Bet Alchemist review

Bet Alchemist Review- A Professional-Run Classy Racing Advisory Services?

Before writing a detailed Bet Alchemist review, I should put a few points forward. Everyone who knows a single thing about horse racing is turning into a racing tipster these days. 

Finding the good and bad ones from these tipsters can be difficult unless you join and try their services.

There are real tipsters who can provide the regular wins that you want. Your chance to win completely depends upon finding the right guide.

Bet Alchemist Review- A Fairly Simple Betting Strategy!


I found the name Bet Alchemist when I was searching for a professional-run classy racing advisory services. It was the time I started losing all my profits and failing in being a real punter.

Though horse race punting has been my passion, I was losing my grip! I was in need of a good tipster service to survive in the field.

To find the best one, I have done thorough research among the tipsters worldwide. As I received many good reviews about it, I decided to give BetAlchemist a try.

Planning to join a horse racing advisory service?

Is Bet Alchemist the right choice for you?

Here is a detailed Bet Alchemist review to find answers to all your queries.

Bet Alchemist review

Product Name Bet Alchemist
Language English
Category Betting
Main Benefits Help you if you are passionate to study more about horse racing.  
Creator Nicky Doyle
Specification Racing advisory services
Price £30.00 per month
Official Website Click Here

What is Bet Alchemist?

As per the reports of punters, Bet Alchemist is one of the highly-rated racing advisory services. They have been in service for quite some time and have gained a lot of positive reviews.

They are doing great in gaining revenue as well. The number of satisfied customers also is a strong testimony to their efficient service. 

Currently, there are around 11,000 members signed up to the Bet Alchemist. Their service is mostly week-based. Punters will get betting tips from them weekly.

You can expect their tips sent to you on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Apart from raving tips, they also offer more time to place your bet in the evening before the races start.

As per Bet Alchemist review, you will get exposure to much bigger racing events and feature races. 

You will get around 45 tips each month, sent by them, including big weekend races. As it is easier to place bets on popular races, they choose more of that kind.

You will be able to find the tips in the member’s area, and emails sent to you will contain timing when they are posted. You will get to see how well the members are doing, from the Bet Alchemist site.

All the results, including points and total points, are available on their official website.

Results from the beginning of their journey are available on the official website, which makes Bet Alchemist more transparent and reliable. 

BetAlchemist team claims to be honest, professional, and straight in their approach. It seems to be true as you can see everything including the wins and losses updated on their website.        

About the creator of Bet Alchemist and when was it founded?

BetAlchemist tipster services trace back to the year 2011! The service is found and guided by Nicky Doyle.

His strategy is different from the other tipsters in the field. It is based on finding value bets on horses, which is a fairly simple betting strategy

The founder Nicky Doyle is from a farming background, who was introduced to the horse riding niche by his uncle.

Though he studied agriculture, his interest in betting made him leave his agricultural background. He also works as an IT systems administrator.

He has a track record of earning huge profits through horse betting. According to some of Bet Alchemist reviews, Bet Alchemist is considered one of the leading horse tipsters in the UK.

The data shows consistent wins for Bet Alchemist for the past few months.    

Founder of Bet Alchemist

How does Bet Alchemist work?

You become a full member of Bet Alchemist when you subscribe, choosing the plan. For a full member, the service will work in the following ways:

Member selections

As mentioned in Bet Alchemist review, there will a selection process when there is any competitive racing is about to take place. Normally, they take place from Friday to Sunday.

You can choose Irish or UK racing as there are options for both. If the weekend goes busy, there will only be 4-6 selections.

You can also get advice on ante-post selections. You can check the website to see the selection results. While posting, you will be notified through email.

Best odds & staking advice

You will also get support in bookies selection. Bookies will be selected based on the ones that offer the best place concessions. You will also get the best staking advice. 

Weekly blog

You will be able to access free weekly emails of blogs on free tips and free ante-post and big Saturday race reviews. These will help change your whole approach towards betting.       

bet alchemist tips   

Benefits of Bet Alchemist

Of course, you will get access to Bet Alchemist tips on regular horse racing.

One of the unique advantages is that you will also get bet alchemist Cheltenham tips on special days when there are big racing events to take place.

There are horse racing tips given on both Irish and UK races. 

During the Cheltenham Festival, you will be offered more tips for free. Bet Alchemist racing tips are very fair and affordable.

According to Bet Alchemist review, you will be able to see Bet Alchemist results published on the official website.

Apart from the paid horse racing tips, you will be able to get free tips when you sign up for a free account.      

What to do you get when you join Bet Alchemist?

You will be able to get an average of 45 trips a month. As they are all value bets, you will have to act quickly for better results.

As a member, you will be able to get in-depth previews as well. They will help you if you are passionate to study more about horse racing.  

Why should You join Bet Alchemist?

If you want to make a winning change in your horse race betting journey, you are in the right place. You will be able to enjoy excellent profits and learning experiences joining the betting service. 

Unlike other services, Bet Alchemist service helps you make selections at value prices. As seen in lower-class racing, prices would not be changing in minutes. You will be trained to take your betting to a highly professional level.

Bet Alchemist targets only better class races on weekends. You will get chances to be a big-priced winner. The whole service is based on form analysis, which focuses on making profits for all the members.   

How much does Bet Alchemist cost?

There are 4 different plans to choose from. Here’s how they are listed on the official Bet Alchemist website:

  • Monthly plan: The Monthly plan costs *£30 per month (*excluding local VAT rates) with benefits such as a 30-days guarantee, fast customer service, top-class racing, and proven profitable service
  • Semi-annual plan: The plan costs *£25 per month (*excluding local VAT rates) with all advantages as with the monthly plan.
  • Yearly plan: It costs you only *£20 per month (*excluding local VAT rates) with all advantages as with the monthly plan.
  • Quarterly plan: The plan costs *£26.33 per month (*excluding local VAT rates) with all advantages as with the monthly plan.       

bet alchemist pricing     

How can you join the Bet Alchemist service?

You can join by choosing any of the plans mentioned on their official website. Do prefer their official website only to avoid getting trapped in spams.

Joining from the official website is safer and convenient. You will also be able to enjoy some discounts on pricing at times.   

Bet Alchemist Review – The Final Verdict

Before joining any tipster service, you must understand that no service can offer a guarantee on consistent profit-making.

It is the nature of this industry to have ups and downs. However, I have had a great experience joining the Bet Alchemist. I was able to make some profit even though there were losses as well.

Is Bet Alchemist the right choice for you? It will completely depend on what kind of betting service you are looking for.

If you are looking for a mid to long-term strategy based one, and betting on better odds, Bet Alchemist could be the right option for you. 

If you are okay with value bets, choose your membership plan today and join the Bet Alchemist!     

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