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Unleashing A New You Review: Does Dr. Enneagram Test Help In Understanding Your Personality Type?

Welcome to Unleashing A New You review. If you are planning to understand yourself and others in a better way, you have come to the right place. You should undergo a perfect personality test. There is an in-depth dive test specially designed for personality testing, and it is known as the Enneagram test. You can expect the highest accuracy from this test, but you have to be good at interpreting the elements present in the model.

Unleashing A New You Review: Designed To Understand Yourself Better!


The labels and concepts used in Enneagram should be understood in a better way. Basically, for most of the users, Enneagram may look like complicated geometry. If you can interpret the results of this test accurately, you can easily assess your life. Unleashing A New You review is specially designed for understanding your personality type.

Unleashing A New You Reviews

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About the Enneagram Test

The Enneagram is one of the powerful tools available for collective and personal information. The word Enneagram is formed by combining two Greek words, Ennea, and grammos. Ennea meaning nine, and grammos means written symbol. So, Enneagram is nothing but a nine-pointed symbol representing nine unique strategies. These strategies are completed related to the world, others, and self. There is a different and unique pattern of thinking behind each Enneagram. The acting and feeling arise from inner motivation deep within and even worldview. Take the test and Discover your Enneatype.

Today, Enneagram of Personality is gaining popularity in spiritual contexts and even in business management. There are plenty of DVDs, magazines, books, conferences, and seminars available related to Enneagram. For business, you can make use of Enneagram as typology. This helps in gaining deep insights into workplace dynamics. In a spiritual context, Enneagram opens the doors for higher states of the essence, being, and enlightenment. Overall, Enneagram can be understood as a method for self-development and self-understanding. Assess your personality type through this Unleashing A New You review.

Enneagram Personality Model-An analysis

The Enneagram contains nine roles. Here you need to understand which type you are through assessing your personality. This helps in making better life choices in the future. Through the Enneagram Personality model, you can understand your best partner, best career, and more than that; you can have a better understanding of spirituality within you. As per Unleashing A New You review, The Enneagram personality model used today is formed by Claudio Naranjo and Oscar Ichazo.

But, this version has other influences as well. Exact origins of the Enneagram Personality model principles are disputed. The origins can be traced back much further, and there are many more great thinkers involved from the past. The personality types involved in the Enneagram Personality model are as below. Find Dr. Enneagram review on the official site.

The 9 personality types

  • The achiever
  • The investigator
  • The individualist
  • The helper
  • The reformer
  • The loyalist
  • The peacemaker
  • The enthusiast
  • The challenger

There is a short quiz involved in finding out the personality type within you. If you complete the quiz quickly, you can find out which personality type you are and the meaning behind your personality.

Dr. Enneagram- Why should you use it?

Through the Enneagram Personality model, you can understand yourself at a deeper level. It is also possible to interpret real you at an objective level. After this, it becomes invaluable assistance throughout your path towards self-knowledge. So, The Enneagram Personality model is designed and built to understand you better. You can even interpret and overcome fears and get motivated through this Enneagram Personality model. From this Unleashing A New You review it is clear that Once you understand yourself better, you can easily relate to people in your life, like employees, colleagues, friends, and your family.

In Dr. Enneagram, Dr. Helen Okoye is present to assist you in assessing the personality type. She is an experienced professional, and meantime; she is a Doctor of Medicine. She has spent many years studying psychology. She believes that there is an untapped potential hidden inside everyone. This personality is waiting to be unlocked. Once this untapped potential is awakened, everyone can tap his inner power and achieve great things.

There may be many ways to tap this hidden potential, but one of the effective ways is Enneagram.

ENNEAGRAM Types: The Nine Human Psyche Personality Types

Here is a list of all nine unique Enneagram types. You can be any Enneagram type, and you should understand that no number is worse or better. These are just personality types, and you will be one of them. Here in this Unleashing A New You review there is a brief description of each Enneagram personality type.

  • The Reformer: This is a rational and idealistic personality type. People who belong to this personality type are perfectionist, self-controlled, purposeful, and principled.
  • The Helper: The helpers here are Interpersonal and caring types as well as generous, demonstrative, possessive, and people-pleasing.
  • The Achiever: Achievers are always success-oriented. They are pragmatic type, and meantime, they are image-conscious, driven, excelling, and even adaptive as well.
  • The Individualist: Individualists are highly sensitive. They are withdrawn type, and meantime, they are self-absorbed, dramatic, expressive, and temperamental.
  • The Investigator: Investigators have a highly intense type of personality. They are cerebral types, and people with this personality are isolated, secretive, innovative, and perceptive.
  • The Loyalist: Loyalists are completely security-oriented type. They are committed and responsive, engaging, suspicious, and anxious as well.
  • The Enthusiast: Enthusiasts are always fun-loving. They are busy and meantime distractible, versatile, spontaneous, and scattered.
  • The Challenger: Challengers are a highly powerful personality type. They are completely decisive, self-confident, confrontational, and willful as well.
  • The Peacemaker: Peacemakers are self-effecting type. They are easy-going, receptive, agreeable, complacent, and highly reassuring type.

How does this test help to improve the personality?

Of course, everyone has all nine personality types within them. But, one among them will be dominant, and that is considered as their potential. This untapped potential comes with challenges and gifts. It is very important to understand your basic personality type. Once you understand this, you can easily let go of your habits, which are not for you or not working for many years.

Once you are through with your personality type, you can easily make use of your strengths. Through assessing your personality type using Enneagram, you will become more and more aware of your personality type. Through this assessment, you can move up levels in your life and grow as you expect. More than anything through the Enneagram personality test or this Unleashing A New You review, you can ultimately lead your life through the best self.

Once you go through this Unleashing A New You reviews, you will start understanding your preferences and reactions. With this understanding, you will perform better and lead a better life.

How to Discover your Enneatype?

In the Enneagram personality test, you need to answer a few questions. This is a highly powerful guide and profound test for understanding your inner workings and your personality type. By analyzing yourself in this test, you will know about the dominant personality type within you. This Enneagram type can be assessed through a personality test.

When you are answering the questions, you need to choose the statement which has been true for most of your life. There is no need to over-analyze the questions present in the test. Meantime do not jump into exceptions to the rule. You need to be spontaneous when answering the questions and choose the closest answer. There is an option to skip the question if there are questions that do not apply to you. Remember, you should never skip the questions just because it is difficult to answer or hard.

Pros and Cons of Dr. Enneagram test


  • Dr. Enneagram test can be beneficial in analyzing your personality type.
  • There are plenty of ways to analyze your personality type, but Dr. Enneagram test can reveal the real you.
  • According to Unleashing A New You review, this test is for finding out what you are. Today, Dr. Enneagram’s test has been used in a spiritual context and the meantime in businesses as well.
  • It helps employees in tapping their inner workings and potential.


  • Dr. Enneagram test helps in analyzing yourself, and there is no such negative result of this test. All you need to do is answer the questions and reveal your potential. All 9 personality types are unique, and no personality is better or worst.
  • You will have all nine personalities within you, but one of them is dominant, and that helps open the doors for your new potential.

Who Is It For?

Dr. Enneagram personality test can be used by anyone who wants to understand himself and his inner workings. This test or this Unleashing A New You review can be used for people in the spiritual context, or it can be applied in companies for helping out employees.

This test can be used by anyone, and users will be benefited by understanding their potential. Once you know who you are and you unleashed your inner traits, you can perform better in life.


This Unleashing A New You review is designed to understand yourself better. Through this personality test by Dr. Enneagram, you will come to know your personality type. You can Know Your Enneagram Personality Type which is nothing but understanding your potential. Take Dr. Enneagram test and unleash a new you.

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