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How To Achieve E-A-T Quality On Ecommerce Websites? Tips To Follow!

In this age of increasing digitization, search engines have to deal with a plethora of eCommerce websites and scour their content to find what search users are looking for. The algorithm that does this process has been revamped quite a few times, to ensure that users are getting the best out of the experience and that only credible sites are making it to the searches and a standard of quality is maintained.

Tips To Achieve E-A-T Quality On Ecommerce Websites

As a result, Google came out with a quality checklist to ensure that only the right content shows up on its search engine. This is referred to as the EAT quality, which stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. So, how do you ensure that your eCommerce website also adheres to these quality regulations, so that it achieves a higher rank on organic search results? 

Ecommerce Websites

  • Improve usability – 

The user’s experience plays a huge role in maintaining EAT quality. This can be done by improving your eCommerce usability, by putting yourself in a visitor’s shoes while designing the website. Make use of aesthetically pleasing designs, and provide for easy navigation features, so that your customers do not have a hard time wading through your content. Optimize all your pages, and ensure to collate all your resources in one spot, so that customers have access to them all, and so that it isn’t all over the place. 

  • Optimize your link – 

Securing your link with HTTPS is a great way to ensure you achieve the T in EAT, which is trustworthiness. This is because HTTPS is much more secure than the normal one, and prevents any server glitches or data loss. As a result, you will even be able to receive an SSL certificate, which is not only a stamp of approval from Google but from your users as well. So, pay close attention to your link by optimizing it, and ensuring that customers are easily able to be diverted to your site. 

  • Capitalize on backlinks – 

Backlinks are a great way to gain the trust of search engines. Having your backlink on highly credible websites is a great way to increase your digital presence, and as a result, prove to the algorithm that your eCommerce website is a credible one. Try to collaborate with as many big sites for backlinks, and keep your work extremely creative, so that you can get some voluntary backlinks as well. 

  • Engage with your customers – 

Engaging with your customers is a great way to prove to search engines that your sole motto is to serve your customers, and that your eCommerce website is accessible as well as worth investing trust in. Try to be as engaging as possible, by setting up review sections, features to gain feedback from customers, options for them to reach you in case of any mistakes, FAQs, signing them up for email marketing or newsletters, et cetera, to be as engaging as possible and gain their trust as well as the algorithms. 

  • Create credible content – 

When it comes down to it, search engines simply want to ensure that users are presented with the right content at the right time. So, strategize how and what kind of content you are here to create. Make use of the right keywords, and pay attention to the layout of your content to make it as engaging as possible. You can even dabble in video content since it improves your odds of featuring in the top 100 search results by almost 70%. 


EAT quality can be achieved by making a few tweaks to your website. Try to be as credible and no-nonsense as possible, conduct regular technical audits to secure your website, and keep in touch with your buyers as much as possible. Adopt the above-mentioned methods, and more, to ensure that you truly leave a mark in search engines, and thus improve traffic to your site. 


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