Does Thought Manifestation Actually Work? How Does It Work?

Does Thought Manifestation Actually Work? How Does It Works?

First thing first. Manifestation can be done and with greater success. But have you ever tried your hand at thought manifestation? Or do you find it difficult to manifest the things you desire to have in your life? If yes, then you need not worry. Initially, it can be tricky to comprehend how manifestation works. Nevertheless, as soon as you begin to get your head around it, manifestation becomes like second nature to you.

Does Thought Manifestation Actually Work? How Does It Work?


Manifestation is the process where you pick an idea, a vision, a dream, or a goal and turn it into reality. It is about what you truly want and have faith in that experience so that it can become your reality. You can use the practice of manifestation to attract whatever your heart truly desires, such as a prospering business, better health, a healthy relationship, etc.

Does Thought Manifestation Actually Work? How Does It Work?

When you align your energy with the universe, there are no limits to what you can achieve. Manifestation has been quite a popular topic since movies like ‘The Secret’ have been made. Even though humans have the in-built ability to manifest things they desire, there are people out there who have problems manifesting whatever they want. There can be any reason why their thought manifestation is not working.

  • Lack of faith– At times, people wish for something that does not seem to be believable, like making a million dollars in a week. Sure, they might win a lottery or receive a hefty inheritance. But in the end, making a million dollars in a week does not sound believable. So if you don’t have complete faith in what you want to manifest, it might not work.
  • Too Specific– Sometimes, people desire for specific things, such as a relationship with a particular person. That means you are trying to use manifestation to get that person in a relationship with you, even if he or she doesn’t want it. Instead, you need to manifest for the person with the right qualities and the universe will bring that person into your path.
  • Other People Involved – While it is easier to manifest anything you want when you live in solitude. But when there are so many people around you, and they all want one or the other thing, manifestation can be difficult.


How does manifestation works?

Sometimes, it feels like it would take a lot of time for you to manifest what you want in your life. However, there are ways through which you can quicken the process. Here are a few steps to make your manifestation work:

  • Pick what you wish to manifest yourself

You need to choose a wish that you want to manifest and make real. However, only wishing for something is not enough. You need to trust that you can attain it. When you decide on something to manifest, ask yourself, if your heart is into it, how it will benefit you, do you feel right about it, will it be good for you and others or not, etc. So decide whatever you want and truly put your heart into it and believe that you can get what you have wished for.

  • Remove what stands between you and your desire 

If something is standing between you and your heart’s most coveted desire, get rid of it. If factors such as negative thoughts, toxic or malicious people, etc. are holding you back from achieving what you want, keep away from them. Use different tactics to keep your mindset positive and have faith in what you desire. Just have some patience as there is always a right time for everything with the right reason. Keep believing and don’t let anything hold you back.

  • Envision what you wish to manifest

Once, you have decided what you want, visualize it. You can go to a quiet place and visualize it. Concentrate on that thing and see it in your mind. Try to make it as real as possible and try to feel it almost like it is real. Just visualize the result that you wish for.

  • Take steps to make your wish true 

Your true intent and determination will do the job for manifestation to take place. However, if you feel like doing something or have an intuition to do so that will help with your manifestation process, do it. Just give an extra push to empower your manifestation. If your wish is not coming true, go back to earlier steps to see where you went wrong.

  • Appreciate what you get anyways

You should appreciate what you have got at the end of your manifestation. It can make a significant contribution to your future manifestations. It is always easy to forget once you have got what you want. Connect your visualizations with current experiences and see how far you have come.

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