Dominating e-commerce In 2021

Dominating e-commerce In 2021 – Beneficial For Small Businesses!

Ever since the birth of technology and the internet, goods, and services have stepped into the online platform to boost their sales instead of conventional marketing techniques. 

E-commerce has been the best companion of marketing for decades. 

Over the years, the sector has evolved massively thus enabling the growth of countless brands resulting in changing consumer dynamics. 

Mobile e-commerce is the new ruler of the business industry


Amazon is known to have kickstarted the journey of mobile e-commerce followed by thousands and thousands of various firms which continues to this day.

The age of androids clearly paved the way for desktop e-commerce to shift to mobile version.

Dominating e-commerce In 2021

With the busy and fast-moving lives, no one barely has the time to spend hours in front of a PC to look for the desired product and services. 

With the increased number of mobile users, consumers find it easier to shop via the smaller device which enables quicker interactions with various apps and sites at the same time from anywhere at any given time. 

Marketers have shifted their traditional marketing focus by tracking the user’s engagements with various apps and websites to advertise their products on the right platform to boost maximum sales. 

This mostly includes social media and online games as these are used at immense levels on a day to day basis and has increased to a great extent in the past year. 

2020 witnessed Covid-19 influencing online marketing at the global level!

2020 literally saw the whole world turn upside down. With lockdowns resulting in every building being shut down, the internet became the only safe place to interact.

Every industry shifted to the online platform to continue functioning. 

Be it clothes, groceries, food, home appliances, medicines, etc companies saw the biggest boost in their products and services via mobile e-commerce this year as people began spending their time more on these devices as a result of being at home 24/7. 

2021 might be a great future for e-commerce

While many marketplaces and companies had to shut down due to the global pandemic, e-commerce witnessed its best growth last year as a result of the same reason.

As per the market research portal Statista, 2 billion people are expected to buy goods online in 2021.

  • A major e-commerce factor to always ensure is the payment options. 

With more and more consumers resorting to the online mode of purchasing, payment options are an important factor that drives the consumer’s final decision. 

Without the desired payment options, a potential consumer may even leave your brand and choose another. 

  • Online educational materials are gaining more and more consumers especially due to the massive shift of the face-to-face learning mode in the previous year due to the pandemic.  

2021 and the following years have great potential for digital learning. 

Selling educational tools and training programs online have a huge possibility of making great profits due to the growing number of e-learners. 

  • Online grocery shopping will continue to have increased consumers as the pandemic’s effects are most likely to not fully recover soon for people to visit marketplaces. 
  •  Selling beauty products, clothes, and home appliances are bound to make huge sales as people all around the world have already adjusted to the only mode of purchasing, which is online. 

This can be very beneficial for small businesses as they are likely to get good exposure and sales considering the massive online consumers within the past year. Do check our Kibo Code Quantum post to explore the benefits that can offer.

2020’s industry and consumer shift were intense! People have well adapted to shopping just through a click, being at home. 

Despite the world slowly returning back to normal, e-commerce has been bestowed with the great opportunity to grow at its best in 2021 and the years after.

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