5 Working Facebook Advertising Strategies To Boost Your Sales In 2020

Facebook advertisements are useful to grow your businesses, as they target exact audiences. Do you want to know 5 crazy facebook advertising tricks to boost your sales In 2020?  Are your Facebook ad methods working out as you expected? Let me tell you, Facebook is a great advertisement platform and if you are not seeing success then you are not doing things the right way. Facebook ads in 2019 have led many into the path of success.

Working Facebook Advertising Tricks To Boost Your Sales


Facebook is a fantastic platform for business owners to get a larger audience to see their products. And what’s more, Facebook advertising tricks also allows you to get the right kind of audience through targeting. You might have read about various Facebook advertising tips and strategies, some very impractical and some just look good in words but actually does nothing. It’s important that you use the right tricks or your product can be a complete no-show out there.

Here is how you can crush Facebook in 2020, get the right audience and bring them back into your website. Try our 5 Crazy Facebook Advertising Tricks to Boost Your Sales in 2020. Here are your answers to, how to get sales from Facebook ads? how to get the most out of Facebook ads? Etc.


1. Use a Video Advert

Using video advert to promote your product on Facebook would ensure that you right the right people. The algorithm is designed in such a way so that it prioritizes video content. It’s just not that, video contents are just more engaging than a mere image. According to the statistics, more than half of Facebook users spend time watching videos on the Facebook platform every single day. Also unless the users have turned off the auto video play option,  your video will automatically start playing. If the content is engaging enough, there is a higher chance that the user might actually stop and watch.

If you have a running product you can also add small demo clips into this video so that the viewer can see your product in action.

2. Multi-Product Carousel

Make the most out of Facebooks multi-product carousel advert. Why we stress on using the feature- This particular advert decreases your cost but increases your click-through-rate:

How Facebook Advertising Tricks Boost Your Sales? Here let me explain, Let’s not deny, this feature is very interactive and intriguing, once you put a catchy first image, the customers will automatically scroll through for more, as it gets interesting they would automatically swipe up or click and play on it. This is one fine way to draw attention and engage people.

If you have a group of products, that works better when put together, you can make the most out of this feature to actually introduce the products and tell the story or how multiple products interact with one another.

Also if you have multiple products or a product that can be used in multiple ways, you can utilize this feature to show them the various products for different prices or ways to use the same product. This gives the customers better reasons to click. Do you still have any doubts about this topic, an in-depth analysis of how to boost your sales through Facebook Advertising 2020 is clearly explained in this section?

tricks for facebook advertising

3. Facebook ‘Offers’

Discounts always attract customers. The bigger the discount, the more the customers click. Customers are much more likely to click when you offer a discount. “Facebook offer ads” can help create enticing adverts. You can also set objectives such as Traffic, Conversions or Store Visits using the Facebook Advertising manager option.  Also if you haven’t noticed, what makes Facebook offer ads special is that the potential customers need not have to leave the page to redeem them. This makes the gap from clicking to sale much less.

Once the user clicks on the ad, they will be given a unique code, which can then be used on your business website.  Also, Facebook uses a method known as “social proof”, a method of showcasing the number of people who have already claimed the offer. This helps in spiking the interests of new as well as existing customers easily.

4. Targeting

Facebook I think is so far one of the best platforms for getting a targeted audience.  Conversation too becomes easier when you can channel the right kind of audience: Facebook records the demographic and location data of most of its users as well as collects their interests, hobbies, and jobs making it’s very useful for advertising in business owners.  Apart from that on Facebook, you can target the audience by, categorizing them as website visitors, email subscribers, behaviors, On Their Income, By The Age Of Their Children, relationship status, etc.

Working Facebook Advertising Tricks To Boost Your Sales

5. A white background always works

According to the results, as conducted by various advertising experts, they have concluded that a white background drives in more clicks.  White is an attractive color that draws attention and plays out the eyes. A white background also makes the main object stand out. Try that out and see the clicks coming your way.

If you believe in the profits from the Facebook advertisements, experiment with the above given crazy tricks. There are my top 5 crazy facebook advertising tricks to boost your sales. Try them and let us your experience in the comments. In case of any queries regarding this, leave them in the comment section below and we will try our best to reach out to you.

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