Best Guild Name Ideas

Best Guild Name Ideas 2020 – What Is Right For You!

A “Guild” is characterized as an association of merchants and craftsmen. This association is established for mutual assistance, protection, and to realize professional interests. They flourished between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries in Europe.

The Guild formed an integral part of the social and economic fabric in that period. It can be cool, hilarious, splendid, or smart. Finding the best guild names requires a good amount of brainstorming. This article will tell you ways to find the most appropriate guild name that suits your objective.

Things To Avoid When Choosing a Guild Name


Best Guild Name Ideas

A lot of people make mistakes when choosing a guild name. In this section, we will help you avoid them through your name selection process.

  • Overused names

Many people prefer a well-known name or phrase for their guild, but it is nowhere to make your guild popular like them. In other words, using popular names would not make your association stand out.

  • Abbreviations

Another mistake that you must avoid is using the abbreviated name. (Great Supporters of Green) would go better than the abbreviation (GSN). People would not know what this abbreviation means and can’t relate to it. Due to which they would not be much willing to be a part of it.

A guild name should be self-explanatory and compelling for people to join it.  Avoid abbreviations that are vague and do not provide any detail to players about your type of association. Abbreviations can work for established guilds that have a long list of followers but not for new associations.

  • Use of All caps

Some people prefer using all capital letters to make their guild bold, more impactful, and pronounced. This is not true. It can be quite off-putting and distracting. Not every person would want to associate with such guilds that are so loud and showy. Keep the first letter in the guild name capital rather than capitalizing all letters in it.

  • Fancy names

Twitter has been seen as a source of fresh and trendy ideas. A specific segment of the population refers to Twitter to get inspiration for their guild name. It is advised not to go for trendy names that don’t have any connection with your guild. A name that <Celena GomezRocks!!>Isn’t a great guild name. This can only attract youngsters but not everyone.

Also, the celebrity may have a lot of fan followership in today’s time, but will it be the same in the next five years down the line. At that time, this name would lose its appeal and craze as you are finding it now. The guild name you choose should be practical, relevant, and sensible.

  • Long names

Avoid lengthy guild names. They may be impressive for a specific section of readers but not practical. Think of a name that a recruit can easily connect with. It should be easy to remember. Short and precise is what is required.

  • Roman or Latin names

Irrespective of your fondness for classic names, preferably Latin and Roman Names, it isn’t a good idea for your guild name. Such names sound serious and can deter a community that looks for a playful and light-hearted feel. Go for a generic name that is approachable and relatable for your guild.

  • Racial names

While there is no harm in keeping a racial guild name, the only drawback is there; you may lose out on a community section who does not belong to that race. Your racial guild name will show your favoritism to a specific guild and only attract people of that race. If you are fine with restricting your pool of applicants, then go ahead.


Whatever guild name you choose, ensure that you are happy with it. This is because you will be carrying it with you for several years. Though it may look like a small detail concerning guild management’s major works, a wrong selection can bring the worst nightmare.

The above tips will help you select the best guild names for your association.


Here are a few frequently asked questions on guild names.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What does a guild mean?” answer-0=”A guild is a term that indicates an association of males that belongs to a similar class or involved in like pursuits. They are formed as a corporation or a business fraternity with the sole intent of mutual aid and protection.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the importance of Guild Name?” answer-1=”A guild leader is the one who is responsible for managing an association. The right name selection is an important part of the guild setup. It would be best if you were wise in choosing the name as a poorly chosen guild name that can deter your capability to develop and manage the guild. It may even create trouble in letting people join your guild. A guild name should withstand the test of time. It should also be widely familiar in the community. It should be such that others identify you as a guild. Here are some things to consider and avoid when picking the best guild names.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Does the guild exist in the present era?” answer-2=”Yes. Several guilds even exist today. Many of them can be seen in creative industries. A few guilds exert immense power, such as those that manage and safeguard performers and authors’ intellectual property. In the Middle Ages times, the guild was built with a set of people who belonged to the same trade or shared intent of mutual benefit. In the modern age, guilds strive to endorse workmanship, modernization, and high standards while providing education and association prospects. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is the mechanism behind the working of a guild?” answer-3=”A group of expert professionals in the area of the same trade form an association called a guild. To be a member of a guild is an honor. It is an acknowledgment of being a skilled worker and a respectable craftsman in society. A guild ensures that anything that a guild member develops is of a high standard and sold fairly.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”What are some of the best examples of guild names? ” answer-4=”Here are a few examples of guild names that are not just impactful but also relevant and practical. They are easy to remember, meaningful, trendy, and captivating. • Stealthed Suicide • Gnomish Love Machines • Fellowship Of The Bling • Horde Immortal • Girls Gone WoW • Art of Unsung Tide • Night Remnant • Cyclone Explorers • Immortal Kits • Forgotten Winter • Scarlet Justice • Risen United • The Avalanche • Twisted Destiny • Farms Gold • Chairman Of The Horde ” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]



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