1mINUTE windfall complaints

1 Minute Windfall Review :- Matt Badiali’s Program Exposed!

Looking for a genuine 1 Minute Windfall review? If you are looking for a working and genuine make money online program, you might have noticed something called 1Minute Wind Fall! Even if you are hearing it for the first time, you should have a close look at this review before some scammer hit your inbox with an Email which might cause you to lose a couple of hundreds in 60 seconds. So, let’s go through this 1 Minute Windfall review to know more about this get-rich easier program! Why did I say that? Because the guy in the video claims so! Lets see whether it is a legit system or just another Ponzi scheme.

1 Minute Windfall Review – Is Matt Badiali’s 1Minute Windfall Program Legit?


Is 1 Minute Windfall by Matt Badiali a scam? Can you really make money with this program?. These questions will pop up in your mind when you see their website. There is an unbelievable promise of making $9000 in just 60 seconds. Keep reading this 1Minute Windfall review where we are totally exposing it.

1mINUTE windfall complaints

What is 1 Minute Windfall Program?

This is an easy money making program (That’s what their website saying. Not me!). According to their official website, you can earn $2000 to $6000 or even $9000 in just sixty seconds! The newsletters are spread around the globe through Emails by Banyan Hill Publishing which is an Agora Financial company.

As I already mentioned in this 1 Minute Windfall review, I heard about the 1Minute Windfall program through an email newsletter and at the first look, I thought it was a scam. There is always a big risk when it comes to big earnings. But their website says, it is risk-free and safe. How can someone believe it? But, according to the website, the Banyan Hill is an Agora financial company. That’s why I get into confusion that, whether it is a scam or not.

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So, who is Matt Badiali?

According to his website, Matt Badiali was a former geologist and he suddenly joined Banyan Hill publishing and became a financial strategist. Banyan Hill is famous for launching different investment programs and get rich easy schemes. But the fact is, most of them are scams.

1 Minute Windfall Review

How Does 1Minute WindFall program work?

The program talks about the magical trades which is always a winning trade. In the sales video, Matt claims that it only takes 60 seconds to make a trade and win a huge profit. Matt even talks about how these trades work and how many people have already made wealth by joining this program.

According to the video, it’s up to you to decide how much you can make. They will provide all the information that you need to invest in winning trades. If you commit more money, you will earn more money! Smells like a filthy scam!! Doesn’t it?

The information in the 1 Minute Windfall review video is impressive and anyone will love to invest some bucks to earn more money. But wait, I have something odd to show you!

1Minute Windfall Reviews

Is 1-Minute Windfall a Scam?

Sometimes, we cannot blindly say a company is a scam. But, we couldn’t find any proof pointing to the legitimacy of the system. The unbelievable payout ratio is also making it too hard to believe. It’s up to you now. You can try this and earn money or lose money. The best possible option is to stand away from this program until we verify its authenticity. If you cannot wait till we check it, I recommend you to try CB Passive Income program. This is helpful for making decent money without any risk. But, if you want to make money from it, you need to put some work! Just understand the fact that there is no easy money in this world. You will get step by step instructions on how to make a passive income. Just follow the steps and you will see your bank account balance going higher.

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After taking a detailed look at the website and its user testimonials, My 1 Minute Windfall review cannot give it a trust score more than 2 out of 5. If you are willing to face the consequences, you can invest in it. But, if you are someone who likes to play smart, I will suggest staying back and investing in trustable and profitable programs like CB Passive Income. Hope this 1-Minute Windfall review was helpful. Have a good one.


  1. To be honest, Mr Coleman, your review didnt clarify what this program actually does that allows a person to earn huge profits.. The things you mention are all basic BB ( buyer beware) advice. I was expecting an in depth look into how the “program” works. In other words, is it the usual, pay $49.00/year & we will send u a booklet that explains everything & then we will give u the name of a stock each morning for u to invest in, only to sell it sometime later at a huge profit. ( that is the standard “get rich quick” regards investment stocks.) However, in your review, you dont explain this “windfall” process.. That leaves us with no new info on this particular “program”.
    Apologies if I have offended u in any way, but I think my assessment of your article is a fair & accurate one.
    Sincerely, Sandy Baker

    1. Hi Sandy,

      We already mentioned that the claims by the creators are unreal. We will never recommend this type of program. Kindly read our review completely. We have also exposed some fake photos they used in their testimonials. We can’t say it’s a complete scam, but we won’t recommend it to our users. Thank You!

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