E- Commerce Common risks and Their Solutions

E- Commerce Common risks and Their Solutions: Online Business Risks!

E-Commerce Common risks and Their Solutions: Security Alert! Prior to launching an e-commerce business, ensure to go through some serious risks of an e-Commerce platform.

E-Commerce Common risks and Their Solutions: How To Avoid Them?


You should pay attention to some of the common risks and solutions listed below before it gets too late. 

E- Commerce Common risks and Their Solutions


Nowadays, e-commerce businesses are more prone to online security breaches. This includes website hacking, stealing product information and passwords, etc. Moreover, many attackers hack the company website and steal sensitive information. 

So, it is necessary to have strong e-commerce website security to protect the breach of online business security. 


Below are suggested some of the best practices that help you protect your business:

  • Remove the older database records and keep minimal data in your records online. 
  • Must ensure to have end-to-end encryption and SSL certification to protect your data.
  • Ask your web development service provider company for the security of your website. 

SEO Ranking 

SEO ranking is one of the most common risks for any e-commerce business that affects you directly by lowering sales. 

Low SEO ranking means low traffic to your website means the number of people visiting your site is less. Hence drop in sales. 

Always remember that Google changes its algorithm and process of ranking websites regularly. Hence, it calls to focus on digital marketing, too, for running an e-commerce business


Scams of credit or debit cards for the transaction

E-commerce is at higher risk of falling prey to stolen cards and their information. Many use a stolen card to make the payment, and your online security is such that it can catch any suspicious transaction. 


For preventing the fraudulent of transactions and cards, ensure to take some steps that include:

  • Ensure that your business identity and data are encrypted well, which protects the data from being stolen. 
  • You must have PCI compliant, which protects the credit cardholder data and maintains the firewall. 
  • Have SSL certificates to protect the data and information of credit cardholders. 

Disputes with clients and refund

Due to the improper functioning of e-commerce websites, sometimes customers are charged twice, or they don’t get their orders on time, and sometimes it is seen that the wrong product has been delivered to the customers; customers can claim refunds. But, this causes jitters to the e-commerce business in managing the disputed orders. 


  • Check the shipment to avoid delivery of the wrong product. 
  • Use a tracking number system and provide it to the customer to easily access their orders. 
  • Use barcode scanners to avoid payment-related errors.

Non-appealing customer service

E-commerce businesses run with satisfied customers and their positive feedback. Any rude or unprofessional behavior towards the customer can hurt your business. Either it is wrong delivery or an issue of refund. 


Before overcoming the customers and making them happy; keep these points in mind:

  • Be polite with your customers.
  • Always welcome your customer’s queries and respond to them satisfactorily.
  • Apologize for your mistakes. 
  • Provide accurate and on-time deliveries.
  • Try to exceed the expectations of your customer.

Poor Authentication Method

The e-commerce businesses which have very basic authentication methods are more likely to be the victim of phishing. 

Nowadays, using user ID and password is a basic type of authentication that anyone can easily steal. 


  • Using multi-factor authentication method 
  • This will add an extra protection layer and ask for some verification code other than ID and passwords. 

A mentioned in the article., E-Commerce Common risks and Their Solutions: All the above-written risks and their solutions can help protect you from alarming security issues and their risks. 

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