Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Reviews – Fast Charging Vacuum Cleaner With 2400mAh!

Are you looking for a legit Astro C3 Robot Vacuum review with honest feedback? Well, you stepped into the right place. Nobody likes to drag a bucket of water all over the house and wipe a thick piece of cloth with bare hands. Even with the manual vacuum cleaner, you have to drag the machine around the corner by yourself. That’s why Astro C3 Robot Vacuum cleaner is taking the place of manual vacuum cleaners.

Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Reviews – Are Both Android & iOS Devices Supported?


Astro C3 Robot Vacuum lives up to the expectations of today’s generation. It even works better than a traditional vacuum cleaner with just a click on your smartphone. And yes, you can control the Astro C3 Robot Vacuum device from a smartphone. In this article, I am going to write Astro C3 Robot Vacuum reviews in-depth, including the key features, benefits of Astro C3 Robot Vacuum cleaner, and its legitimacy. Let’s get started. 

Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Reviews

Product Name Astro C3 Robot Vacuum 
Category Device
Product Type A portable robot vacuum cleaner
Specifications Ultra-thin 3-in-1 sweeping robot
Product Features
  • High-speed smart control
  • The dual brush cleans every corner.
  • Absorbs small and large size particles
  • Easy to Use. 
  • Self-Maintenance
  • Wireless Compatibility
Product Color
  • Obsidian black
  • Polar white
Package Contents
  •  Sweeping Robot
  •  Charging Cable
  •  Side Brushes
  •  Mopping Cloth Screwdriver
  •  Lithium Battery
Battery capacity 2400mAh/3.7V
Product size  24.8×24.8x4cm
Working time  About 70 minutes
Price $99.99
Money-Back Guarantee  14 Days
Availability  Only through the official website
Official Site  Click here


What is Astro C3 Robot Vacuum? 

Astro C3 is a three-in-one robot cleaner. It has a 4 cm slimline case that contains a power vacuum inside. It also has a wet mop function and UV disinfectant attached to it. The Astro C3 Robot Vacuum device is fully automated and functional with smartphones.

Astro C3 Robot Vacuum cleaner has a strong suction that absorbs small and large particles very easily. After that, Its unique self-cleaning technology cleans itself after you empty the dustbin. Its air filter strains the tiniest particles inside the dustbin and keeps air pure. The intelligent robot vacuum connects through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your phone so you can remotely access the machine and operate the functions directly from your smartphone.

Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features of Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Astro C3 is definitely not an average robot vacuum cleaner. The reason is simple – it’s unique and has unmatched Astro C3 Robot Vacuum features. Let’s have a look at it. 

  • Three-in-one automatic vacuum cleaner
  • Absorbs small and large size particles
  • The dual brush cleans every corner.
  • Disinfects your floor
  • A portable device that easily blends in with the rest of your furniture 
  • Stair and void detection to avoid falls
  • Smart anti-collision sensors to avoid bumps and obstacles

Additional Features of Astro C3 Robot Vacuum 

  • 4 cm ultra-thin body that can easily walk through the bottom of sofa, wardrobe, and other furniture. 
  • High-speed smart control
  • Powerful 2400mAh lithium battery with 75 minutes of autonomy
  • Night mode with excellent violet illumination
  • Fast charging 
  • Fully automated

How Does Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work?

As per the Astro C3 Robot Vacuum reviews, it works and operates the same as other robot vacuum cleaners. Astro C3 does offer a wireless connection that others lack. 

First, you can connect Astro C3 Robot Vacuum cleaner with a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. After linking the Astro C3 Robot Vacuum device to your smartphone, you start and stop the robot vacuum cleaner with just a tap. Place the vacuum cleaner on a clean surface, choose one of the three cleaning options and start the device.  You can choose vacuum cleaning, wet/dry mopping, or UV disinfection option. The intelligent mechanism will stop automatically when the work is done completely.


Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Working

Benefits of using Astro C3 Robot Vacuum

Astro C3 delivers necessary performance at any surface of your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or dining room. The wireless connectivity gives an extra edge to the benefits. Let’s see the list of Astro C3 Robot Vacuum cleaner benefits below:

  • Advanced Cleaning Technology: The advanced cordless Astro C3 relies on advanced cleaning technology. Its high-speed computing core instantly processes sensor information and automatically cleans any surface easily.
  • Truly Multifunctional Device: Astro C3 does not just clean the floor. It has multiple cleaning options, including mopping and UV antibacterial disinfectant. You can access all cleaning options right from the connected device.
  • Powerful Suction and Dual Rotation: Its strong suction quickly absorbs the particles and easily cleans the dust. The dual rotating brushes catch the dust and debris in any corner.
  • UV Disinfectant: Its antibacterial UV rays disinfect the floor and stop the growth of bacteria.
  • Suitable for All Floors: Astro C3 quickly sucks up dirt from any place in your home. Whether it is carpet, hardwood, or tiles, its all-surface cleaning solution will deeply clean it all around the corner.
  • Easy to Use: The Astro C3 Robot Vacuum device is intuitive and very easy to use. People of all ages can use it. If somehow you’re facing problems using it, you can follow the user manual to use it properly.
  • Self-Maintenance: Its unique self-maintenance technology cleans itself after you empty the dustbin. The air filter also keeps air pure and strains fine particles inside the dustbin.
  • Wireless Compatibility: Astro C3 takes only a few seconds to connect with Android and iOS devices. You can connect it via Bluetooth.

What’s to like &  What’s not to like


      • Astro C3 is a user-friendly device designed for intelligent and easy cleaning. 
      • It is a multifunctional device that offers various cleaning options such as dry & wet mopping, potent vacuuming, and UV disinfectant.
      • The device offers cleaning solutions for any surface, floor carpets, tiles, and many others.
      • Its strong suction absorbs both tiny and large particles with ease. 
      • The device smoothly connects with smartphones using smart Bluetooth 5.0 technology. After that, users can access all the features sitting on a couch. 


      • Due to its high demand, it often gets out of stock.
      • Sometimes, it breaks waterlogged ground. 

Is Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Legit or Not?

Astro C3 is a legitimate robot vacuum cleaner with guaranteed high performance. The Astro C3 Robot Vacuum device is quite different from regular robot vacuum cleaners.

Another robot vacuum cleaner faces trouble cleaning the carpets and rugs while Astro C3 Robot Vacuum cleans every tiny bit of dust, similar to manual vacuum cleaners. Dry/wet mopping and UV disinfectant are cherries on top of a well-furnished robot vacuum.

Astro C3 vacuum cleaner offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not impressed with the services that the device offers, you can apply for a full refund. 

You can return the Astro c3 Robot Vacuum device within 14 days without any hassle, and you will get your 100% refund. If you have queries, you can contact them 24/7 via email. 

Customer Reviews and Complaints on Astro C3 Robot Vacuum

Astro C3’s design and ease of use are incomparable. That’s why I have found only positive feedback from customers. See for yourself.

Most of the mid-range robot vacuums often get complaints about their inefficiency. But with Astro C3’s strong suction, you get brighter and disinfected floors. That’s why it has a high demand in the market. Most customer ratings are 5 out of 5, which is quite favorable feedback from customers. Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Customer Reviews

Astro C3 Robot Vacuum: Pricing and Availability

Compared to other robot vacuum cleaners, Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is quite affordable. Usually, it costs $199.98 for each device. But thanks to the Winter Sale that offers a straight 50% discount for one Astro C3 device. That means you can purchase it for $99.99 with no shipping cost. 

If you increase the numbers, you can get up to a 65% discount. Like:

      • 2X Astro C3 – $179.98 (55% discount) 
      • 3X Astro C3 – $239.98 (60% discount) 
      • 5X Astro C3 – $349.97 (65% discount) 

The more the numbers, the more the savings! 

Astro C3 Robot Vacuum reviews claim that they also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If somehow Astro C3 doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can apply for a no-hassle return. You will get your 100% refund within 14 days without any questions. 

Currently, Astro C3 Robot Vacuum is only available in Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico.

Astro C3 is only purchasable from its official website. You can’t buy it from any other eCommerce or retail stores. Due to its high demand in the market, you might find fake products selling under the same name.

If you want to avoid such fake products, buy directly from the official website of Astro C3 Robot Vacuum. 

Final Verdict on Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

According to Astro C3 Robot Vacuum reviews, we can understand that it is every mom’s desire. Astro C3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner cleans, mops, and disinfects the floors so that your children and loved ones will stay hygienic. The slim structure allows Astro C3 Robot Vacuum to go through under the sofa and beds, so you don’t miss any corners. The portable nature of the device takes only the space of two books to hide.

Astro C3 Robot Vacuum device has a robust set of rechargeable batteries. Once fully recharged, it gives enough power to clean, mop, and disinfect 150 square feet of area, delivering sparkling clean results. The flexible setup and ease of use make it one of the most demanded robot vacuum cleaners in the market—no wonder why it gets out of stock very often

I hope this post suits your purpose well and you found what you were looking for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Astro C3 robot vacuum worth the money? 

Compared to other robot vacuums, it offers an affordable price range and fast and free shipping. 

  • Does Astro C3 offer a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you return an Astro c3 robot within 14 days, you will get a 100% refund. 

  • What makes Astro C3 different from other robot vacuums? 

Its 1500 PA strong suction increases deep cleaning performance. No matter how small the dust is, it will suck it and leave the floor shining brightly. 

  • How much time does the battery last? 

Once fully recharged, it runs continuously for around 75-80 minutes which is enough to do all the cleaning work. 

  • How does Astro C3 know when to stop? 

The intelligent and high-speed sensors automatically turn off the device when they detect no sign of dust on the surface. 


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