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YTA Method Review: Is It Possible To Automate Your Youtube Account?

Welcome to the YTA Method review. Who doesn’t want to earn big bucks by just working from home? In the current internet-focused world, there are not ten’s, not hundred’s but thousands of ways to earn big numbers by just staying at your home sipping your favorite beverage and doing the work.

YTA method, short for Youtube Automation, is one of those thousand methods to make a fortune at home, which deals with youtube advertisements and promotions and tells you how you can use them for your own advantage to earn the big numbers.

YTA Method Review: Get Maximum Number Of Views & Engagements!


Seeing the number of people rising to fame on this platform, it wouldn’t be justified for a budding star if he/she ever aspires to be a YouTuber. But, we all know that reality can never be what you want. Life is full of obstacles and struggles, and it isn’t easy as we all know the number of successful YouTubers on the platform is way less than the number of people who tried and failed.

Everything is a challenge at first if you are starting from scratch. According to YTA Method review, these platforms like youtube have a very complex and advanced algorithm that you need to stay two steps ahead at each point of time to gain the maximum number of views and engagements. Thanks to the YTA method, you can use that algorithm to your own advantage now.

yta method review

Product Title YTA Method
Language English
Creators Caleb Maddix
Category YouTube Account Automation
Price Free Training 
Official Website Click Here

About YTA Method Online Course

YTA method is an online course that gives you an insight into the youtube ad algorithm and promotions and how you can use that algorithm for your own good. As mentioned earlier in the YTA Method review, youtube is one of the leading platforms to share and watch videos on the internet. It is home to over more than 2 billion users and has an endless list of videos. Data suggests if you watch every youtube video one after the other, it will take a person approximately 27 years to watch each and every video that is uploaded on the site right now. So you can understand the number of total views and site visits youtube has every day. To give you an idea, youtube every year gives around 2 billion dollars to its content creators just as ad revenue.

So, the YTA method course is a part of the YTA Masterclass, which is a step by step program that guarantees a solid income from Youtube. To summarise the whole course, it uses a technique called ahs youtube automation to earn money, about which we will discuss later on in the YTA Method review.

How Does the YTA Method Work?

As the name of the technique suggests, this method is used to automate your youtube account. Which means, your youtube account will post videos that are bound to get a large engagement in the market. Please note that this method doesn’t include you making a youtube video, all of that is included in the package.

The YTA method online course can be divided into five easy steps as per the YTA Method review:-

Step 1– Identify a channel for your inspiration

Find a pre-existing channel that is doing well amongst the viewers, and you think, will go on and be consistent like this for a long time.

Step 2– Analyse the same channel for your theme

Every youtube channel has a specific genre. It can be QnA, technology, fun, entertainment, gaming anything in this world. Try to analyze the genre of the channel and see what type of videos it posts generally.

Step 3– Set up your own channel and post videos

After setting up your own youtube channel, the YTA method by Caleb Maddix suggests you hire a virtual team to whom you will outsource your video.

Step 4– Maintain the consistency

There is no room for the lazy. Upload the videos; you get from the virtual team regularly. To beat the youtube algorithm, this step is very necessary.

Step 5– Succeed and Repeat the above

Once you have a well-established channel, its time to expand, make a second youtube channel, and follow the same above steps.

About YTA Method Creator

The full YTA method is introduced by a youngster named Caleb Maddix, who is widely known for this in the youtube industry. He is a well-known name who is applauded by some of the most influential names like Gary Vaynerchuck and Tony Robbins. He is a child who earns in 8 figures and is an author, social media influencer, International speaker in short.

Besides all this according to YTA Method review, he is just 18 years old and has also featured in well-known media channels like Forbes, The Entrepreneur magazine, and many more. He was also voted among the “The top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30” and “The Top 20 Most Motivational People on the Planet”. Continuing the list, he has also co-founded a kid’s education company that has 100000 students. He has achieved what people try hard to achieve in their whole life in just 18 years!.

Caleb Maddix

Pros and Cons of YTA Method Course

The advantages and disadvantages of the YTA Method are explained below in this YTA Method review.


  • You may earn a lot of money using this
  • You may learn a lot of youtube and how to use it and how it works.
  • You can earn money without actually showing your face on youtube.


  • It is a bit expensive for at least some people
  • Not recommended for beginners

What Makes The YTA Method Different From Alternatives?

You will be taught by Caleb Maddix himself, what more do you want? On top of that from this YTA Method review, it is clear that the YTA method Caleb Maddix is full of bonus content. If you want to learn something new, why not learn it from the best?. Except this, the YTA method course is:-

  • Full proof
  • There are success stories all over the internet.
  • You don’t have to show your face on the platform.
  • Get rich in a few months.
  • High-quality content and advice from the best in the industry
  • Can be used as a full-time income
  • It teaches you how to become established on the internet, and once you become established on the internet, it will generate money for years.

So, it covers enough areas to not give you a speck of doubt for not opting for this as your career choice if you are really into this field.

Why Should You Sign Up For YTA Method?

In a time like this, it is important that one has a passive source of income. You never know when your primary job will dry up. So, it makes sense to have a totally different source of income coming into your bank so that you don’t have to end up making your ends meet. The only problem is that earning money is no child’s play.

You have to work and think hard to do that. And all of that takes time and practice and experience. From this YTA Method review its clear that using this YTA method Caleb Maddix course, you can skip the “getting the experience” part and get into the field more ready and strong than any other candidate. So don’t wait, sign up for this course today.

How to Signup to the YTA Masterclass and Live Event

For the time being, you can sign up for the YTA master class event for free of cost. It only has limited seats available, so those who want to register don’t wait and visit the social media site and website of Caleb Maddix and sign up yourself today itself.

What You’ll Learn in Caleb Maddix YTA Masterclass?

Following below in the YTA Method review are the briefed points you will learn or experience in this YTA method online course:-

  • Learn a way for your passive income
  • Meet guests who have successfully used this method to create 2000+ streams of their income
  • Learn 12 income streams per day
  • Learn about OPC hack
  • Help you make your own framework to make money for yourself.

Is the YTA Method Scam?

NO, the YTA method is not a scam. A lot of people have benefitted from this course. You can search on google and read about the creator and about the course. This program has a high success rate and will definitely give you a constant passive source of income just by sitting at home. Caleb Maddix is a well-known name in the industry, and a course run by a person applauded by the likes Gary Vaynerchuck and Tony Robbins is not a scam.


Concluding my YTA Method review, all I want to say is that success in the platform is 100% if you do the right. This course will teach you to cut corners, and income will be done hands-off, by hiring other virtual people. They will piggyback off the popular content on the internet, and you don’t even have to do a thing in that. The only work you have to do is to upload the videos on time to time basis and be consistent about this.

It is very easy to hire people for cheap who will make you quality content for your channel. On top of all this, you will have your own channel that makes you tons of money once established. We all know, whatever goes on the internet never fades away. It always stays there. So, once you have established yourself with a popular genre channel and a constant source of content, you will be earning from it for a very very long time.

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