EyeSlick review

EyeSlick Review- A Social Media Platform With E-Com Functionality?

Before explaining the technical aspects in this EyeSlick review, firstly, let me introduce Catherine. Catherine is a homemaker. Her family, including her husband and two kids, were leading a healthy life, yet struggling to make both ends meet.

It was from her friend Helen, a Software Engineer that Catherine came to know about EyeSlick even though she was reluctant to be a digital user, her determination to succeed made herself engaged in the EyeSlick tool.

EyeSlick Review – The New Face Of Digital Marketing!


Everyone drenched in the ongoing trend of gleaming Social Media may not know that tomorrow is going to change the future of how you use social media? Here is how EyeSlick can be one of the most challenging and one of the most powerful platforms, which is sure to rewrite history.

EyeSlick review

Product Title EyeSlick 
Language English
Creator Cindy Donovan
Category Social Platform
Price $67
Official Website Click Here

EyeSlick is a successful video marketing platform that received $1 million in VC funding before the launch went live. It’s able to create or curate a video and being able to sell them from just inside the platform.  EyeSlick merges both video and retail and helps you create a relaxed yet highly profitable way to allow you to make a profit from Social Media in 3 easy steps.


2 – USE OUR COPY/PASTE TOOLS and training

3PROFIT – Make profit from videos even though if they are not yours.

Feeling if I had missed something? No. It’s that much easy.

Please continue reading the EyeSlick review for a better understanding.

EyeSlick software is the next level live streaming software that allows you to sell products, create channels, and broadcast your stream towards audiences who can pay you to view videos.

  • Here channel creators can Sell Products being live on video.
  • Sell the videos of them if required.
  • Upload pre mode videos.
  • Sell physical as well as digital products.
  • Sell their products for individual, small or large groups, and charge automatically per minute.
  • They can even earn money from the donations made on the platform.

Today Catherine is making a few thousand dollars per month just by monetizing video channels (both which she had made and also downloaded from YouTube) by just uploading it in EyeSlick.

About EyeSlick

EyeSlick is a revolutionary new video platform with inbuilt e-com functionality. This platform provides you with a bundle of options to choose from. You can stream live video from your computer or mobile phone, iTunes/play store apps, or upload prerecorded videos or even import from YouTube and upload to EyeSlick.

How Does EyeSlick Work?

EyeSlick is an online video platform where anyone who had never made money online can make money online easily. This EyeSlick review is going to change the future of social media because it’s easy to use, and so even a person with basic computer knowledge can take advantage of it and make a reasonable income.

Let’s go through the main menus of EyeSlick one by one.

Step 1 – Login

It helps other users to know about you, such as your experience and level. Also, gives a quick summary of your account.

Step 2 – What’s inside this Menu?

The menu panel has many options like My Channel, Focus List, Channel settings, Messages, My Payments, My Purchases, Profile settings, My partners, etc.

My Channel – In this section, you will be able to find all the videos and products that you’ve linked to your accounts.

Focus List

This is where you can preview/copy/share your channel or set up your channel info. Here you can

Preview your channel

Add a title/description

Choose channel industry

Add new categories

Set exclusive call price

Select Channel status

Schedule Broadcasting


My Payments

Profile settings

Step 3

Start monetizing your channel with this platform now by selling live video Access, uploading and selling any videos, earn margin when receiving donations.

What does it include?

Inside this offer, you will get a bundle of extra training and DFY sources to find the best channels to create. Also, a 5% founder’s royalty-free bonus included as a part of your front end purchase.

Includes FaceBook ads, banners for Instagram, and even highly professional videos which you need just to paste and make profits.

As mentioned in EyeSlick review, Exclusive training materials include step by step videos showing how to make big profits with just 5 minutes of work.

EyeSlick Downloadable PDFs provided so that you can take the hard copies and keep it as a book for reference.

About EyeSlick Creator 

Cindy Donovan

Cindy Donovan, a talented software developer along with Wildfire concepts, created the EyeSlick app. During her 12 years of expertise, she had done some digital marketing along with some achievements which are admiring. She has a long track record of creating useful and quality marketing tools for a wide variety of applications. The creation of EyeSlick indeed became a turning point in the life of the author and is an exciting product. Affiliate marketing products are notorious for having created with pen names and fake owners. Cindy Donovan herself stood in front of the product to make people convinced about its authenticity. This, in turn, has helped the whole world understand and evaluate the product extensively.

EyeSlick Pros and Cons

Now in this EyeSlick review let’s go through the positive and negative aspects, unlike other products.


  • EyeSlick comes with a justifying price.
  • It’s a stable and unique platform.
  • Robust tools
  • a great way to expand your marketing business.


  • Limited Access
  • Some upsell

EyeSlick Pricing and Bonuses

EyeSlick comes with 2 featured plans. One is the EyeSlick starter pack and the other is the EyeSlick ultimate system.

EyeSlick starter pack – $37

  • The starter pack includes 3 EyeSlick channels.
  • Easy to use at market place, product publisher and a good money-making system.
  • One-Click YouTube video importer.
  • Live video recorder and upload function.
  • IPhone & Android apps + PC/Mac.
  • Step by step video training library.
  • Bonus lives webinar event.

EyeSlick ultimate system – $67

  • 25 EyeSlick channels
  • Easy to use market place/product publisher, tips/rewards and money-making system.
  • One-click video youtube importer for youtube.
  • Live video recorder and upload function.
  • Supports iPhone and Android apps + PC/Macs
  • Step by step video training library
  • Bonus lives webinar event.
  • Reseller royalties ADD ON
  • Automatically receive 5% payments on sales on the platform for channels you give away.
  • Inbuilt Automated Traffic ADD ON
  • Benefit from our end for your traffic bonus as we use the $1M in invested capital to grow EyeSlick to the next major social media platform.

EyeSlick software

EyeSlick OTO

Front End ($19.97 – $47.00)

Customers will be given licenses with the option to:

  • Create EyeSlick channels, listing as many digital /physical products as they like or
  • Sell or give away licenses for users to create e-commerce and traffic enabled video channels.
  • Customers will earn 5% founders royalty fees on every sale the channel creator earns either from sales of physical e-com goods or phone coaching/live video sales or any other way the channel provider monetizes their channel.
  • The sales are limited to 10,000 license bundles and will no more be available. This is not a created scarcity.
  • The purchases are protected by a 30 days money-back guarantee. If ever you find that EyeSlick’s V tail platform is not for you as long as it’s within the first 30 days, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You are eligible for 100% money back as per the assured guarantee.

OTO 1 – EyeSlick Agency tool kit ($67.00)

Channel Targeting Cheatsheets.

6 spreadsheets with break downs of all channel subcategories and relevant professions they can approach to give away channels.

6 Part Video Training Series

Exclusive high-value content

  • PDF Companion documents
  • Promo resource bundle

Includes email swipe series, professional made video ads, made for you and create with source code, powerpoint presentation and follow p scripts if they want to give the channels away to offline business people or over the phone.

OTO 2 – EyeSlick VIP Membership ($97 or split pay options)

Channels created will be given lifetime pro status which is having benefits like

  • Not limited so that you can add any number of products per channel.
  • Record and publish up to 10 hours of video content on their channel.
  • Advertisement free

Advertising will be added to the platform after 4 weeks of launch.

Any channel invites you to give away will upgrade your results to pro for 6 months. (They can sell more and so you can earn more).

  • Eye Stick pool included

OTO 3 – EyeSlick Agency Plus ($297)

  • Boosts earning with an extra 3% of the revenue.
  • 20% discount on purchasing future invites.
  • Channel invites get $20 instead of $10 as a bonus of inviting people to EyeSlick.

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Let’s conclude EyeSlick review by explaining what vTail is. The term vTail is the abbreviated form of Video Retail, a new simplified system, unlike anything you’ve seen before that helps you to make profits with video, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, social media platform, etc. In 2018, 1.92 billion people had purchased goods digitally and availed online services.

vTail is one of the most profitable ways where one can reach, engage, and sell products online. Social video, live or via hosted sites like YouTube and Vimeo are the best kinds. Research suggests that e-commerce is about to reach $20 trillion shortly. Online retail opportunity is one of the most preferred marketing tools in the future and one which is not to be ignored. EyeSlick is the first and only Vtail platform.

It doesn’t matter what niche they are. EyeSlick can be a game-changer.

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