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The bioenergy code comes from the basic teachings of the ancient chakras that focus on neuroscience. The bioenergy code aims to activate your bioenergy that is present in everyone. The switch can be locked or closed due to various traumas, atrocities that you have been through in your life. The main objective of this program is to discover the greatness that is hidden within you to become a better person.

The bioenergy code uses a 30 minute audio medication program. After listening to the audio for a few days, you begin to feel quite happy, calm, and feeling good about yourself. Based on bioenergy code verification, your audio is programmed to remove the forces blocking your bioenergy.

The Bioenergy Code Maker

Angela Carter is the creator of this incredible show. She had many difficulties in her life and it was very difficult for her to overcome them. So she decided to take a trip to Nepal to see elephants. During her stay in Kathmandu, she met a gentleman, Mr. Anthony, who, in the dismay she was in, saw her ray of hope.

After she told him her story about all her troubles, he went to ask her three questions.

The first question was, did she know that trauma was stored in the cells of the body? She went on to explain that trauma is stored not only in memories but also in the cells of the body.
The second question she asked was that she knew something about Generation Trauma. This is the trauma that is passed from one generation to the next.
The third and most important question she asked was: Would you like to know about a switch that will help you resolve all of your trauma? She explained the bioenergy switch and its uses.
He later gave her an audio recording and asked her to listen to it for 30 minutes every day. After 3-4 days, Angela Carter was so happy and motivated that she and Anthony agreed to share this knowledge with the world. It should be noted here that a portion of the money they earned from the sale of the program will be donated to

The Bioenergy Code Reviews

When you start listening to 30 minutes of audio, it will go through 9 phases as follows.

Say hello to energy
In this phase you put the audio frequencies in a meditative state. Audio contains 2 frequencies that lead to such a condition: one is the 432 Hz frequency and the other is the God frequency, which is 39.17 Hz.

Root chakra
This will help you identify areas in your life where you feel threatened and less safe. The root chakra is strongly linked to bioenergy.

Sacral chakra
This phase helps you visualize your relationships, feelings of joy, and satisfaction while flowing unobstructed.

Solar plexus chakra
This phase focuses on removing the obstacles that block your happiness and inner will to achieve your goals. After overcoming this hurdle, return to your best self.

Heart chakra
This phase speaks of love blocked by disappointment, breakup, and high expectations. This phase tells you how the love around you is waiting for you to find it.

Throat chakra
This phase helps you stop lying and tell the truth. It tells us that if you want to please everyone, it is difficult to tell the truth. After this stage, you don’t care what others say about you.

Third eye chakra
We have been brought up in such a way that we begin to doubt ourselves. In this phase, doubt is replaced by trust. This phase will help you a lot to move on in life.

Crown chakra
As adults, we are brought up to understand individuality. In this phase you will feel that you are whole again with the help of the energies of the universe.

Service extension
This final phase will help you to realize where you are in life before beginning meditation. It will also help you convey what you felt during those 30 minutes.

After this phase you return to your conscious phase. If you have felt a change in these phases, your bioenergy center has already activated at the end of 30 minutes.

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