Thumbnail Blaster Review – Is This A Best Thumbnail Making Software?

You might have read other Thumbnail Blaster reviews in which they might have not explained what a thumbnail is. But, in this Thumbnail Blaster app first, let us know what a thumbnail is. Thumbnail is its type of a cover image/preview image of a video, slideshow, etc. So, now as you know what a thumbnail, guess is it is proper to introduce you about Thumbnail Blaster in this Thumbnail Blaster app review.

Thumbnail Blaster Review- Best Solution For Thumbnail Creation? 


Thumbnail Blaster is an automated AI (Artificial Intelligence) software for people who don’t want to waste time on developing their skill in creating an attractive and professional thumbnail for your YouTube videos. So, Thumbnail Blaster is a AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that will create a visitor catching and traffic boosting type of thumbnail for your YouTube videos is very simple, easy and fast way, which helps you to serve YouTube by uploading a lot of videos to YouTube without having to think on what type of thumbnail you should make to gain immense views for your YouTube video.

Thumb Nail Blaster Review


Product Name Thumbnail Blaster Review
Type Software
Creator Vlad, Stoica
Bonuses ES Video Ranking Machine, Live Training Webinar
Price $97
Official Website

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Thumbnail Blaster Software – What Does It Do?

Thumbnail blaster is an automated AI software that makes high quality, professional and visitor attractive unique thumbnail for your YouTube videos very easily which may not put you in the risk of any copyright infringement and other legal problems that might make your thumbnail to gain legal action instead of visitor activity on your YouTube video. Moreover, in this Thumbnail Blaster review it could be said that Thumbnail Blaster software is very user friendly software which contains readymade tools and templates which will make you get the unique and best professional video thumbnail that will help you get a better name and brand for your YouTube video without risk of copyright infringement and any other hassle that might trouble you a lot.

Thumbnail Blaster app will help you easily transform your normal photo into stunning, professional and visitor catching thumbnail by letting you not to think more and use your brain on how you can create a unique, stunning, professional and visitor catching thumbnail. Guess in this Thumbnail Blaster review you understood what is Thumbnail Blaster compared to other Thumbnail Blaster reviews.


How Thumbnail Blaster App Helps You?

For a better understanding of Thumbnail Blaster software some of its features are listed below:

  • It is not difficult and complex to operate like Photoshop and other software available out there in the market.
  • It can automate thumbnail making process by its artificial intelligence feature that doesn’t require you to use your intelligence.
  • It supports “drag and drop” feature that enables you to quickly add photos or image to the software for making the thumbnail.
  • It contains various unique templates which look different from one another. There are approximately thirty templates available like that in the software.
  • There are also various design elements embedded in the software which help you give quick ideas for designing your thumbnail instead of making your design developing your skill for the same.
  • It enables you to publish your work or thumbnail for your YouTube video directly from the Thumbnail Blaster software.

How to use Thumbnail Blaster?

For creating a video thumbnail using Thumbnail Blaster demo you need to follow 3 simple steps as explained below:

  • Choose your template

After opening the software browse through various templates for various niches or topics and the relevant template for your topic OR you can let the artificial intelligence to choose for you.

  • Edit and design your template

You can use various built-in tools and design elements available in the Thumbnail Blaster software to design your template and you can also use a drag-drop feature to add any custom image you like for making your thumbnail OR you can let Artificial Intelligence to customize the template for you.

  • Publish your thumbnail

After preparing your thumbnail with necessary editing and designing you can publish your thumbnail in just one click on publish which will automatically update your existing video on YouTube with the thumbnail that was created on Thumbnail Blaster.


Thumbnail Blaster Price & Discounts

This may be considered as the most important part of this Thumbnail Blaster review because you might have been reading this just to know Thumbnail Blaster cost to compare the price with other similar products before deciding to get Thumbnail Blaster software. So, the normal price of the software is 97 dollars. In some other Thumbnail Blaster reviews, you might have not known regarding the discount information to reduce the software’s normal price. But, by reading this you can reduce the price of Thumbnail Blaster app from 97 dollars to 37 dollars by using the Thumbnail Blaster discount coupon that is “Blaster37” and gains 60 dollars deduction from 97 dollars of the normal software cost. Thumbnail Blaster software is not a software that needs monthly payment it’s a one-time payment type of software that you can use as long as you like by making payment only one time not again and again until the offer period and then you have to pay 97/47 dollars each month like Thumbnail Bblaster membership.

Is Thumbnail Blaster a worth try?

Thumbnail Blaster doesn’t appear to be a scam because it is licensed software with positive reviews of users who have bought the software from the company is real. Also, the software is made by popular and trusted people in the digital marketing and programming field. So, you could consider that the software is not like a scam instead very trusted software from a trusted company by the trusted and experienced makers and the company or the software provider is offering a thirty days and/or sixty days money-back guarantee which ensures that your transaction is not left unprotected.

So, it could be said that Thumbnail Blaster app is not a money blasting type of software that brings disappointment instead of a genuine type of software that tries its best to fulfill your needs for its customers.

Thumbnail Blaster Bonuses


Pros and Cons of Thumbnail Blaster Demo


  • It is integrated with artificial intelligence which doesn’t want you to develop a skill for working with the software.
  • It offers thirty days and/or sixty days money-back guarantee.
  • As it has a money-back guarantee you can try this product as Thumbnail Blaster demo and ask for a refund within thirty or sixty days.
  • It could be said that software has readymade templates that are pretested and proven to gain popularity on YouTube.
  • It doesn’t require you to install the software and download the same. It is just like click and use.
  • Integrated with a type of YouTube analyzer algorithm that will let you overcome YouTube rules fulfilling work easily in a legal way possible.


  • You must have an internet connection to use Thumbnail Blaster software; you cannot do any work offline on your device and save it and edit it instantly using the software without using the internet for the same.
  • Artificial intelligence may limit your intelligence evolution.

Thumbnail Blaster User Reviews

Many of the users who got Thumbnail Blaster software have got their videos ranking in top on YouTube and Google without developing much skill or intelligence to create a traffic gaining thumbnail.

Thumbnail Blaster Reviews

Is Thumbnail Blaster worth investing?

If you don’t have designing skills don’t want to develop your intelligence in researching and creating a traffic maximizing thumbnail for your YouTube video then Thumbnail Blaster is worth investing in which will do your part of work to make an audience boosting or visitor attractive thumbnail for your YouTube video.

Thumbnail Blaster Bonuses

There are two bonuses offered by Thumbnail Blaster software as follows:

  •  Video Ranking Machine

This a bonus offered which provides you the ability to rank highest possible on Google by just owning Thumbnail Blaster and having a YouTube account.

  • Live training webinar

This is another bonus offered in which you get free training webinar on what to do get the best results from the Thumbnail Blaster and video ranking machine.

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To Conclude…..

After reading all the information about this Thumbnail Blaster review you might be planning for comparison. But, there might be not much thumbnail making software available in the market for comparison, also if there is any software available in the market guess it will not offer all the features offered in Thumbnail Blaster app. So, by considering the features, discounted pricing and all other details, it could be said that you may not at all find software that could compete or blast the Thumbnail Blaster app.

If you find any software that may seem better than Thumbnail Blaster demo compare the bonuses offered with the software and the money-back guarantee for thirty and/or sixty days which may not be offered by other similar software with bonuses and powerful features offered in Thumbnail Blaster software because you can use the software as demo for a month and demand for a refund. Moreover, this software is integrated with artificial intelligence which doesn’t enable you to not use your intelligence and enhance your intelligence for gaining a skill to design a thumbnail for gaining better rankings, targeted visitors and immense traffic. So, for ranking your video or any work online at top of Google and YouTube Thumbnail Blaster app is highly recommended without professional skills for the same.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is Thumbnail Blaster Software?” answer-0=”Thumbnail blaster is an automated AI software that makes high quality, professional and visitor attractive unique thumbnail for your YouTube videos very easily which may not put you in the risk of any copyright infringement and other legal problems.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What makes the Thumbnail Blaster Software unique?” answer-1=”It has the ability to split test different thumbnails within Thumbnail Blaster software and you get access to over 200 premade templates that you can customize.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Is Thumbnail Blaster software a cloud-based app?” answer-2=”Thumbnail Blaster software is a cloud-based app that will help you to create thumbnails for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media. Can I use Thumbnail Blaster software to create my website graphics?” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Can I use Thumbnail Blaster software to create my website graphics?” answer-3=”Yes, you can use the Thumbnail Blaster app to create all website graphics, it is so easy to use and is beginner-friendly.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”When can I start getting traffic from Thumbnail Blaster?” answer-4=”You can see traffic as soon as you purchase, and you can change the thumbnails of your existing videos ad triple your CTR and get 3X more views from day 1.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]


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