframe. From the Forex Fury website, much has not been disclosed about the exclusive strategies being used except that a keen look at the EA reveals that this Forex Fury signal uses a moving average filter and eventually carries out mostly 7 or more trades concurrently.

What is more interesting about this EA is that the first version was released to the currency market in the last few months of 2015. However, with the high positive reviews among its users, the Forex Fury EA has been revamped and made extremely powerful based on customers feedback and it trades quite aggressively with a win rate of 97% and much safer than the first edition.

To boost your confidence in the success trading ability of this automated forex trader, the creators of this robot have done something that has been lacking in the forex robot markers for many years now. Most forex apps launched have vendors showing just screenshots and small sample sizes which most people feel can be faked and would prefer they show verified accounts instead. To put your mind at ease, the Avada Group, have put on their official websites verified live trade sessions for anyone looking to buy the Forex Fury software to see for themselves that indeed this software does work.

What are the Forex Fury Features?

If you have been in the currency trading market for a while and dabbled with the use of automated trading apps, you will agree with us that the power of a forex trading bot is the features it possesses.

By features, we are referring to those powerful capabilities the Forex Fury is built with. By virtue of its features, it’s regarded as the ultimate forex robot trader by other Forex Fury reviews as well as many satisfied users who have benefited immensely from its use.

Below are some notable features are taken from the Forex Fury website by our forex review team to help you understand additional functions of this groundbreaking forex app:

Notable Forex Fury Forex Robot Features

  • It is compatible with FIFO, NFA and MT4 Build 600+
  • It’s thoroughly tested and Proven Settings with new settings always in development for improvement
  • With a Drawdown Under 20%, it’s a Low-Risk Trading Strategy
  • It comes with Full Guide and Videos which makes the Installation Easy in 5 Minutes
  • Perfect for Multiple Currency Pairs
  • ECN Support
  • Works with any MT4 Trading Brokerage
  • Highly Effective for Money Management to Ensure Sustainable Growth

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 What are the Pros and Cons of Forex Fury FX Software?

Our review so far has introduced you to the Forex Fury software. We have elaborated more on some of its features that makes it stand out among other currency bots on the market. Despite the positive reviews about this forex robot, we will be honest to acknowledge that regardless of how well something is spoken of a much closer look will show that out of all the positives, there may be some few negatives which some partial Forex Fury reviews wouldn’t be comfortable sharing. For that matter, knowing both the pros and cons of the Forex Fury signal is needful if you are considering buying this software from Forex Fury website.

Forex Fury EA Software PROS 

  • It is compatible with NFA, FIFO and any MT4 Trading Brokerage
  • It’s fully automatic. This means that you don’t need any knowledge about currency trading to use our successful forex robot strategy
  • Potential higher profits than traditional investments
  • It takes advantage of low volatility time so you can rake in quick profit in just an hour
  • It takes just 5 Minutes to install and comes with videos and full guide
  • It uses a Low-Risk Strategy with a Drawdown of 20%
  • It’s capable of trading Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Providing you with proven track records and results of 93% winnings with verified myfxbook accounts that can be trusted to back its reliability to produce profit consistently
  • It is highly effective for money management to ensure sustainable growth
  • You get full-time customer services for the product available to you through our website
  • Pay One-time use forever without paying for updates

Forex Fury Software CONS

  • At a starting cost of more than $200 for the gold Forex Fury, the price may not be affordable to those now starting out in the industry
  • It trades only 1 hour a day

Forex Fury Customer Reviews

Forex Fury Results

With our review already indicating that most forex trading apps lack real results to back up their claims with the exception of Forex Fury EA, we will now look into some of Forex Fury results. It is a fact that the forex is proliferated with many forex software scams. Despite the many prevailing scams, there are some companies who are trying hard to come clean and help both amateur and pro traders to continue being profitable.

To prove to their readers that their forex robot work, the team behind Forex Fury website used one of the best websites that verify trading account in the currency market myfxbook.

If you are one of those who loves to verify everything to ensure its legitimacy before making a buying decision then just take a closer look at how the Forex Fury system performed in one of their live accounts as verified by myfxbook by clicking on each of the images below to take you to myfxbook to see the live results for yourself.

A critical look at the result from myfxbook website should tell you how aggressive this forex bot is yet still profitable because of its low-risk scalping trading approach.

Does Forex Fury really work?

The answer whether or not Forex Fury works should be known to you as you have read through our unbiased Forex Fury software review to this point. As per our opinion, for a company to be that open to not only show screenshots of supposed trading profit but allowing a third party company to verify their forex robot trading account should mean something good to you if you have lost money in forex software scams before.

In addition to the verification, there are many real forum user testimonials on the Forex Fury website for you to verify for yourself.


To conclude of Forex Fury review we would like to suggest that with the Forex Fury price starting at $230 for Gold license and $340 for the Diamond license we highly recommend that you buy this software because many reviews in forex forums have indicated that making profit with this bot is possible with very low risk.

To be very honest, we do believe that Forex Fury software is not a bad investment to try. You can test it out by trying the basic license to see how it spans out. With just a onetime investment, you can use the profit scooped from the Gold license to buy the diamond license so that you can increase your profit margin pretty fast.


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