How to get more leads online

9 Highly Potent Ways To Collect Leads Online In 2020

Do you know how to collect leads online in 2020? Generating leads is one of the biggest dreams of every business owner, but leads not growing with prayers or hopes. This article will take you through 9 highly potent ways to collect leads online. Generating leads can be tricky and sometimes nearly impossible, hoping to generate leads is not a very reliable strategy, is it?  One needs to do what’s to be done. If lead generation is not done accurately this can eat up your finances. Any business needs a good number of leads to progress.

When people log in to your website, the first page they land on and see is the home page of your website. Leads are generated according to the design of this home page. Generating leads is of the top challenges you face. There are lots of lead-generating options while designing home pages. The home page is just a beginning for generating leads.

9 Highly Potent Ways to Collect Leads Online in 2020


Let’s crack one of the biggest marketing challenges, “ How to collect leads online?”.

The people who have already figured that out are doing really well with their business while those who haven’t, by the end of this article you too will get it. Before we get started: I want you to completely forget about your product.

How to get more leads online

Importance of Lead Generation

Let’s start from scratch, before going into 9 highly potent ways to collect leads online;  say you have chocolate that has the effect to please anyone, wrap it in a golden wrap with a bright bow and keep it on your coffee table, it would definitely be one good looking piece of chocolate, but would people come and buy it?  Most definitely not. The wrap, the bow- none of it matters. Even with the best product in the world, it wouldn’t see the light of the day if it’s not promoted properly. People need to know that you have an awesome product if you need them to come looking for it. Your business would be just like one of the other startups that doomed to stay alive for 5 years and crash.

“Leads can lead a business to success”

One of the main advantages of having leads is that it doesn’t matter even if your product is average, you will still win.

Leads= High Revenue= More profit

Now that you know the actual power of having leads, let’s get started on 9 highly potent ways to collect leads online!

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1. Directly Engage to Generate More Leads

No matter what you do, one of the most basic methods is to make direct engagement with your customers. There is nothing as powerful as direct engagement.  Most business now tries FAQ (Frequently asked questions) to partially engage with their customers. But it is not a way to get to the customer directly.

Some of the best direct engagement methods are live chat, forums and help centers. Also, make sure you keep a well manages customer support team is present 24*7 to handle any type of customer query efficiently.  When you engage more customers, it generates better word of mouth which means more leads.

2. Invest in New Technology

Instead of sitting and polishing what you already have, try to keep up with the new marketing trends and technologies.  One fine example would be mobiles- smartphones specifically. Most people check their emails and browse various sites through their smartphones or tablets, hence it’s important that you invest your time, money and marketing efforts. this allows your marketing efforts to reach a wide audience.  Also, you must also be on the lookout for the latest marketing trends and ways through which you can gather as much as leads for your business as possible.

3. Make use of Outbound and Inbound Marketing

Here is another way to collect leads online. Outbound marketing is more beneficial than inbound marketing but this doesn’t mean you neglect inbound marketing.  Try to deploy ways to keep a steady balance between both outbound as well as inbound marketing. Make your communications more personalized and share informative contents regularly which is more relatable with common people and their common problems.  This is the key to establishing a healthy relationship with your customers. This can eventually lead to generating more leads.

4. Strategically Develop and Optimize Informative content

The power of content in generating web traffic cannot be denied. Good content is a great source of traffic. More tra\ffic leads to more leads. Also Try to include images, video, and infographics to increase the engagement rate.  Great informative content= More traffice= More Leads

5. Make Use of Your Twitter

If you thought twitter is just a social media marketing site and not as massive as Facebook, you need to think again.  With tools such as Followerwonk, you can reframe your twitter to make it more lead generating. Also while you tweet, make sure tweets catch the eye, include images and hashtags. The more popular your tweet is, the more it will be found.

6. Linkedin

LinkedIn is another great way to collect leads online. Unlike the other social media platforms, LinkedIn I more business-oriented, hence making it a great place to make business-centric social networking. It gives you a space to publish more generic content and get engagement.

7. Automate Your Marketing

Make use of well-automated marketing tools to perform daily marketing works such as email marketing, Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram images, etc. also use an effective tool such as Drip to collect user information and turn them into genuine leads.

8. Check into Databases

Make use of websites such as Data.Com which can lead you to find potential leads online.  Sites like these maintain lists of companies and contact information so that you can find you leads easier.

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9. Make Use of Websites Such as Quora

You might have already referred to Quora. For those of you who haven’t heard,  Quora is a Question & Answer based social networking site with millions of people. Here people from different demographics meet and post questions on a daily basis. If you make a mark on them by regularly answering questions, people will start recognizing you and check your profile and your website.

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That’s my list of 9 highly potent ways to collect leads online, but there are more ways of lead generation through other platforms such as youtube. Videos can make a great tool to get noticed.  You can share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions with me through the comment box. We would also appreciate it if you added any new lead generation idea that you have already implemented and has worked for you.

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