WP Speedy Links Review

WP Speedy Links Review – Is This Plugin Helpful For Monetizing Website?

Internet is flooded with positive WP Speedy Links review. Welcome to mine. Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement where the online retailer pays commission. It is just because of traffic and sales generated by the referrals. Many organizations and website owners perform these types of activities to earn more.

WP Speedy Links Review- Earn more, Save Your Time!


WP Speedy Links Review

Book Title WP Speedy Link
Language English
Creator John Thornhill
Category Software
Price $49
Official Website www.wpspeedylinks.com

Everyone with WordPress websites or blogs wants faster income. People search for techniques to monetize their respective platforms faster. WP Speedy Links are the quickest way to monetize the entire WordPress website. It is also applicable for blogs for any given keyword, just a click ahead. It does not matter the number of pages.

About WP Speedy Links

It takes time to add links one by one. It takes hours or even days to add links to different products and offers. Editing and updating every page is a hectic job. In this process, people miss many commissions and sales. This is just because of lack of time. WP Speedy Links are the perfect solution to this problem. This article is all about WP Speedy Links review. We shall also discuss the features of WP Speedy Links.

WP Speedy Links is highly recommended for the following professionals

  • Website developers
  • Affiliates
  • List Builders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Youtubers
  • Bloggers
  • Online Marketers
  • WordPress users
  • DIY Website Builders

WP Speedy Links is a WordPress plugin that enables monetization easily. Users can access this in entire WordPress websites as well as Blogs for any keywords. All you have to do is to identify the keywords that you want to target and add links to it. The link could be of your product or any related product. Users can also provide a URL of social relations.

After performing this step user can match every single word linked with the URL. This allows the user to monetize the entire site easily. Users can add as many keywords and custom URLs as they like.

What is Included in WP Speedy Links?

WP speedy Links launch date is 17th September 2019 at 09:00EDT. The product has several bonuses. It is also having 30 days money-back guarantee.

As per WP Speedy Links reviews, it is the fastest and most straightforward way to monetize any WordPress or blog site. It requires only a few seconds to enable monetization. In WP Speedy Links, there are several facilities and options.

A user can put as many keywords as they want. There are no specific limitations to add keywords. Apart from this user can also add several URLs. Bloggers can take advantage of their best extent from this facility.

Another feature about WP Speedy Links is that the keywords and the URLs are editable. It is one of the significant problems for many developers that they cannot edit the keywords and URLs once they add them. But Speedy link provides the best possible way to edit them

WP Speedy Link reviews say that it is exceptionally affordable for users. The plugin also has a money-back guarantee. If the users feel that the plugin is not at all worth, then they can claim for returning the money.

WP Speedy Links come into various types of packages. Users can choose these packages according to their requirements.

Apart from these things, there are many WP Speedy Links bonuses. Here is the list of some valuable gifts for the users.

  • Ten effective way to promote as an Affiliated:

It is a fantastic guide for users who are struggling to develop as an affiliate. Experienced marketers can also take advantage of this guide.

  • Promotion blueprint video course:

It is a video training where John Thornhill covers specific steps. The main intention is to ensure a successful affiliate campaign. John Thornhill shares his own experiences with the users. Users can see and analyze how to come at the top.

  • Online ads and website traffic course:

Traffic is the most crucial part of any website. It is one of the most significant sources of income. This course provides tricks and techniques to gather traffic.

  • 51 best traffic sources:

The pack contains six videos that show 51 best traffic providing sources. Generally, more prominent brands use these sources for their revenues. Implementing these videos can offer more than 10 million visitors to the site. Users will also learn to take advantage of these sources effectively.

  • Graphic Mega package vol 1:

It contains everything that a web developer needs to make their site look good looking. It provides some excellent graphics, including 3D icons. It also includes essential buttons, such as buy buttons and contact buttons.

  • Graphic Mega package vol 2:  

It provides advanced buttons like countdowns, login forums, download buttons, and much more. Users also get the source file of these graphics.

  • SureFire Wealth Silver Level Pass:

Users can download hundreds of products and bonuses for 12 months. These things help to push the revenue generation.

Apart from this WP Speedy Links provides huge early birds offers. There are maximum bonuses apart from the bonuses mentioned above. It also includes Streaming profits and hashtag influence Pro. Along with Instagram tutorials, video ads tutorials, Facebook tutorials, and much more. These Speedy Links Bonuses increases the positivity of WP Speedy Links reviews.

Who is Behind WP Speedy Links?

John Thornhill creates WP Speedy Links. He is one of the top affiliate marketers as well as a vendor on Clickbank, W+, and JVZoo. He used his work experiences to create Speedy links. John always focuses on perfection. He does not trust on guesswork. He came up with this fantastic idea that is suitable for web developers and bloggers. His tested experiment is worth users. He was a blogger.

WP Speedy Links pros and cons

There are many positive sides according to this WP Speedy Links review. Here is the list of the advantages of the WP speedy link below.

  • Unlimited keywords: Users can add as many keywords as they want. Other products in the market usually limit the number of keywords. However, WP Speedy Links do not charge extra for adding more keywords.
  • Unlimited URLs: Users can add as many URLs as they want. This is useful for bloggers to monetize the website at its best. The user also needs to be careful to add a limited number of URLs. Customers can get fed up with the blog if they realize then the blogger is more concerned about marketing.
  • Editable: Users can edit the keywords and URLs whenever they want. As I already mentioned in the WP Speedy Links review, other options do not have this feature. Users cannot be able to select the links and the keywords after adding.
  • Easy to use: WP Speedy Links software is easy to use. The interface is very user-friendly in this plugin. User does not need to perform a complicated task while adding keywords and URLs on the website. Speedy links come up with few buttons. It is preferable to other plugins.

WP Speedy Links Price & Plans

WP Speedy Links price is affordable. It starts at $9.95. It is quite surprising than a WordPress plugin is available at such a lower cost. However, this plugin lasts for a limited time. As mentioned earlier in the WP Speedy Link review, it is entirely risk-free. If any blunder happens, then, a user can ask for a refund. There are specific plans for WP Speedy Links. If the user wants to add WP Speedy Links to later, charges are different.

  • Front end WP Speedy Links is available at $9.95
  • Adding OTO 1 as developers can cost around $27-$47
  • Adding OTO 2 as SSR can cost about $67-$97
  • Adding OTO 3 as ad Rotator Software cost around $27-$47

Users should remember certain things. They should buy any OTOs before buying Front end. Without FE the entire package is useless. As per recommendation, it is decent to buy FE first. After a specific time, a user can buy OTOs as per requirements.


According to this WP Speedy Links review, this software is beneficial. It is an excellent option for affiliate marketers. It helps to generate more revenue from the traffic on the blog site and the websites. Everyone loves to earn extra online. However, the problem is many of us thinks that it is not in our control.

WP Speedy Links proved that traffic in the blog and the websites are absolutely in our control. Users must know simple tricks and techniques. WP Speedy Links review focuses on these tricks and techniques. It also provides simplicity to earn more revenue.

WP Speedy Links plugin provides an easy process to monetizes the website. That too, without any complications. Most importantly, WP Speedy Links do not restrict the number of keywords and URLs. Users can add as many keywords and URLs as they wish. Other platforms do not provide this facility.

Another thing that makes It unique according to WP Speedy Links review is that users can edit keywords and URLs as per requirements

WP Speedy Links are very easy and straightforward to use. The design of the software does not aim to drive traffic to the blog. Instead, it drives traffic to the URL. Users can take full advantage of traffic with some specific tools.

It is a genuine question for new users that whether speedy link requires any coding skills or not. WP speedy does not need any coding skills. If the user is using the WordPress blog for the first time, then they can download this plugin. WP Speedy Links download is also elementary. The user manual is present in the package. Users can also take help from the official website for WP Speedy link software. Users can get this software at an affordable price.


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