Tonys Solo Ad Blaster review

Tonys Solo Ad Blaster Review – An Effective Platform For Online Advertising?

Are you looking for a more effective platform for online advertising? If yes, then this Tonys Solo Ad Blaster review might help you decide on a reasonable package. Instead of burning your pockets over unknown prospects, pay a fixed price for the Tonys Solo Ad Blaster software.

Tonys Solo Ad Blaster Review – Gain Email Marketing Traffic More Instantly!


There are several methods of online advertising and digital marketing. A common method is PPC or pay per click, where you pay the search engine for putting your website link on top. Another common method is giving your ad banner to Google. This banner goes to several websites whose content relates to your ad, or to users who are supposedly interested in your product or service.

One of the most effective methods, which is also considered to be a tedious task is email marketing. Using various digital marketing tools, companies obtain email subscribers who are ready to receive updates on your products, services, and events.

Now, what if I say that instead of working hard for these email subscribers, you could get 100s of interested buyers receiving your ads on their emails?

Yes, that’s exactly what Tonys Solo Ad Blaster software is all about. Tonys Solo Ad Blaster review says that the moment you subscribe to it, your solo ad reaches the contacts on Tony’s list!

Tonys Solo Ad Blaster review

Program Title Tonys Solo Ad Blaster
Language English
Creator Tony B
Category Ad Provider
Price $25
Official Website Click here

Features of Tonys Solo Ad Blaster Software

To be specific about this software, Tonys Solo Ad Blaster is a solo ad provider. Tony has more than 187,000 emails on his list so far and adds 100 more on his list every single day. This expands your opportunity to reach out to interested buyers.

Here’s how this works:

According to Tonys Solo Ad Blaster review, when you subscribe for the software, depending on the package, you’re entitled to obtain certain clicks and opt-ins on your ad. As soon as you make the payment, you can send your solo ad banner to several new contacts that you’ve not had exposure to.

Here’s the minimum guarantee every package provides:

  • Basic: 250 clicks and 50 opt-ins
  • Intermediate: 1000 clicks and 250 opt-ins
  • Advanced: 5000 clicks and 800 opt-ins

Each of these ads go with the tracking link for your convenience. Also, your sales are guaranteed by Tony. Unless you don’t get any sales, Tony will continue to run your ad.

Pros and Cons of Tonys Solo Ad Blaster program

All the Tonys Solo Ad Blaster reviews provided by their users have been positive so far. If you visit the site, you’ll find exact details of what the clients have received out of it. Based on the features and usage of the software along with client feedback, following are the pros of using the product:

  • Starts working the day you purchase it
  • Guarantee of clicks, leads and sales
  • Provides multiple offers
  • Get access to an untapped and elite audience
  • Save time on obtaining an audience
  • Allows detailed tracking of your ads
  • Includes email swipes in your solo ads
  • Has an excellent affiliate marketing program
  • Provides discounts for Bitcoin buyers
  • 24×7 customer support for you
  • All Tonys Ad Solo Blaster reviews by clients are positive

The only con I see here is that the packages might be a little expensive for start-ups.

Main advantages of Tonys Solo Ad Blaster system

To elaborate more on the advantages of using the software, here’s how you can benefit with the Tonys Solo Ad Blaster:

  • Instant delivery and usage: As soon as your payment has been made, your solo ad will be circulated among interested buyers within 3-4 hours. On the very same day, you can track your clicks and leads.
  • Guaranteed sales: Your solo ad runs at least for as long as you receive your sales. So, in case you don’t make sales after the subscription expires, Tony will continue to run your ads till they convert for you.
  • Track your ads: When you purchase the Tonys Solo Ad Blaster software, you need to provide your own link to them. In return, you receive a link from where you can track for clicks and leads from your solo ads.
  • Get a splendid audience: The email traffic you receive comes mostly from the USA, built using PPC ads, ad swaps and solo ads. The list adds contacts every day and guarantees you with a wide audience.
  • Can use email swipe: Your ads also include any previously used email swipe if you wish. You can even send one if you have it from the beginning.
  • Constant customer support: For any doubts or queries, Tony is available for you 24×7. Just email your queries and you’ll be responded maximum within an hour.
  • Get multiple offers: If you pay by Bitcoin, you get 20% off on your purchase, no matter which package you opt for. Moreover, they even have an affiliate program. You get 50% commission on their sales – that helps you recover the money you pay them!

Tonys Solo Ad Blaster Creator

Tony B, the creator of Tonys Solo Ad Blaster software is an internet marketer by profession. Over several years of PPC marketing, solo ad campaigns and ad swaps, he has obtained a list of more than 187,000 email IDs and still adds 100 new emails every day.

Thus, no matter what category your product or service falls into, you’ll receive the target audience you’ve been searching for.


Why Tonys Solo Ad Blaster program is Useful?

So far from this Tonys Solo Ad Blaster review, you can figure out why this is so useful to you. If you are looking for some guaranteed results but do not have the expertise or help to gain it, you need Tony. Here’s how it proves to be extremely useful to you:

Gain email marketing traffic more instantly: Usually, it takes a long ad campaign to gather a list of confirmed and potential email subscribers for marketing. Through Tonys Solo Ad Blaster amazon, you get an instant audience, mainly from the United States or other English-speaking countries.

Track your ad the day you subscribe: Within 3-4 hours of your purchase, your solo ads are circulated among the contacts on Tony’s list. You need to give your link so that you can receive a tracker on the same day. You can track every click and lead you receive through these ads.

Include email swipes in your ad: If you have any previously obtained email swipe, you can send it to Tony for adding it in your ad. Else, he can use one you may have received from the current circulation of solo ads.

Trusted list of buyers: The list of emails of the buyers has been created using PPC ads, solo ads, and ad swipes. Thus, you can totally rely on the potential of the target audience you’re receiving.

Tonys Solo Ad Blaster software

Tonys Solo Ad Blaster Bonuses

The site has been running plenty of offers for you. The current package provides extra clicks and opt-ins for the price, while some discounts are constant.

  • Basic Package: It costs $25, which originally guarantees 100+ clicks and 20+ opt-ins. However, currently you have 250+ clicks and 50+ opt-ins with it.
  • Intermediate Package: It costs $50, which originally guarantees 500+ clicks and 100+ opt-ins. However, currently it provides 1000+ clicks and 250+ opt-ins.
  • Advanced Package: For $99, it provides 2000+ clicks and 400+ opt-ins originally. However, right now you can get 5000+ clicks and 800+ opt-ins here.
  • Bitcoin Discount: If you pay for any of the above packages with your Bitcoin wallet, you get 20% off.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Promote the highly converting products of Tonys Solo Ad Blaster and receive 50% commission on each conversion.


Considering the fact that you can see a rise in your client base and sales at a very quick pace, my Tonys Solo Ad Blaster review is 100% positive. If you can afford it, I say go for it.

This is because the traditional process of digital marketing is a very long process. It takes months, or even years to obtain a great conversion and rise in sales. Step-by-step after a long campaign, you receive a list of potential contacts who might turn into email subscribers.

On the other hand, Tony already has a list of emails of buyers who belong to your target audience. It’s a quick way of achieving your target audience and conversions from them.

Apart from this one, you can check out 20 short Tonys Solo Ad Blaster reviews from the website. They’re provided by the clients who have already benefitted from their investment.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What payment methods are available for purchasing this software?” answer-0=”You can pay from your credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How does Tony guarantee sales?” answer-1=”Tony guarantees sales by running your solo ad constantly, without any risk from your end.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What if I want a refund instead of waiting for a sale for too long?” answer-2=”Your product can be refunded within 60 days of your purchase. Beyond that, you can transfer the burden of risk on Tony if you don’t obtain results.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”How to buy the product?” answer-3=”The Tonys Solo Ad Blaster software is sold through Click Bank, a popular online retailer for exclusive products.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Is the site secure?” answer-4=”Yes, the site is totally secured by McAfee Secure, Secure Payments, and Norton.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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