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The Wholesale Formula Reviews 2023 – Online Workshop By Dan Meadors And Dylan Frost!

Last year was probably one of the most chaotic years in modern history with the Covid-19 wreaking havoc. We could only stand and watch in fear and horror as the pandemic ripped apart our public health systems, destroyed our economy, and endangered livelihoods. 

Millions upon millions lost their jobs as big and small companies alike, laid off their employees. This has left people of all ages and gender, scrambling for ways to make money, just to make ends meet.

Among them, starting an online business is by far the most popular choice, which is why I started to do some research. And I have determined that there is no better way than The Wholesale Formula to make money online in 2023.

Over the past few weeks, my team and I have been discussing and debating everything we know about The Wholesale Formula, including the training, the system, its creators, course structure, modules, bonuses, and pretty much everything else that is available.

We’ve also interviewed industry experts and real-life students of previous versions of the training which is why I believe I can come up with some reliable conclusions in this honest The Wholesale Formula review.

The Wholesale Formula Reviews – Sell Wholesale Products Profitably On Amazon!


Amazon is the market giant these days. And we have seen small-town enterprises, as well as multinational corporations, reap benefits from this global marketplace that sells anything and everything.

The Wholesale Formula is a program suggested by many when you ask for advice to start an Amazon business. There is the obvious curiosity to know what many people did, sitting at home, to make so much money. Then there is the question, of whether you too can start an Amazon business following The Wholesale Formula program.

My answer to the last question is ‘YES’ and I would like to give you an idea about how the Wholesale Formula can be beneficial to anyone ready to start earning online. The Wholesale Program review will take you through the contents and method of this program.

Keep reading this complete The Wholesale Formula review to know more about this program, what it includes, how it may benefit you, and the Wholesale Formula price details.

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Principle Behind

The Wholesale formula is the complete guide for you to start taking advantage of a proven marketplace. This program was created to empower individuals to take up retailing on Amazon and join the millions already making thousands of dollars through this.

We can all see the marketplace has moved online. Apart from a few day-to-day essentials, we prefer buying everything online. And Amazon is a forerunner in the eCommerce industry. It is the trusted source for many buyers like you and me.

The great thing is that much of Amazon’s income goes to individual retailers or sellers who make upwards of a million dollars every year. The Wholesale Formula promises to help you set up a store and profit from Amazon.

It helps you source products from both big brands as well as small-time mom-and-pop shops and sells them online. Through this, you will not only be able to profit yourself, but you will also give a sizable stream of income for many such local shops.

This system works through cooperation and not competition. The creators are pioneers who understand the details of reselling on Amazon, and they say that there are three principles to maintaining a successful business on Amazon. They call it the Reverse Sourcing Method.

We will take a brief look at how it works.

The wholesale formula
Course TitleThe Wholesale Formula
Product TypeAmazon wholesale business course
CreatorsDan Meadors and Dylan Frost
Course Modules5 Modules
Course Duration3 Days live workshop
The Wholesale Formula Price$2,497 (one-time) or $997 (3 monthly payments)
Official WebsiteClick Here

How To Resource And Sell Products?

The proven method of the Wholesale Formula boils down to several key principles. It helps you scout high-quality products with great demand. Then the Wholesale Formula program takes you through how to procure these products from wholesalers. And to sell them at a profit on Amazon.

This system contains six modules that take you through resourcing and selling products on Amazon. These modules are:

Module 1

Getting Started- This module helps you start strong, setting up a solid online business.

Module 2

Product Analysis– Learn to look for and source products of the highest quality and demand on Amazon. Understand how much money can a product make and its selling potential.

Module 3

Scouting– Learn how to look for the perfect suppliers through proprietary methods such as Leaf Sourcing, Amazon Filtering, and Super Targeting to find the best opportunities.

Module 4

Value Propositions– Learn how to make your account valuable to brands. This helps you stand out as an Amazon reseller with loyal brands

Module 5

Sourcing– Replicate the exact system used by Dan& Dylan wholesale to contact and negotiate with suppliers. This method helps you stock your supply according to demand. 

Resource Vault & Webinar Recordings

This is not a sixth module but an unending stream of information and assistance. Once your online enterprise is up and running, you can make use of the Resource Vault to stay updated. You will be able to Automate business activities and outsource them. This will help you scale up your business to make an eight-figure income.

The vastness of the Amazon marketplace ensures that you get the maximum exposure through The Wholesale Program. It helps you identify products and their online rankings. This helps you estimate how much a product will sell in a month to choose your products.

Sourcing from the most reliable yet low-cost suppliers ensures that you can sell at a comparable price and still make a profit. The quality of the products will guarantee that your customers return to you time after time.

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Creators Behind The Wholesale Formula

From a meager $600 investment, all the way to a multimillion-dollar enterprise; this is the story of the Wholesale Formula Creators Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. They were born and brought up in less than favorable conditions by struggling families in the US.

Both men underwent a period of hardships. They took up various job profiles and tried their luck in business but failed. And in 2011 in Kentucky, Dan and Dylan set up their Amazon sales business. They both held regular jobs and did this part-time back then.

Dan and Dylan

Their experiments and experience led them to formulate a foolproof plan that works, time and again, to make huge profits on Amazon. They launched The Wholesale Formula to make these tactics and methods available to those looking to start an Amazon sales business.

Today, The Wholesale Formula is in its 2023 edition and helping many more of its students to make a steady income through Amazon FBA business.

What’s inside the Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula is a proven and powerful system that will make you money online. It helps you utilize a unique strategy called Reverse Sourcing. This system helps you set up a profitable Amazon account step by step. But it is not only that. Within the Wholesale Formula program you will get:

  • Access to an online community of course members such as the Alumni Facebook group. Here you can trade information, ask questions, etc.
  • Access to an endless stream of webinars, both live and recorded.
  • A full course on how Amazon FBA works which familiarizes you with this business.
  • Access to a complete course on Virtual assistant automation of your store activities. These include processes such as sourcing and shipping, etc.
  • Access to the future upgrades of The Wholesale Formula, for your entire lifetime. This helps you stay abreast of marketing strategies and techniques.
  • You gain access to several premium marketing software like Seller Labs Pro, Tactical Arbitrage, and Jungle Scout. These are exclusive, paid software that you can access for free through this program
  • Templates, Checklists, and other resources for your communications with brands and business management.
  • Access to the annual in-person TWF event.

The endless resource of information that The Wholesale Formula gives needs a special mention. Its resources are accurate and up to date, guaranteeing you stay ahead of all the competition.

The Wholesale Formula online workshop

How Much Money Can You Make With The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula workshop can grow your business to gigantic proportions, giving it much-needed exposure and sales figures. Be it products sold in a small-town shop or cutting-edge gadgets from multinational companies, you will be able to sell high-quality products at a very profitable margin. 

Some people claim to have made northwards of eight or nine figures in a year following the methods laid down by Dan & Dylan.

The Wholesale Formula website estimates that it has helped its students make a total of more than a billion dollars in just two years.

the wholesale formula system

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses

You get many bonuses in addition to The Wholesale Formula pdf with this program. These are to help you set up and strategize your Amazon business for a successful sales record.

  • Membership of the Wholesale Formula Alumni group on Facebook. Here you can have all your questions and concerns answered. The members often share useful insights and experiences in their own businesses here.
  • Access to the VA Launchpad course which teaches you how to hire and train virtual assistants. This allows you to outsource or automate most of your Amazon sales activities. In turn, your Amazon business will grow exponentially, with not many working hours for you.
  • You get $3000 worth of discounts on exclusive and essential software. These include Jungle Scout, and Tactical Arbitrage, etc.

These bonuses help you grow your business to higher levels. They assist in problem-solving, automation, and similar activities related to your store.

The Wholesale Formula Complaints

The Wholesale Formula is a familiar name online. Many of its students have gone on to expand their businesses into the millions of dollars. But it surprised me to see that no one had any complaints about The Wholesale Formula program.

However, reading the Wholesale Formula reviews and customer comments, I could not find any complaints in them either. This is a strong sign that this is a legitimate program that works. This exclusive program is spearheaded by two eCommerce pioneers who have gradually built their businesses from the ground up. That is to say, they have already proven what they are preaching.

How To Register For The Wholesale Formula 2023?

This is a yearly program that offers very limited slots. Currently, the 2020 edition of the Wholesale Formula program is underway and registrations have been closed. But you may register for The Wholesale Formula 2023 today. The previous edition was available at $2497 one-time payment or $997 monthly for three months.

You can enroll in The Wholesale Formula on their official website. This is an exclusive program offered by two Amazon business pioneers and is not available elsewhere. They look to cut out the middlemen and reach their students directly, meanwhile reducing the cost of this program, by doing so.

You may come across training programs that claim to help you make amazing profits online but don’t deliver on that promise. You may even have come across a few copycats of The Wholesale Formula itself. I request you to practice caution and make this purchase only on the official website to save you a lot of money and headaches.

Final Verdict On The Wholesale Formula Review

The Wholesale Formula is a proven plan that has given results to many people the world over. It helps you tap into a less exploited source of income that most sellers do not know about. Taking up this program, you will join a select number of people earning through reselling on Amazon.

The Wholesale Formula program opens up a world of possibilities as there is no limit to the range of products you can sell on Amazon. You get global exposure with a few clicks of your mouse with this platform. Most of the process can be automated, leaving you to enjoy life with only a few hours of work every week.

I believe that it is time for you to take advantage of this massive opportunity. Wait no more, and register for The Wholesale Formula today to start up your store on Amazon and start earning from the comfort of your own home.

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