Build A Container Home Review

Build A Container Home Review – A Complete Construction Guide Exposed!

Welcome to Build a Container Home review. Building your own home from scratch is something that many people dream of. For many of us, though, it is a dream that’s out of reach. Construction costs being what they are, building your dream home can be expensive.

It’s a problem that Warren Thatcher’s eBook, Build a Container Home review promises to solve. According to Thatcher, all you need is the book to get you started on creating your own home out of a container.

Build A Container Home Review | Warren Thatcher’s eBook Worth Buying?


Is this a viable solution, though? Does the book really give you all the information you need? Is the Build a Container Home book any good? These are all things that we’ll consider in this Build a Container Home review.

Build A Container Home Review

Book Title Build A Container Home
Language English
Author Warren Thatcher
Category Home Building Guide
Price $47
Official Website

Benefits of building a Container Home

It might sound a little crazy at first. After all, who wants to live in a shipping container? When I first saw this book, I thought it was a little nut. I was, however, intrigued, so I decided to do some research.

Surprisingly enough, I found that there are a lot of container home projects out there. Containers are perfect for creating modular homes in cities where space is at a premium. The containers can easily be stacked to add extra space as needed.

You’re not limited to using just one container either – there are several configurations that you can use to create the spacious home you require.

So, while I admit to approaching this Build a Container Home review with preconceived notions, I was warming up to the idea.

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Build A Container Home Review

There are quite a few benefits to using shipping containers:

  • Safety: Containers are built to take some serious knocks and are weatherproof. Even in the case of an earthquake, the container will hold up well. You’re getting a strong home that’s safe as well.
  • Saves you money: The next thing to consider is the cost of building materials. With a container, you already have the basic walls in place. All that needs to be done is to anchor the container. It’s far less expensive building a home this way.
  • Customization options are endless: Want a large tower in the home to get a better look at the view? Place a container on one of its shorter ends. Use one container or add several to get the size home you like.
  • Build-in stages: Another benefit is that you can easily build in stages. Maybe all you need now is one building. Great. When you start a new family, you might decide to add another. Build onto the home as and when you need to.
  • Less time to build it: It will take a lot less time to build one of these structures than it would a brick and mortar home. That’s because most of the infrastructure is there already.

About the Creator of the Book

Warren Thatcher is a designer and home builder. He’s been using containers in his designs for around about 14 years now. He claims that his book will help you to design a container home and also build it at the best possible price.

He’s drawn on his personal experience, and that is what finally convinced me that this book was going to provide some useful information, and a Build a Container Home review was worth writing.

Advantages of Build a Container Home PDF

Surely it can’t be that difficult to build a shipping container home? After all, don’t you just plonk it down and go from there? That’s essentially what they do when it comes to offices on construction sites.

On paper, it’s a good theory. In practice, when you’re creating a permanent structure, a lot more thought must go into the project. This becomes especially important when you’re using more than one container. If they’re not placed correctly, you risk the whole lot crashing down.

If you aim to build shipping container homes with plans, then you’ll need a bit more help. How do you make the home shock-proof? Where do you install the ventilator? These are all questions that a beginner might not know.

They’re also examples of the insider tips that the build your own shipping container home step-by-comprehensive step guide in Warren’s home construction book pdf will teach you. You’ll really learn to build a container home step by step. The Build a Container Home book offers more useful information, too such as:

  • Legal requirements are comprehensively
  • There’s a useful list of suppliers so that you get your container at the best price.
  • It contains actual plans that you can use.
  • It also contains step-by-step guides for installing electricity and so on.
  • You get a full list of 15 additional layouts with all the measurements you need.

Why is Build a Container Home Useful?

This book should be titled, “Shipping Container Homes: Your Guidebook for Plans Design and Ideas.” It not only covers the practical aspects of building a container home but also gives you inspiration for your own designs.

Pros and Cons of Build a Container Home


  • You get a thorough explanation step by step
  • All diagrams are to scale and easy to understand
  • There are some excellent industry insider tips
  • The level of detail is outstanding
  • You get a lot of inspiration


  • You don’t see the interiors of the homes
  • The author does use a lot of jargon
  • There should be a glossary of terms used

Build A Container Home book review

Is Build a Container Home a Scam?

It all seems so easy, doesn’t it? You’d think it would be harder to build your dream home. I was skeptical at first, as well. To be completely honest, when I first saw this book advertised, I thought that this Build a Container Home review would go a completely different way.

I was convinced that it would prove to be a scam. As it was, though, this Build a Container Home review gets to end on a more positive note. This book is a valuable source of information, and it’s not a scam.

Build A Container Home Reviews

Build a Container Home – Does It Really Work?

The upshot is that I entered this Build a Container Home review with the idea of exposing a scam. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book was actually useful. I loved the different design ideas and the attention to detail in the book.

Everything is explained step by step, and you have accurate drawings to help you implement it. Now, in all honesty, you could probably design your own container building reasonably easy once you understand the basic concepts.

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Why this Build a Container Home review turned out overwhelmingly positive was because of all the expert tips and tricks. I learned a lot and, try as I might, I couldn’t find a lot of these tips on other sites.

As you know, I’m all about giving my readers my honest opinions. That’s why, after checking out the book itself, I scoured the internet to see if I could recommend a site where this information was posted for free or could find a Build a Container Home pdf free download.

I couldn’t find a single site that offered all the resources that this e-book does. For me, then, this book is well worth the cost. It’ll pay for itself as soon as your project starts. More importantly, it will help you avoid costly mistakes in the process. I’m ending off this Build a Container Home review with a four-star rating.


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